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The KGB Kage is the place where we keep all of our hopes and dreams. It is our storage site and primary building location for Booth.

The first Kage was located in the B sub-basement of Margaret Morrison. It was originally a simple, empty cage, unoccupied and unhappy. Then daring young KGB members came upon it, placed a lock upon its sacred door, and waited. When, after a year, they found the lock still thereupon, they christened the Kage and moved in. It was in this earliest and most fable-ridden incarnation of the Kage that the dreams main was discovered, and so it was during that period that most of KGB's dreams were stored and bottled against future need.

In the year 2003, the College of Fine Arts, which controls Margaret Morrison, lost its Design cluster to the children's school. As a result, they started to turn their attention to the lower basements, where the Kage resided and where many organizations stored their miscellanies. The intrepid, fearless President of the KGB that year organized the other student leaders who controlled space in the basements of Margaret Morrison to resist the encroachment of CFA, and was successful. However, the victory was short-lived, for following the end of that year, CFA swept through the B level with fire and the sword, and scourged out all traces of organizational storage.

The Kage was reconstituted on C level, beneath the watchful eyes of CFA's fierce, clan-governed tribal warriors, in a space which made up in industrial-decay chic what it lacked in ease of access. It was broad and filthy of floor, and vastly ample of headroom, and here the Kage resided for the following years. Its expansive chain-link entrance was guarded by a sign which could be reversed -- during Booth season, it read "Welcome"; at other times, "Fuck Off!".

In 2006, they finally got us to leave Margaret Morrison, by giving us a room right under Stever. There's much less headroom, but you can't beat the commute to Midway.

The Kage is entrusted to the keeping of the Sergeant at Arms. Any stuff that is collected for KGB should be given to the Sergeant at Arms for storage until such time as the revolution finds a use for it.

It has never been possible to break into the Kage.