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MEETING 10/5/2020


   Dez - occured, was a blur. did stuff (I'm stuff)
   James - one of his friends was a vegetarian had a food order mixup, acquired two NY Strip steaks
   Event: laid back. Play hidden role games and chill and talk
   Kushal - got lost in the manans, over the weekend someone tried to forward something to KGB defectors, was inserted into pravda? Please dun spam list though
   Sawyer - did a practice exam, got literally most things wrong ;-;
   Oliver - swears he wanted to say something but forgot. Is alive (doesn't need to pay siz dollars)


   Liam - cul stds. com - has no plans to break in and steal newly acquired NY steak strips
   Kushal - Point of manga is not anime
   Kushal - point of abusing power- if "Kushal - the ad-hoc shitty 90s manga comm. - was reading an action anime series, climax of a fight was a dude who forms fists with his feet was beat up by a guy who could beat himself up with his mind" disappears, Kushal is a tyrant - KUSHAL IS A TYRANT


   Oliver has the spirit of the thing

Who want?

   Oliver- not his fault nobody wants the thing - is his fault that giving henry is the thing is bad idea
   Tim - O.O.D.
   Discussion to Motion to banish pathological functions in analysis to the shadow realm: just that
   So we forgot to define that last week
   Oliver- motion to table for 10 mins
   Which is still until next meeting
   No more ood


   Liam - motion to create a standing rule such that a motion to table an individual - If passed with a *simple majority, that individual is "tabled" - tabled individuals have no additional responsibilities or powers - tabled individuals cannot be tabled again - a tabled individual is untabled after the amount of time passes or the body (with a 1/2 majority) untables the individual - tabled indiviuals are 3 ft higher - the period of time need not be a specified period of time, e.g. untabling when a condition occurs is acceptable
   Tim - POI : majority or one half?
   Liam - simple
   James - motion to append that a tabled indiv. is about 3 ft higher
   Oliver- untable a tabled individual? - no
   Tim - is this the american sense of table or british sense of tabling
   Sawyer - is being tabled protection from lava? if the table isn't lava, yes
   Liam - unlike with tabling emotion, the definition for period of time need not be specified period of time: untabling at the meeting of a criterion is also valid - is questionably in order?
   Tim grimaces, Liam assures that nothing bad could happen
   Passed, rule stands (on the table)
   Kushal - motion to create a delayed standing rule coming into place in two weeks that a motion to banish something to the shadow realm is a motion to table any individual, who during the current meeting, was mentioned in the minutes as talking about whatever was banished for the length of the a yugioh episode (~22 mins).
   Dez'splained that idea isn't dilatory, but current format is
   Can't banish an individual who talks about it going forward to the shadow realm also wonkiness if they're already tabled
   Can banish people who make motions about the thing, who talks about it during discussion of the motion, or was put in the minutes as talking about
   also currently it doesn't do much unless being privlidged
   James- deigned fixing the motion
   Tim- questions what is being written out?
   Dez says someone needs to amend it to fix it else we move on
   Liam - Motion to strike "table any individual who talked about whatever was banished" and replace with "table any individual, who during the current meeting, was mentioned in the minutes as talking about whatever was banished"
   Also he wants to change yugioh season to ~22mins (length of a yugioh ep)
   Passed, been changed
   Sawyer - motion to play pot of greed, struck down
   Does anyone even know what pot of greed does? nobody ever talks about it
   Tim - motion to purple (purple)
   Oliver - motion to untable two motions
   Henry - motion to create the hernan cortez morals comm - to learn the valuable moral lessons from hernan cortez!
   Liam - motion to learn nothing from history
   Kushal - so what the hecc does this even mean?
   Henry- comm to learn all of the valuable moral lessons taught by upstanding christian fellow hernan cortez, who oblitered the aztec empire!
   If you have the guy who is gonna demote you killed, you don't get demoted! # lifehack
   Liam - motion to demote henry from count to viscount/baron
   Sawyer - change to hernan cortez lifehack comm. - friendly
   Passed! Moving to auction - Henry for four gold pieces- chaired by jesus, gold
   James- motion to table the senate for four week or until he becomes a viscount
   Passed! been tabled
   Oliver - motion to create a delayed standing rule (takes into effect nov 3) such that a motion to shut up man if passed by a simple majority results in the previous speaker being muted for 2 minutes - is privileged
   Tim objects for wrong spelling of privileged - supposed to be priviliged
   Passed, will be changed
   Liam - Motion to create a standing rule that :corn: cannot be used as the favir or abstain react during a vote
   James - strike cannot, replace with must : EXTREME UNFRIENDLINESS
   James may be ass'd by the corn sub com
   Liam- anyone upvoting the motion is a traitor to corn
   Henry promoted himself again in the meanwhile to god-emperor of the norse religion
   Tim - traitors <traders> of corn? Isn't that what we all are as we watch the markets?
   Oliver- promoted the unscrupulous, non-hernan-cortezian morals of the S@A
   James- isn't in favor, but should be voted on, he feels
   Side motion failed! back to main mtn
   Henry - point out that his friends in the corn lobby have done nothing wrong
   Kevin - motion to rename breed hall to dhreed hall
   Sawyer- change spelling of dhreed to potofgreed
   Kushal - just wanted to point out that in attendance sheet dez would have to use potofgreed - Dez: Robert's rules of orders lets you spell things however if the spelling is clear
   Tim literally fucking cited two separate editions of roberts' rules of order for a question
   Failed, back to main motion
   James - are we renaming the discord server name or the physical location?
   The discord one until we get the authority to do the real-deal
   Oliver- motion to allocate $25 to purchase the latest edition of the :b: obberts :b: ules of :b: order for exec in general
   Henry - motion to replace latest with fourth
   Died due to a lack of seconds
   Passed, $25 been allocated


   Dez- KGB is a thing! we're working on dues shizz
   exec will probably extend this with a vote such that dues do not lapse from not physically being able to pay
   James - event! Lie to your friends!
   Liam burns James outta nowhere ("I have a lot of respect for you james!")


   Liam - making a videojames still - still wants testers
   Tim - VOTE! Registration deadline is two weeks away! Votespa.com or turbovote.org!
   Also let him know if you want help working the polls
   Dez : what are the things about in person voting?
   Tim - 1st time you vote somewhere you need to bring a piece of ID, after the 1st time you won't need ID, signature is enuff
   Bring it still to be safe
   Liam - motion to GITFO