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MEETING 5/4/2020


   Dez - listened to entirely too much sawbones, headphones are dead so annoyed housemates
   Kaylie - Packed alla dat shit to get the hell outta dodge
   James - taking an exam, is Liam - mostly filled with screaming/excitement about not being in     class, murdering sleep schedule
   Kushal - good thing was told exams aren't real, procrastinated
   Sawyer - Helped family with mulching, now hand hurts for some reason. Watched some     Phineas and Ferb and am surprised at how genuinely good it is with humor
   McKenna - Vanished? - was in Cali doing that McKenna life
   Oliver - Tried to fight the darklord proxy lab - still regret everything


   Liam - Corn sub comm - $3.10 - doot doot end report
   Kaylie - Cats R stupid com - cats are stupid, will miss them
   Kushal - Comm to hunt humans 4 sport - avg body temp of polar bear is near that of an african antelope
   Kaylie - I'm a physicist com - upon receiving this com, realized she didn't know how to spell Physicicst


   The thing! - Keerthana has it
   Liam gets it- exams are not his fault, everything else is his fault
   Orders of the day:
   Not the price of oil


   Liam - #define not the price of oil -> Yes
   Breaks? dilatory? Probs
   Kate - make the committee to lock the president out of kremlin - "he's complaining about not getting enough time to be out side" - to improve his mental health
   Oliver- Com to ass the prez approves
   McKenna - How do you plan on getting him out? --- will need to take out the trash
   Liam - Com to social dist the prez - friendly, changed
   PASSED - Auctioned to Kate for 3 dollars - chaired by anyone who currently lives w/ prez
   Oliver - Motion to Purple
   McKenna - motion to #define lb as pound
   Oliver- US Metrification board disapproves
   Jimmy carter takes in consideration
   Passed, been lb'd
   Liam - Running Joke memorial com - Chinese conspiracies are being touted by prez of US, can't make jokes w/o being Xenophobic
   Some change happened, didn't hear it so fish fish fish?
   Dez needs to Learn ISO Codes
   Passed! Sold to Oliver for $3, chaired by com to reunify both sides of straights
   Liam - Motion to delegalize exams - dezpurposed to "KGB cannot give exams"
   Oliver - "if finals aren't real, how can exams be legal"
   Passed via abstention
   Kate - motion to create the running joke memorial committee memorial committee - purpose is for a 2-parter russian joke (sigh)
   Virtual Sonia disappointment to Liam via Kate
   "Running joke" w/ Russian, KGB is russian, comedy is funny when dissected
   Passed! - Sold to Kate for $2 rubles, chaired by Sonia and anyone else willing to insert puns where twas punless
   Liam - motion to create a standing rule such that all outstanding KGB debts can be paid in rubles +10% to pay for the conversion fee
   Emergency Treasurer report! "Fuck", "No"
   Unfriendly to McKenna
   Liam - Motion to strip Sawyer of Admin powers
   Doublestrip as well, Dilatory
   Sawyer - Motion to move channels around - passed w/o vote
   Executive Abuse
   Oliver - motion to event - seconded
   Kate - motion to make a standing rule that a motion to event is a motion to move meeting from this VC to one of the ingame VCs - whichever one has most exec is new meeting
   Liam - dilatory and also good
   Dezmond - meeting would probably implode
   Liam - motion to amend that meeting takes place in all VCs simultaneously and don't need to coagulate
   KGB can Concurrency, no parallelism
   If there is a tie then chat with highest exec member is chosen
   But in this case exec rank is inverted - all hail the military dictatorship
   Passed! been changed
   Oliver - motion to event
   Antiseconded, strong
   Tim just started quoting a tale of two cities here, not technically filibustering because he's not Henry
   Liam - Motion to create an honorary exec position - Sarge at Arm - given to person in org with largest bicep
   Tim - What is largest?
   Liam - whatever has consensus
   Kaylie - when will measurement take place?
   Liam - honor system while online, when in person one can apply at the beginning of meeting
   McKenna - motion to change to Sarge Ant Arm - largest power to weight ratio in arm
   Liam - unfriendly, not strong
   Passed! been created
   Position currently empty, set to None for the moment, but probably Oliver
   Kate - The rock has 270mm biceps, so if he is able he is it
   Oliver, fell off chair
   Oliver - Motion to direct 1vp to invite #44 (Obama) to meeting
   Would be good fodder for RYFE comm
   Friendly enough to the 1VP, so is good
   Passed by abstention - tied, then chair decided (dezsplained)


   Exec exists!
   There will be summer meetings, be there or be a quadrilateral
   May send out a thing to decide when a good time for it is
   Suspiciously Non-Cannon!
   Mafia Night on Saturday at 19:00
   Play mafia! No restaurants!
   May be Town of Salem, may be Run by Liam via discord!


   Liam - bought a dominion account, will money match you for any value
   Tim - Motion to Event - Tabled for one schmuck
   Kate - Avatar Rewatch postponed, but there is still a will to continue
   Tim - untabled - Motion to Event!
   Ended up in In-Game 2: GTFOD