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Officer Reports

dlstern: bestestest, so first. Friday, flown out to Chicago, put up in a swanky hotel, booze and barbecue, then an interview. Good way to make him want to work for them. Not to use the words cutting-edge, java, peoplesoft, mainframe in the same sentence. not working for them. When door closed, and a kitten wants to be in, clawing in is like a cuter and less threatening version of raptors from jurassic park.

lea: Pterodactyls. Julien:Bio:Louisiana:Play guitar. Alvin:CIT:Singapore:Have no idea Michael:MechE:Singapore: Ziqu:CS:Singapore:can buy booze.

csjackso: This week is midterm week. So event is a lazy event, because of three-day weekend. Otherwise, can come to movie night. If you don't come, you can cry on livejournal.

dom: Good reason for no pravda?. I swear. Saturday: has to paint the lounge B-level. Spent 5 hours painting, got high on unventilated paint fumes. So another week to submit to pravda?

edanaher: saw shows, did 212 grading, not so much with the other homework. Have a table, tall, but sketchy, so sitting on supports.

em: weekend was interesting: went to Phantom, picked up a random book instead of lovecraft right before bed. Sci-fi mixed with fantasy. Good if you like lots of breasts. Discovered that it's the comic side of phantom. There are four, the company went bankrupt. Would have liked to hear that the series ends at four. Have kittens for two more weeks. Adorable, do yin-yang thing. Had people over for dinner, not total success, but not total failure. Had strawberries. This week, would trade KGB's treasury and souls for more in the series. Pennies. come get checks

cmartens: back, did not get eaten by enraged Quebecois. Meeting should be fast, end report.

New Business

Booth: dlstern steps down as chair. Lea steps down as chair. csjackso is chair, did not have to kill anyone.

dlstern: booth is part of spring carnival. Booth, buggy. Build a booth, a game, people wander in. A large time commitment, money, largest item on budget. Generally $2000-3000, though can be less if enough wood reused. Lots of fun.

lea: Against. Bad idea to do booth this year: not every year, maybe every other/third year. Tend to do booth because a couple people are graduating and want to do it. It's a large time commitment, makes a lot of people sad. It costs a lot of money. Not a lot of money is cobbled together. Spending of money on booth is done stupidly: a couple people in charge don't know how much something should cost, waste money. Lots of people end up sad. Also not very KGB-ish. lots of rules/restrictions. Even with crazy theme, building to spec, playing by rules, bureaucracy. Could do better things with money and time. Like deadline, so stuff gets finished. Other things to do (during carnival?) Could put on play, bake cake the size of Hamerschlag. Could build labyrinth in cut. Could do things for community/small children that are fun, but not necessarily booth.

Shawn: How much time per week spent on booth in the last month before carnival?

dlstern: not build week, ~5-15. Build week: live on midway.

Shawn: pick out someone else who worked on booth who was helpful. Someone who is a good member of the group. How much time?

dlstern: 1-2 build sessions, 5 hours for those, build week as much as possible. More is better.

Shawn: deadline?

real soon now. Meeting tonight for carnival committee. If we vote yes, change our minds, how much money wasted? e.g., deposit. There are two deposits: good behavior is $200, space is $60. So giving up costs the $60, plus supplies, which can carry over.

mstephen: how many would show up for build sessions? [~10-15]

booth chairs: have some responses.

akiva: people should realize that they won't have as much time as they think, should take that into consideration for voting.

dlstern: note that a vote implies willingness to put in reasonable effort.

Shawn: Freshman don't know how much work required, other organizations might get involved, other things happening during carnival. Much more distracted than you think.

em: time staffing booth is 40-60 man-hours for the organization.

Shawn: stay in booth, also midway shifts. Takes additional time.

lea; all these pictures of happy booths seen so far made by sororities and fraternities who force members to work. Also not a lot of artists, can be a problem. KGB booths tend to not look so good, unless a couple artists do a lot.

em: KGB booths have been amazing in the past. A good way to get to know people, working together. There have been reasons for people to want to be cynical. But has a lot to do with the fact that a lot of people went into it cynically. Only worth doing if you want to do something that looks good. It's worth hearing the bitter voices, but could also be amazing.

mstephen: is it possible to compromise and have a limited booth. [Not really]

ghannema: How did things go last year? Problems?

akiva: last years booth was awesome, did the last five years, but cool to take something off, maybe do something different. Done a lot of booths, not bitter.

dlstern: Last year's was a lot of work, points of lacking people, but a lot of fun, people working on it were proud of it. Liked how it came out. Addressing every year bit: last time KGB won was a two-year operation: one year planning, next year built. Nervous that not doing booth would lead to loss of experience. So if not doing booth, would like to help transmit booth knowledge.

