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Meeting 10/26/2020


   Des - contained RPG knight and making food, also voted, which you should do
   Kaylie! - first weekend has had; RPG knight, discovered dungin world was cool and the art museum was neat
   James - first, trusted google maps. Then, crossed two other people, followed them and it took longer. Arrived late. Person was confused. Trust is an evolutionary mistake
   Event! - Capture the flag rules meeting
   Kushal - 2nd part of pokemon sword and shield came out, devoured him
   Pravda submit
   Sawyer - RPG night, flat stanley is a lil bitch
   Oliver - on friday, promised, would finish chem. on saturday, promised chem hw. this is a recursive formula


   Liam - the debatably KGB affiliated puzzlehunt comm- STRESS
   Woody - end report comm- end report
   Kaylie- cats r stoopid comm - rose wants wet food, but not if water is in bowl. Needs to drag the food herself over to the water bowl. There's lots of dissolved foodwater. Also, cass ate some creamy siracha from wendys and had not good time
   Liam - corn for the corn god - $4.17!


   Dez tries to skip the thing, who has it?
   Oliver has it, James has the spirit
   Who wants one of those two things?
   Oliver- is not his fault that henry didn't show up to give the spirit. Is his fault that the thing react exists is his fault.
   Orders of Tha Day - NONE WTF


   James - motion to make the baked goods differentiation comm
   Purpose : declaring james cake and squashing all resistance to james being cake
   Woody - POI, what is opinion on cornbread? - is part of a meal, but this is the purpose of the comm
   Liam - cul stds comm, w/ ontology comm: strict binarism isn't always useful
   Kate - POI, how much of a personal attack is this? - no comment
   Liam - motion to change purpose to "declaring james cake and squashing all resistance to james being cake" - friendly
   Passed - sold to James for 1 dollar - chaired by anyone who thinks cornbread is not dessert
   Oliver - motion to create the foreign languages comm
   Purpose - speaks anime  "促进我们对外语的认识 (如石头)and also to pwn the recsec"
   "To promote the understanding of foreign languages, such as stone"
   Kushal - fish fish fish fuck the recsec
   Kate - Cyka Blyat
   Passed! Sold to James for 6 dollars - chaired by anyone who speaks 1 or less languages
   Liam - create the KGB constitutional contextualism comm
   Purpose - interpret the rules/bylaws of the kgb as literally as possible
   Chair questions if this isn't just the KGB
   Passed,  auctioned to Liam for $$, chair is to be determined by auction
   Manan - motion to make the comm to be nice to the recsec
   Anti'd, strong
   Purpose - to say nice, short words slowly
   Liam - motion to change the purpose to the entire text of moby dick
   Oliver gets possed by anime
   James - motion to replace every space in name/ purpose of this comm w/ fish, friendly
   Liam - motion to undo that last thing?
   Tim- motion to replace every instance of fish in this comm w/ a space, friendly
   Liam - comm to torment the recsec, fish appears 294 times in moby dick
   Passed, sold to sawyer for 5, dis-fucking-banded
   Oliver - motion to create the democratic national committee
   Purpose - to nom exciting candidate for running and then actually nominate an exceedingly boring candidate for the role of KGB prezident
   Liam - point of insinuation
   Sold to kaylie for a dollar, chaired by diamond joe biden
   Liam - motion to create a standing rule such that a motion to malarkey is Out of order
   Sam says malarkey, Liam wants him to be ejected
   Debate ensues on what type of punitive measures are possibe
   Passed, been changed
   James - motion to create a standing rule such that parties can be created by a vote of the general body, and have chairs auctioned off similar to commitees [sic]. Chairs automaticlly [sic] leave any former parties, and become a member of that party. These parties can be joined voluntarily by any member not already in a party and cannot be left in any way execpt by becoming a chair of new parties. No further powers are confered to the parties or their members by this standing rules [sic].
   Liam - motion to strike apolitical
   James fights with the express purpose of losing control
   Liam pursues
   Passed, been changed ^2
   Oliver - motion to #define "UM" as "US"
   Chair asks to rule something dilatory for reasons of grotesqueness
   James - pount define M as S
   Kevin - motion to create the mario party
   Tim - what is party's platform?
   Liam - point of info, are bonus stars on or off
   Passed, moved to auction - chaired by Oliver
   Liam - motion to allocate a sum less than or equal to $50 to have a vexillologist make a pot of dhreed flag
   Kushal - if I make a shitty pot of dhreed flag, do I get fifty dollarydoos
   moved to vote, passed...


   Kgb doesn't exists
   James - event is a rules comm meeting for redefining the rules of CTFWS! We will vote and do stuff and be complicated
   Oliver- yen exists, you should go to cashnet to pay us real/relevant money
   dues aren't necessary to participate but they help the org stay alive
   try to donate on the match day for CMU if ya can


   Liam - videogame
   Tim - tomorrow is last day to do full in-person early voting. Ask Kate
   Also, those who reached out about poll work, may have a lil somethin for u
   James - motion to purple, purple, getfo. Anti'd, not strong