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Marlena Abraham

Officer Dossiers:

Sergent at Arms, 2012-2013:

The Abraham family is one of quite talented tinkers. Several decades ago they found an abandoned zepplin and retrofited it. Back in the air, it is now their travelling home. Marlena was born in the air, with her first impressions of land being short visits her familly took so they could repair interesting old items in the vicinity. As a young girl, Marlena took an interest in pocketwatches. She adjusted the speed of several watches slightly so that hung around her room they produced a calming rhythm, and confused her family by reporting widly varying times. However, as marlena got older she developed an interest in hats. This was frowned upon by her family, for hats have no moving parts and thus are not proper objects of study for young tinkers. Eventually tired of the conflict, Marlena left the ship to join the thriving hat-sharing culture on Carnegie Mellon's campus.

Written by: mmeyerho

Corresponding Secretary, 2013-2014

Marlena Abraham’s origins are unknown; it’s whispered that she was stranded as a child somewhere out in the ruined asteroid belt colonies ringing Alpha Trianguli. The rumors all seem to agree that she was young when she began her lifelong trade of bricolage. All we know for sure is that her post-apocalyptic upbringing makes her scavenge after shiny things like a ferret after socks; folks used to tell one another that if you value your knick-knacks and bric a brac, keep it close. If you don’t keep an eye on it, Marlena will get it and it’ll turn up in an art piece in a couple months. However, since discovering the enormous wealth of knowledge that modern civilization enjoys through the Internet, she has been steadily transferring her trade from physical to digital, leaving your knick knacks safe. She seems to hope that through information intake and careful observance of trends that she will be able to gather more shiny things for her art pieces than ever before. Marlena will lend her skills to those who ask nicely or for a fair barter of baked goods. She will probably settle for chocolate if baked goods are unavailable.

President 2014-2015

Class: Wizard, President

Race: Elf

Patron Deity: Corelion Larethian

Origin: Chicago, TX

Residence: Valhalla

Level: 7

Alignment: Lawful Good

STR: 13

DEX: 10

CON: 10

INT: 15

WIS: 17

CHA: 13

Fortitude: 6

Reflex: 3

Will: 7

Initiative: 6

Speed: 20


Profession: BCSA / 7 tablet pens

Game Desing / 1 occulus rift

Bikes / fewer than Ethan

Leadership / Won election


Spell: Heroism

Spell: Prismatic Spray

Spell: Rainbow Pattern




Grappling Hook

Viking Greatsword

Written by: mnabraha and mwoolfor

Preceded by
Clyde Shaffer
Sergeant at Arms
Succeeded by
Mike Woolford
Preceded by
Margaret Meyerhofer
Corresponding Secretary
Succeeded by
Zora Gilbert
Preceded by
Tim Broman
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Mike Woolford