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The KGB Kage is the place where we keep all of our hopes and dreams. It is our storage site and primary building location for Booth.

The first Kage was located in the B sub-basement of Margaret Morrison. It was originally a simple, empty cage, unoccupied and unhappy. Then daring young KGB members came upon it, placed a luck upon its sacred door, and waited. When, after a year, they found the lock still thereupon, they christened the Kage and moved in.

In the year 2003, the College of Fine Arts, which controls Margaret Morrison, lost its Design cluster to the children's school. As a result, they started to turn their attention to the lower basements, where the Kage, as well as other student organizations kept their stuff. The intrepid, fearless President of the KGB that year organized the other student leaders who controlled space in the basements of Margaret Morrison to resist the encroachment of CFA, and was successful. However, as soon as that President's tenure came to an end, and the negligent leadership of the following year took power, CFA swooped in and destroyed everything on the B sub-basement, including that glorious Kage.

The Kage is now located in the C sub-basement, and it's a very nice Kage, with lots of headroom. The Kage has a sign above the door which, during booth season says, "Welcome!" During other seasons, the sign says, "Fuck off!" The Kage contains many wonders.

The Kage is entrusted to the keeping of the Sargeant at Arms. Any stuff that is collected for KGB should be given to the Sargeant at Arms for storage until such time as the revolution finds a use for it.