KGB: The Movie 2: Death & Rebirth

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This movie chronicled the resurrection of Dick Nixon to defend campus from the threat of invading Russians and the drama of clone creation. To aid Dick Nixon in his fight against the Russians (johnson6, cclark, lmarsh and company), he picks up trusty bubble gum chewing sidekick Maintenance Man Randy Wood and Hottie ECE Staffer Kirstin Connors. The trio battle their way across campus with an assortment of special effects and stunts.

Meanwhile, tragedy has struck the Princess of Puerto Rico (ykhodor), forbidden to marry her own true love (Cort Stratton). Her controlling mother and disinterested father are so busy sending spies after the ensieged couple, they don't even realize that a mad scientist has been creating scores and scores of Dan Hook clones!

Written by: Sean "Teki" Dobbs, Christopher "Murdock" Clark, Kirstin Connors

Soon to come: KGB: The Musical