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Officer Reports!

    Marlena had a weekend and HAS A JOB!!!!!
    Stuart had a weekend with flags
    Mike had a weekend with flags and stuff and flags and judgement
    Zora had a weekend with flags and presented at things and did things and friends and things and sleep
    Skye had a weekend also CtFwS
    Dillon had snakes on a plane
    Frieder is a shitty CtFwS judge 

The Crime and Incident Committee reports sadness over the crime and incidents The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee in conjunction with the ad hoc cats in sweaters committee report success Joe has words and they are hard The itty bitty kitty committee reports failure The ad hoc precious things committee quotes Lord of the Rings Booth committee reports booth The ad hoc committee on the intersection of mathematicians and lawyers reports Cosine

Old Business

    Murphy has the thing
    Joe has the thing! Everything is his fault this week. 

New Business!!! Does anyone have any business to new? Oh wait.

Hashtags; to report on what is hip and trendy these days

    Pound sign was used to report a sentence break? 
    Popculture reference and what's pop culture
    $3 to Frieder
    Anyone who is #intheknow

Cats and sweaters; to put a sweater on all willing and able cats

    Would these cats also be in boots? 
    Define cat...?
    If your cat is unwilling or unable, please contact a flight attendant
    Octa-cat! It's a thing, and it's not just on the board
    $1 to Erin
    Anyone who is capable of putting a cat in a sweater

Cat capable; Dillon is frustrated that Will forgets he's in conversations a lot

    Josh speaks a language...
    $1 to dillon
    Anyone who needs to use the lucky cat symbol

Make the CtFwS boundaries committee; because we're wankers

    You might think that rules is over, but Ed has 2 pages of notes on rules he wants to change
    Motion to create calvin-ball
    $4 to Ed
    Ed and other wankers

Too Many Cooks; to spoil the broth

    Find the creepy guy with the hatch
    $2 to Frieder
    Anyone in charge of kitchens of other orgs

Defense of culinary freedom; to protect future incarnations of conflict kitchen to put too many cooks in the kitchen on purpose

    They should pay their cooks more than $7.25/hr
    The ad hoc topical committee reports success
    $3 to Joe

Hands on teaching of graph theory; there will be different colored tooth picks at this weeks event

    Only for thinking about 2D planar graphs
    Zora will be making their self portrait out of macaroni (You'll be surprised at it's accuracy)
    Will there be more molecules? 
    You can go places with your art
    Ed will be dabbling in eating all the candy
    The question needs to be called artistically
    $1 to Stuart
    Anyone who builds out of marshmallows and toothpicks

Cluster reclamation task force?; to take it back by force!!!!

    Motion to track the nomadic nature of cluster by helicopter
    IRC wouldd be soo much easier
    Think different? 
    Ed has the stuffed animals
    Motion to appoint DJK as the commander of the armed force that takes cluster back
    Wait, aren't the like top 3 floors of gates all CS lounge? 
    $4 to Joe
    Everyone who will folllow *me*

Motion to make an allocation.... The Malloc Committee; yeah pretty much that

    Answer correctly
    Motions to make allocations.... 
    We're in pain
    And out of jokes
    KGB Rifle association will be robbing a series of banks over the next few weeks
    Mike reports from the commune
    Can we put the allocation on the spot
    Motion to make an allocation not to exceed 20 bytes
    Motion to make an allocation not to exceed 30 bites for my sandwich later
    $13 to Ed

Motion to make an allocation not to exceed $50 for supplies for this week's event

General Mashugana; the supreme commander of all Jewish grandmothers

    $2 to Frieder
    Yiddish Anyone AEPi

Hands on teaching of aerospace engineering; FEATHERS!!!

    Planes don't have feathers? 
    Request a report from the Skyentology Committee? 
         YES!!!! Yes because space
    Very fast evolution
    The storytelling committee
    Make KGB A StuCo? 
    Motion to create a company and hire Skye to run
    Motion to make an allocation not to exceed $400,000 to pay Skye
    Flying is great
    Beast bird fish bird albatross
    $2 to Stuart
    Skye and people wearing this shirt

Why couldn't they have done this over the summer; construction?

    Air conditioning
    According to FMS not reality
    The TOC chairs in conjunction with the Skyechosis committee is frustrated at ISS, FMS, and the university
    Nail one nail. There, done
    $1 to McGinnis

Motion to be terrified of science? Motion to the left Motion to draw blank We're not buying Dillon a world's best dad Mug? Motion to salute Dillon, Ed, and Frieder

WE HAVE AN EVENT!!!! It's arts and crafts night!!! PH 225 rooms, Friday at 7. Come, it's going to be great!