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KGB and people in KGB tend to occasionally take on interesting projects in the name of making CMU a more interesting place. These have included covering the fence in astroturf, wandering around with lab coats and Geiger Counters, and offering the denizens of CMU free cups of beef broth.

  • KGB Telefund to Harass Defectors
  • Build a treehouse
  • place little statues around like different lemmings
  • Labyrinth
  • Pole dance (very formal dance at the Pole, waltzing, suits, snowboots)
  • Put on a play
  • Masquerade Ball (no/maybe strippers)
  • KGB: The Movie N
  • Giant (Fucking) Theremin Theremin in the booth was done!
  • Hacks!
  1. Hanging Police flag from top of Walking To The Sky
  • Fence Hacks!
  1. Dance party
  2. Actualllly extend the fence
  3. Texture the fence (bumps, shapes with latex)
  • Hot-air balloon
  • Shit tall enough to violate airspace regulations
  • Hire a Clown for an event
  • Ball pit
  • Performance Art
  1. Put on a fight
  • Date Auction (Auction of fruit in front of Doherty)
  • Laser Graphic Projector (feasible?)
  • Bigger, weirder posters
  1. Join the Chalking Club (chalk sidewalk - all of it)
  • Build and stock snow forts
  • To-scale printouts of Wean and putting it over Hunt
  • Scale models of campus
  • Flyers/pamphlets
  • Give public speeches
  • Invite people for talks
  • Fake posters/conferences - i.e. meeting of minds (which especially make no sense)
  • Icon Garden (moof!)
  • Celebrate silly important holidays
  • Field Trips - Berry pickings
  • Giant statues/mannequin garden
  • Stage a revolution!
  • Divide KGB into two sides and have some sort of anarchy contest
  • Make a barricade out of sandbags and wire (maybe that goes with the revolution)
  • Theme dress-up days
  • Human chess
  • Christmas-light the fence
  • The Bat Signal (The Brie Symbol)
  • Elaborate mythology built around Teki (HAIL TEKI!)
  • Train people in...something (martial art)
  • Don't Readme/Pravda-to-the-Campus
  • Everyone in KGB Gets A $20 Hat
  • Membership Cards
  • Throw Mardi Gras beads off building
  • Insurance Scams
  • Huge-monster costumes
  • Mural!
  • Flash-mob stuff (see Improv Everywhere)
  • Micro-nation of Wean