Shawn: perhaps vote yes, continue to discuss, then pull out if necessary?

glissen: if we did booth, how much does financial commitment affect other abilities?

em: Really doesn't. Hasn't affected standard day-to-day things for years. Have more than enough, can still run booths. Have had points in the past where couldn't buy booths for events. But for other elaborate projects, could be not enough. Received with 3k, up to 6k before booth, tended to bounce around there. Peaking at 4k due to t-shirt oops, but getting back up there.

Alan: Helped out with booth. Not a CMU student, so can't do stuff on midway. Also, not currently voting because broke. But started off getting quietly dragged into booth planning beginning of last semester. Dropped out due to frustration, got reinvolved. Found it extremely fun and rewarding, with caveats that took up time, destroyed health, new relationship abruptly fell apart. Can be incredibly fun. Can be nerve-wracking/frustrating. Both within five minutes. last year's booth was designed by committee: a lot of awesome, a lot of oh, this is what we've got. A lot of things we forgot at the end, underscoring planning and required long-term commitment. At the end of it, SSA, TSA, ASA win, we get nothing. It is what happens every year.

Em: discussions of whether to break independents into groups of volunteer versus groups that tend to require/ask members to help out. Winning tends to encourage people to come back. Probably won't happen. Carnival is viewed by carnival/midway committees as a service to the community. Little kids, students come through, look at booths, that's the fun part.

lea: back to comment on experience graduating: again, bitter, it's a good thing. A lot of experiences have been people with experience get final say, younger people are grunt labor. Never have a dearth of qualified people (tech in high school). Don't necessarily need direct passing.

dlstern: disagree. Came from theater tech background, then two-time chair. But construction and specific booth knowledge are different. Also issue of organization not passing down the knowledge.

Shawn: motion that KGB does booth in 2007.

cmartens; maybe before voting, should think about doing another big construction project. Get ideas?

Alan: Leading up to: if we're going to do a booth, want to have a booth that will win something, even if just oohs and aahs. It should be good.

dlstern: don't have to replace booth with thing of equal expense. Can have a series of classier/more expensive events.

Em: To offset what lea said: experience depends a lot on who's running things, how things are working. Freshman year: was handed a drill the first day, told to fix stuff in the corner. Make them tetris peices. Not that low on labor. Could have done stuff with all seniors, but it was you take it and figure it out. Not always the case in later years. Had issues of things like designing the roof like computer graphics, not wood. Also freshman interested, could make experience less important. Reasons for not winning: choosing themes that are fun but tend to be a bit outside. Like judges didn't know what tetris was. After that, Victorian pseudo-science and zombies on Roanoke island. Lots of fun, but maybe that's why we don't score so well.

dlstern: mid-tier independent booth organization that hamstrings itself with our booth choices.

Shawn: If you believe you will put in a chunk of time, and after putting heart and soul into booth, Saturday rolls by, and all we got is ``that person said the booth was cool, you'll look back and be glad, vote yes. Otherwise, you should vote no.

Em: move to amend the motion to something like passing a vote of interest today, preliminary vote for deposit by the Monday before deposits are due.

Preliminary interest: willing to put in time for booth given to consider discussion at a later date. Vote: 15/8/6

dlstern resumes meeting.


Pop occultism really fast: you should have a talk with your friend today? Real courage is moving forward when the outcome is uncertain: Em: will you marry may. ... Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. You will have many important meetings visitors and chance encounters. Like this one. A gathering of friends brings you lots of luck this evening. You may have to work hard to make your dream come true. You never hesitate to tackle the most difficult problems. Strong convictions precede great actions.

csjackso: motion to allocate no more than $50 for last week's event. Acclamation.

Book report: 0961392185

Old Business

pfennig: Stolen along with wallet.

Motion to #define pfennig Quatar thing. Acclamation.

Pfennig: Jello.

Actual Real Relevant Announcements Pertaining to the Business of KGB as an Organization

movie night. Bring movies, especially bad horror movies. Displaying moves is probably also okay.


6:30 PH 226B presenting famed British occultist.

Saturday: a concert in a graveyard about graveyards. 8:00, tickets at the door. Should be good.

dlstern: noticed that Allies is having a talent show, may test theory that son of a preacher man would be better if sung by a guy.

Em: mouth is numb: messed up stuff to numb cut on front of mouth, now all numb.