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MEETING 9/28/2020


   Dez - had event, ate doughnut cookies, played dusk and forgot twas horror
   James - Missed the event, slept for 14 (fourteen) hours, and did nothing cool v besides that
   Event! Create kontent
   Kushal - did the event - was involved in the making of overcooked noodles + ice, argued twas worth points
   Sawyer - white pizza is just cheese, now knows
   Oliver - made dez make horrible vinegar soup pasta noodles, walked all the way to dez's place to eat two noodles and nearly vom


   Tim - the I just moved com (ad-hoc) - just moved, currently approaching old apartment for some wifi
   Kushal - the hivemind com would like to report that end report
   Oliver - the very ad-hoc com report com - the ad-hoc com report com is making a report


   The thing; liam had it, who wants it now
   Oliver - not his fault that someone added vinegar to edible noodles, is his fault that dez bought rice vinegar despite hating it

Tim - no O.O.T.D.


   Keerthana - Motion to banish pathological functions in analysis to the shadow realm - purpose being just that
   Oliver- motion to table for one week to define banishment to the shadow realm
   Kushal - do we want to reuse old jokes
   Told that tangerine joke is 25 years old
   Secondary motion passed, been tabled
   James - motion to make the dead air comm - breathes into microphone
   Oliver - seeing dead represented by skull emoji and planes being air reminds him of a day in september
   PASSED BY ABSTENTION - Auctioned to James for 3 , chaired by any zombie in any flying device
   Sawyer - motion to create the dead heir committee - heir is dead, now has succession crisis
   Kushal - isn't successor voted in by KGB, how can you know they're dead
   Passed by abstention - auctioned to sawyer for 2 - chaired by any heir that happens to die
   Woody -motion to create the dead hair comm - to find any of the hair that died
   Sawyer - would this include frayed ends -> yes
   Keerthana - what about dead hair from a live hair, or alive hair from a dead heir?
   Passed by MENACING - Auctioned to Kushal for 4 - chaired by saitama
   James - motion to create the dead hare commitee - to mourn all of the rabbit's we've lost over the years
   Tim - RIP marco, was good bun
   Tim - RIP fork, you were also good bun
   Passed by abstention maybe - Auctioned to Tim for 1 - chaired by Marco and Fork
   Sam - motion to make the dead lair comm - Purpose: to store the heirs, hairs, and hares + airs
   Tim - what about the airs? - Sam says it can be appended
   Keerthana - motion to amend purpose to
   PASSED by a single vote - sold to liam for $, chaired by anyone who is a member of but not a chair of the previously passed comms
   Liam - motion to ban mathematics
   Dez ruled dilatory maybe, Liam may pursue to a higher power
   Oliver - Motion to create a  standing rule such that a motion to declare another member of the meeting “sus” calls an immediate vote on if said person is the impostor or not. The vote will be decided by a complex majority vote. If it passes and the person is indeed sus, they will be ejected from the meeting and the spaceship, and must report if they are the impostor or not.
   Tim  - motion to remove the word 'delay' and the last sentence of the motion's descriptor
   Ruled friendly, been done
   Tim - motion to amend the complex majority to "the vote must have more votes in favor and also greater than kushal's SSN" - ruled likely dilatory? - withdrawn
   PASSED, Been changed
   Kushal - motion to declare dez sus
   James - saw Dez vent
   Kushal - remind people that it's a complex majority
   Oliver - where?
   Woody - when
   Sawyer - saw woody and dez go to med bay, woody died
   Liam motions to kill woody, Tim motions to create the woody memorial comm
   PASSED - Dez is now in corner - wasn't imposter
   Tim notes absence of chair, notes chair vacant
   James ascended to chair pro tiem - chairs the vote to declare chair vacant
   Chair vacant - Liam nominated as chair
   It was attempted to vote for a replacement, but tyrancy prevented a traditional vote, so role call voting was established
   Between Liam and Nate, Nate won by a single vote
   A freshman has now taken the chair, oh god
   Prospect - mtn to create the dead chair comm - purpose is to predict via mathematics when the death of the next chair will be
   James - is a good idea
   Sam - is a good idea
   Oliver- motion to kill dez irl - ruled Nateatory
   Kushal - nate wow u didn't study pravda?
   Liam - motion to suspend the rules and declare the chair vacant
   Tim - calls to question
   PASSED - Auctioned to Oliver for $3 - chaired by all the dead chairs who insist on being undead


   Sawyer - we are KGB, we do things
   James - This week is Kontent! make memes! we'll vote on the best ones and put them on the fridge
   Oliver - Treasurer pro tiem - Dues are $20 a year, $15 a semester, don't need to pay them to attend meetings, but must pay them for certain votes (specifically exec, and being elected) - can pay for stuff we do! Don't pay them yet becaue SLICE isn't on top of it yet


   Kushal - I want to apologize to nate for making him the top of the organization for a little bit
   James - comfy shield
   Woody - create the out of order com - ruled no (Out of Order)
   Sawyer - purple purple seafoam green
   Liam - motion to GTFO