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MEETING 9/7/2020


   Dez- had a weekend, was filming of tour. Wore a sweatshirt, was fine at first but bad on second day. toughed it through for continuity
   Kaylie - $20 at the moment - Peer pressured Kate to be Kaylie - had a weekend, didn't record undergound b/c detroiting, hung out with cats, Kate was then sad that no cat
   James - being inside sucks, walked through schenley, figured out schenley is big
   Kushal - learned about 10 mins ago that headphones are kaput. walked around campus with a piece of paper taped to chest that said CMU KGB - submit to pravda?
   Sawyer - Got hubbed by the grub ordering wings from an apparently terrible place, spent forever filming the UG tour, talked with a friend and found out that Eureka is especially sad when conducted via interwebs
   McKenna - skipped
   Oliver - procrastinated saturday and didn't realize sunday and monday are UG tour - needs to pay on work debt


   Kushal - the hivemind committe would like to report that we are ending not horse reporting these fuck end report
   Tim - com which will take 7 years to pass - passed on sept 2, 2013 - SUCCESS
   Took 7 years to pass, has now existed for 7 years
   Kate - the ad-hoc KGbagpiping comm - commend the drone of kushal's mic


   THE THING - Sawyer had it, james gets it
   Not james fault that dez wore a sweatshirt when it was hot, it is his fault that it was hot today
   0 orders of the day - yet again we are stiffed


   Sam - motion to salute tim for finding the original date for the 7 yrs to pass comm- FUCK YOU TIM
   Kushal - mtn to create the ominous typing com - Kushal is typing... [purpose- basically that]
   PASSED - Auctioned to Kushal for 5 dollars - "Didn't really think of a joke for this" <the specific string>
   Kate - standing rule - Motion to make a standing rule that a delayed standing rule, which is a standing rule that enacts itself after a certain period of time, can be made by making a motion to make a delayed standing rule and specifying the delay time. Other than it's delay, a delayed standing rule acts exactly as a normal standing rule would. Its enactment is not announced when it goes into effect
   Oliver - mtn to amend the motion such that "not" after is is expunged - VERY unfriendly
   Pursued strongly - vastly Opposed
   Kushal - pointed out only reason it is a good idea is because of O
   Sam - was muted, reshield
   James - is delay time of < 0 allowed?
   Kate - behavior requires specification, but dez says it's undefined/up to discretion of chair or is dilatory
   Sam - what is intent of last sentence
   Kate - it's up to interpretation
   Skim - what happens with the deal of sitting down? - same as any other standing ruke
   POI from tim - all actions of the body from the year get sat down, but tabled items carry over - can't force future years to do things
   Tim - restless shield - mtn to amend standing rule with a proviso that it not take effect until oct 5th of 2020
   unfriendly, but pursued for reason of perceived accordance with the motion itself
   LIAM INTEJECTION - mtn to delay vote for 2 weeks - very dilatory but actually not apparently
   Sawyer - motion to # define Kushal Dulla as disbanded
   Tim- Which banded?
   Liam - mtn to change to # define Kushal Dulla as disbanded committee - O.O.O.
   Oliver- does this work in the other way such that Kushal owns disbanded comms
   Liam - motion to - OUT OF ORDER
   Oliver- motion to amend such that disbanded is # defined as Kushal
   Liam- did pound defn's sit down? no because people accept it as a thing
   Kushal - wanted to point out to oliver that he wouldn't be the wealthiest comm owner because Keerthana owns the most - uncountably many
   Liam objects - motion to disband the standing rule
   Failed due to tyrancy
   James - mtn to #define pound define to kilogram define
   Tim - we have an existing #definition that defines lb as pound
   antiseconded and wasn't strong motion
   Liam - mtn to create a standing rule such that standing rules can be disbanded - purpose to be determined at a later date
   dilatory until further notice
   Oliver - motion to define KGB first law as "a meeting that is in motion will not change its motion until acted on by an external motion"
   Sam - would it lb define or define? - who knows
   Kate - upset and entertained - upsetertained
   Tim - once motion is passed, will we be able to move out of this motion without another motion to move us out of it?
   James - so creating a meeting would take an entire meeting? passing a motion would also not end the motion technically? - well we're in discussion of a question, not the motion. not memsafe but whatever
   Liam - mtn to split motions into two parts and have them voted on individually
   Kate - it's just a phrase, yall are big nerds
   Sam - motion to remove the octothorpe
   Tim - motion to amend the submotion to amend octothorpe to octopus - unfriendly for reason of causing dilatoryness
   PASSED, been done
   Tim - Motion to define the KGB second law as the prices at Entropy, which is an isolated system, never decrease over time
   Sam - motion to add octothorpe before define - ONLY FRIENDLY IF AMENDED TO OCTOPUS
   Unfriendly, pursued - failed
   Liam - Motion to define the seventh law of the KGB as "Do not ask about the first or second laws of the KGB"
   Tim- motion to amend by replacing talk with ask - been amended
   Kate - motion to replace third with second
   Oliver - what is the penalty? - don't ask
   Liam objects but dropped it by reason of whatever
   Sam K - Motion to define the third law of the KGB as a meeting must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the first or second Law of the KGB
   Tim - if passed, the third law of the KGB would be the 4th law of the KGB
   Kate - doesn't this violate the second law? DON'T ASK
   Liam - motion to make all KGB laws as legally binding and require enforcement via corner sitting
   Sam - motion to define the 5th law of the KGB as "there is not fourth law of the KGB"
   Liam - motion to strike 5th and replace with 4th
   unfriendly but pursued - failed
   James - Discord exorcism comm - purpose: <was an image, so fish fish fish. just imagine a spoopy discord screen here>
   Liam - motion to exorcise this committee
   PASSED- auctioned to James for $15 - chaired by James and anyone who can fix it oh god please help
   Oliver - POI- is a first year and wants to know about the 1st law of KGB
   Liam - motion to define 6th law of KGB as "Don't"


   Dez - so KGB exists
   James - event! streaming the UG tour on [WEBSITE REDACTED] - come on out and learn stuff about campus! and us because we'll do a Q&A


   Liam - made a game - if you like 2 test and have a windows computer hit him up
   Tim - motion to colors - Dez did it well
   Oliver - lips were just comfortable there