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MEETING 9/14/2020


   Dez - someone phucked up, impossible HW
   James - death via hubris, bought too many groceries. gave up at the halfway
   We have an event! it's probably a good one. It's also the underground tour. it's gonna be on twitch
   Kushal - played hand and brain, a version of chess where it's teams of two. one person says a move, the second makes the move. entails frustration. 10 mins ago, learnt he dun fucked. oopsie SUBMIT
   Sawyer - did problem sets and problem sets. Learned about the cube law of foods and now I am truly ascendant on identifying ice cream as salads.
   Oliver - trivia! can be a tax accountant now apparently


   Sam - comm to ass the prez reports ‘’Dez was kicked from call” success
   Woody - the hivemind comm would like to report that mission accomplished why you not end report?
   Liam - culinary stds comm - censure the recsec - NO
   Tim- Misapp. floor is lava comm reports the floor was recently lava, now igneous rock
   Liam- is it hot?
   Tim - warm 2 touch
   Kushal - comm to hunt humans for sport - coca cola ads? apparently there were actual reports of polar bear raiding norway and apparently the polar bois made rum and coke
   Woody - KGbrewing comm - this is his son now (picture of a brewing setup)
   Sam - the misapp time travel comm - tardis is empty due to finding an empty breed hall at t-30 mins
   Liam - corn subs board - dark age of great corn depression is over - WE HIT STABLE $3.65


   James has the thing, who want it?
   Woody - not his fault that corn has stabilized below four dollars, is his fault that corn can go below $3
   Tim - no orders of the day ;-;


   Sam - motion to make IPAs out of order
   Cul stds comm antiseconds
   So does KGbrewing
   Tim - which order would you prefer the letters?
   Sam - Motion to make a motion to make an ipa out of order
       motion petered out due to lack of seconds
   But apprently we're bringing it back now
   Liam - mtn to make an IPA
   Out of order but is now ill defined?
   Oliver: motion to amend to add more recursion - dilatory
   Failed, been not done
   Liam - motion to create a standing rule that a motion to create an IPA is a priviliged motion
   Oliver - POI, how does one make an IPA?
   Liam - is style of beer that involves hops and whatnot
   -Note that the definition of IPA is only in relation to whatever can be backronymed to it-
   Sam - motion to amend the standing rule that fixed the spelling of privileged
   Unfriendly, pursued
   Tim proceeds to roast Liam
   Tim - the spelling amendment is neither a good nor bad idea, but is funny

<Motion to amend the motion to instead create a standing rule that the proper spelling of the word "privileged" is priviliged.> - passed, previous spelling changed Actual motion called to question: Passed, been changed Woody (masquerading as Kushal) - Motion to create a standing rule such that a motion to censor someone is a motion that is always in order, and if passed by a two thirds vote, ends the current motion and removes the censored person from the meeting. Been dilatory'd

   Sawyer - motion to create the ambivalent octopus comm - used for motions where you are absolutely ambivalent
   Rajeev - do you need to be in the committee to octopus
   Passed via abstention
   Sold to sawyer for a dollar. Chaired by whoever, I guess some octopi
   James - motion to create the vote superposition comm
   Purpose - to neither pass nor fail due to changing vote totals via discord
   Passed due to average upvote density
   Sold to james for two, whichbanded due to failing its purpose
   Liam - motion to create a standing rule that motions to redefine spellings of words or phrases are priviliged
   Passed, been changed
   Tim- motion to a committee entitled 'the 'the coffee mug appreciation society'
   Purpose - to engage in the appreciation of the pleasantly unsettling ontological parasites known as holes, which can only exist as aspects of another object yet are often considered by humans to be tangible and countable in their own right
   Motion to fish fish fish - been changed (oh god)
   Rajeev - straw has only one hole
   Oliver - motion to redefine spelling of "whole" to "hole"
   James - motion to grow the stack

Redef'n failed, back to main motion

   Passed! Auctioned to for siz ($6) - chaired by comm of the whole
   Kushal - motion to create the identity theft is not a joke comm - purpose "damnit sam and sawyer" [Note: At this point, Sam and Sawyer had discord nicknames to the effect of Not X (Kushal)]
   Liam - noting that not Kushal put this motion in, so it should be out of order
   Woody - motion to change the spelling of "not" to ""
   Rajeev - a question: by naming oneself not kushal, is one stealing the identity of all not-kushals?
   Kushal - no
   Oliver - POI to Kushal, can I haz your SSN
   James - Point of something
   Passed via abstention - Sold to James via 6 dollars - chaired by not Kushal
   Keerthana - motion to fail this motion
   Out of order?
   Sam - is actually Kushal - motion to #define Kushal's SSN as "at least n+1 where n is the current n is the lower bound of what we know to be Kushal's SSN"
   James - motion to amend this motion to replace "at least 3" with "4"
   Compromise - change it to at least 3 but at most 4 - it's more than 4 so it's unfriendly
   Mod - replace "at least 3" with "n+1 where n is the current n is the lower bound of what we know to be Kushal's SSN"
   Friendly, been changed
   Kushal probably shouldn't use it though
   Oliver - is out of order
   Rajeev - are we to understand an SSN as a single, 9 digit number sans dashes?


   Passed, been done
   Oliver - motion to Allocate $100 to build a bot that would apply for credit cards in Kushal's name checking all SSNs from 000000004 to 999999999
   out of order(also illegal)
   Liam - motion to define the spelling of opposed to "favir"
   Passed, been changed
   Kushal - motion to create the KGB echo committee
   purpose : what would be its purpose
   Passed! auctioned to Liam for two dollars- chaired by the chair of this committee
   Liam - motion to redifine the spelling of favor as "oposed"
   Almost acclimated but not done so because it'd be funnier
   Passed; been changed


   We are the exec. We exist. we have meetings
   Event is Twitch TV UG tour
   Oliver- how to pay organization - can make payments to the CMUKGB using the donation to CMU - just select where your money goes to (CMUKGB)
   Preferably do that on days where CMU matches donations and also tax deductions



   Liam - making a videojames -let him kno if u want to not be noob and test
   Tim -Election is coming up! deadline to register is oct 19th. Pennsylvania is a swing state, so voting is cool. You are eligible to vote if you're here as a college student. info will be in turboschmucks later
   Kushal - can someone give me a good png of pot o greed
   James- shield is comfy
   Oliver- motion to P S P G