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   Dez - Did dnd, had questionable actions and relationships with everyone else
   Kaylie - Had a weekend, it was carnival so she made sprite grenadines and watch movies. Learned how to make curtains
   Mitchell - Played Fiasco, and did horrible crimes + things with Jesus the socialist
   Mckenna - Had a weekend, did homework and played pandemic. We won but the world isn't looking so hot
   Woody - Missed event, bullshitted a report and it worked??
   James - Had a weekend, learned the trolley problem. Watched avatar and slept a lot
   Kushal - Became house in DND. India extended it's travel bans so I am stuck here even longer


   Liam - Oil subsidies boards - According to the regular rules of how auctions were handled with Corn, a bid with oil would be equivalent to $0

   Oliver - Shit is had to read with my faceholes + stupid news - The wife of the prime minister of singapore: "He he he, he he he he, hic hic hic hic, :laughing: :cry: :laughing: , etc"

   Tim - The Ad hoc oil subsides + it's actually worse than that committee - That would currently be a bid of $-22, because oil futures dropped over 300% today, because economics are weird. When you make too much and don't have space in your reservoir, sometimes you pay people to take it form you.

   Kaylie - Cats are stupid - Cat has not left my side, screams constantly, and I think this is because previously she spent 30% of her time around me, upset when I left, and now I can't leave

   Liam - Corn Subsidies - Haha, $3.14

   Woody - Hivemind - We will end this report. Better if it is actually horny. End report

   Tim - The adhoc numerology committee - Haha, corn is pi dollars on 420 2020 banana fanna fo funty

   Kate - Things I had to see with my faceholes - Literally nothing interesting. I forgot to find something exciting for this group, and I've been searching desperately since Oliver's report.

   Kaylie - Read your fucking emails - No one is sending me their fucking emails :frowning:

   Liam - Puzzle hunt committee - It's this saturday, you nerds should do it

   Oliver - POI, liam you have proxy lab due this week


   Who has the thing? James
   Who wants the thing? Kaylie
   What's not her fault? Anything that happens in elections today.
   Everything else, including all other elections, postponing elections, and everything else is her fault this week. Nice job Kaylie
   Orders of the day:
   1. From Nov 11, motion to grant emergency powers to the supreme chancellor
   Kushall accepts! LMAO
   Passed, kushal is in control now!
   Henry is gone
   2. From Feb 10, procrastination committee with purpose I'll think about that later
   Woody - Motion to table until the next annual meeting
   Passed, been tabled


   Tim - On behalf of the procotors of the election, we'll get started
   Candidates will be given 1 minute to give a speech, for each position they are nominated for. The color of elections is purple. We go through in rank order. Voting members are members of good standing, and we'll go through the members and let them know
   This will be secret ballot, but authenticated
   No snazzy souvenirs :frowning:
   We'll use google forms for this ballot, and you'll rank all the candidates in order of preference.
   1 candidate per number, 1 number per candidate
   We'll use single transferrable vote to determine who gets what spots
   Any questions?
   Are you neutral, or do you just appear neutral? - We're neutral as a board, but do not have to be neutral for our individual votes
   Elections results:
   - President: Dez
   - 1VP: Kaylie
   - 2vp: James
   - Corsec: Kushal
   - Recsec: Sawyer (Goodbye world! 2019-2020 Recsec signing off)



   -Recsec: Sawyer! (Hello world! 2020- )
   -Treasurer: Mckenna
   -S@A - Oliver


   Dez report - Learned polar bear facts
   Kaylie Report - Cat jumpscare
   James report - election happened
   event: Kahoot
   details: Soon^tm
   Kushal Report: threw himself off stairs for tradition
   submit to Pravda?
   Sawyer- has access: won't be good
   Mckenna report - dog barks, forgot lunch
   Oliver report - elected (dubiously), takes bribes thru venmo


   motion to set dues: $20 for the year, $15 for spring semester
   Motion to Exec Discretionary fund ($500)
   Oliver - how much was spent in prev. year?
   James - under $100 (new CTFWS stuff, website fixes)
   year before that, $110


   -Kushal: Motion to Polar Bear Facts com
   ->provide most important info abt bears
   Liam - motion to rename to hunt humans for sport
   Kushal - friendly
   passed - sold to Kushal for $1


   meeting time unknown
   Event: Kahoot!
   don't show up in person pls


   Liam- attend puzzlehunt or upset Liam
   Woody: comfortable
   Kaylie - S.O.D is hosting that is so raven on twitch
   starts friday post-kahooitus
   Tim: appreciate an excessive setup of laptops
   Kate - POI for new exec (2VP)
   Motion to Gitfo, purple, cfoam green