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MEETING 4/27/2020


   Dez - event occured, somehow people don't know Knuckles is an echidna, got kicked out of room at 8AM for larping
   Kaylie - FT'd Mckenna and Viv (good time) - rove
   James - Watched fictional pulp, reminded him of building that could be in background
   Kushal - Evented, category was Yugi-oh, fun cards that didn't make the cut: "people running around", "potato and chip" etc
   Sawyer - Began w/ winning Singapore Boomers category as Malaysia, did many projects(edited)
   McKenna - forgot Pangolins! ended with sister becoming Tik-tok famous, mom joined the tok ranks as well
   Oliver - tried to make good food, burnt himself


   Lots of people - Corn reaction committee - happening whether you like it or not
   Kaylie - Carnegie Scenic Committee - conjuction with Read your fucking Emails committee - cancelled the scenic fab final in Lieu of a Kahoot, but they need to send questions - no submission = 0
   Tim - Ad-hoc puzzle hunters com - found the puzzles, oh god L-
   Liam - Ad-hoc puzzlehunt memorial committee- hehehe
   Kushal - Committee to hunt humans for sport - swim for days straight, you cannot unsub
   Henry - Institute of fish fish fish - Congratulate las Vegas for entry in the study - what happens if you just open up the city? "We could be a control group"
   Woody - The hivemind com - end report
   Liam - Corn subisides board- slide whistle sound - 3.05
   Keerthana- ad-hoc fish fish fish - something eats themselves when they get stressed
   Kate- ad hoc fake history com - expanding on LARP: had to pretend to be leaders of countries for arab history class, dealing with situations HIGHLIGHTS: Egypt calls upon all nations to join for coordination of disaster relief, Syria orders 2 nations, Egypt asks for specify
   Kaylie - Read your fucking emails com - Msg from Keerthana - Thanks for submissions of stuff and we put together a photo collage for stuff, 2 people won things. Half of entries were cooking/baking
   Tim- ad-hoc parliamentarians commitee - eating apple chips, updating
   Henry- stupid history com - attempts of shit businessmen to cancel Teddy Roosevelt as Gov of NY: shunt him up to VP, everyone voted for him, month later anarchist shot McKinley so Roosevelt was top dawg - not good for NY mafia
   Liam - Not ad-hoc puzzlehunt is dying com - Puzzlehunt is technically a KGB affiliate- danger of dying if no growth, so maybe join
   Keerthana - ad-hoc I love mcs fish fish fish - pass fail class
   Henry - Shield comfy


   Who wants the thing?
   Keerthana - Everything that isn't her fault is her fault but is her fault but isn't
   Tim - 13th April 2020 - motion to create a standing motion that won't go away next week
   Kushal - great idea
   James - if we pass this, what does it do? No-op?
   Sam - "the rule itself is a null rule, caveat that it won't go away"
   Tim - also we can just amend it to do something if we want
   Kate - it did do /something/ but the rule was to go away the current week doesn't prevent that from happening - won't be useful but whatev
   James - Next week is static next week or continually updated?
   Tim - body can't pass perpetuity against itself sooo
   PASSED, been done
   Other order of the day is Oliver but we won't do him
   Oliver expresses regret


   Liam - corn memorial com - to salute all the brave kernels who died bringing us 3.05 corn
   Keerthana - corn dies erry day
   Vote: Passed, auctioned for 2 to Keerthana - chaired by KY Kernels
   Henry - allocate $100,000 for research in atmospheric and oceanic science
   At this point old and new Treasurers both say probs not a good idea
   Sam - bad idea
   Woody - motion to change from 100k to all of our money - been changed
   Henry- defs not an attempt to get KGB to fund his PHD
   Tim - replace "all our money" with a blank - friendly, been changed


   US Military Budget: failed
   Brand of the Band Korn: failed
   2 Human Livers: failed
   1 million dollars: failed
   all our money: failed (but almost didn't)
   $38 and a gumball machine: failed
   $50: failed
   $3.50: failed (after saying it tree fiddy)
   Oil : failed
   Corn: failed
   1 dollar, but it's a very nice dollar: PASSED
   Main motion: Passed, one very nice dollar been allocated for atmospheric research(edited)
   Kate - motion to create the Korn subsidies board com - corn is going playing in fergustown? PA on sept 5th, tickets start at 30 dollars
   Liam - point of expense
   Kate - not saying the org would pay, peeps just should
   Henry: Motion to replace all instances of the word "Korn" in the name and purpose of this commitee [sic] with "Corn" - not friendly, pursued --- passed, been changed
   Liam - motion to add a proviso - Allocate up to but not exceeding 20 dollars for the purchase of 1 bushel of popcorn for any such concert events
   Keerthana - packing peanuts, but KGB doesn't do it well
   Oliver - What are the logistics? Go to store and buy enough kernels
   PROVISO - passed, been changed
   Main motion, comfy shields
   Motion Passes via corn - Sold to Liam for $2, chaired by Korn
   Oliver- motion to create the oil memorial com - antiseconded but strong motion - purpose is to invade oil producing countries to give them oil they sold to us for free
   Passed, sold to Oliver for $2 - Chaired by OPEC
   Woody - #define price of oil to "yes"
   Passed, been changed


   We are exec, we do things
   Event next week:
   James - Mafia-type thing or hangout event Saturday
   Probably be the semblance of a meeting next week! could be fake
   Want to have people hang out over the summer, more deets will follow


   Liam - Join puzzlehunt plz
   Henry - May be his last official KGB meeting for a while, thanking for all of the squid, hit him up if you're in the DC area, gifting a list of committees
   Committee transfers: Stupid History --> Liam; Floor is Lava --> Woody; Assassinate the President --> Sawyer, Oliver; I'm a Physicist and I hate my Life --> Kaylie; Maine Nationalism --> Held by the chair to be delivered to a true Maine-iack; Institute for Experimental Political Science --> Oliver; Organizing Committee for the CMU KGB Government in Exile --> Kushal, Mitchel, Any member of exec who signs the tennis court oaths; Committee to ruin your childhood with an alarmingly large amount of halucinigenics --> McKenna; Comix R Bullshit --> Dez; Adam Smith/Kark Marx Fanfiction Committee --> Ellen; CMU KGB War Criminals Association --> James
   Woody - Motion to salute everyone leaving w/ luv
   Liam - motion to change to reg salute, friendly


   Tim - Mouth on, etc