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MEETING 11/02/2020


   Dez - had a weekend; took a nap before this and is trying to reexist
   James - Homework on friday night, submission on sunday night, rest is a debaucherous blur
   Kushal - spent most of time playing pokemon, contributed to new ctfws rules
   Sawyer - whichgusting door glyph - nondiscounted halloween candy - shrek2
   Oliver - does mini2 Cyber War (not Cybersex) - is much better because finally they got a retired military officer!


   Booth discussion
   Booth is apparently happening? Which is a bit strange
   to kevin Booth is where we make a shed and make it memey
   this seems not doable with social distancing
   the theme should be similar to last year to allow reuse of assets
   Carn. Comm saluted
   Woody - given we've done 0 builds this semester, are we gonna reuse?
   "Adventure is loading" as opposed to "adventure awaits" so likely they are accting for this
   James - how much of the carpentry is done?
   Most of walls/floors are already built
   Liam - running booth in any traditional way is not a great idea
   Kushal -points out they want to discuss what booth will look like, might be a shitty virtual version?
   Sam - prefaced by commenting he is elderly - carn. comm will have plenty of ideas floating around? who knows what could shake out
   Kate - just send someone to the zoom meeting and start the processes. Who is even interested in chairing a booth? Also; we have a booth basically premade from last year that never got used. Also; spring semester is two weeks shorter which is gonna be odd. Given the amount of work we've already got done, we can likely handle it. Need to confirm who is gonna be around and able to help. Put together a form maybe?
   Let exec (specifically dez) know if you want to booth chair!
   Exec members should talk amongst themselves on who should do it?
   James - as of right now, we don't even have access to the kage. We'd need to get access which may be a bit of a pain
   Tim - there is a process for doing that, which may get updated and will fall on to carnival comm rather than us? Forms exist and can be filled out
   2 2-3 hour sessions throughout the week might be enough specificity when the time comes
   Oliver - FTR willing the chair the booth, is important for us as an org to do booth to the extent that we can. If we go three years w/o a booth will be a bit of a conundrum for a booth org. Nobody has booth experience any more which is a bit of a difficulty come 2022
   Can have a session to bring some underclassmen up to speed on what needs to be done for booth.


   Sam - CTFWS rules comm - had some success at hashing out a virtual ctfws. Will be on the MC server to try and build a map/playtest
   Liam - ad-hoc Fuck Palantir comm - In conj. w/ puzzlehunt memorial comm - decided to run event on Nov 14 - went through appropriate channels to not have date collision. Palantir decided to do it at the same time - and is sticking to it. Is now fucking him over publicly
   Kate - misapp. stupid history comm - on Federick The Great's 5d potato chess game - in 1774 - prussia was at risk of famine, FDG order peeps to grow potatoes. Potatoes were considered gross by the populace, and refused to grow them. FDG planted a royal potato garden, and hired guards to protecc it. The guards were ordered to be lax and also accept bribes. This spurred potato intrigue, and people then grew them
   Oliver - adhoc shitty airport comm - Berlin Brandenburg airport still sucks, has FINALLY opened on halloween of this year after like 20 years!
   and the fire alarms actually work!


   Oliver had thing, who wants it?
   Liam - not his fault about human rights abuses committed by palantir, is his fault about blackwater HRV
   Tim - 3 orders of the Day!
   Henry - untabled
   Untabling anyone who attended the event on oct 16th
   DH 2315 untabled


   Liam - motion to table the notion of untabling things for as long as it takes for carnival comm to figure out booth
   Tim - is that saying we want the standing rule to temporarily sit down and then return?
   I don't think tabling notions is well defined but also nothingness
   Sam - motion to table until after the booth meeting
   Passed, was done
   BUT the emojis of the vote were within three votes worth... sooo, dez got ejected
   James, Kate, SamSR were chosen as potential successors
   James was thrown out for reusing emoji and also didn't make the cut
   Sam takes the Chair
   Sam declares the previous motion has been tabled until after KGB has voted on booth
   Oliver - motion to create the ejected chairs comm - so ejected chairs can sit together and discuss what went wrong
   Tim - motion to append to purpose that the location for this comm is the corner - friendly
   Kate - motion to strike the word comm and replace w/ corner - friendly
   Dez begins 'filibustering' with the bee movie
   Kushal - the organizing comm for the KGB govt in exile - welcomes any ejected members and wishes for downfall of org as a whole
   Liam - motion to strike "the corner " and replace with "the international court of justice in the hague, netherlands"
   Unfriendly - put to vote: passed
   Kate - motion to change the official spelling of "the corner" to "the hague, netherlands" - passed, been changed
   Liam - motion to change the "spelling" of "spelling" to "speling"
   Returning to what is now the motion to create the ejected chairs corner - so ejected chairs can sit together and discuss what went wrong in the international court of justice in the hague
   James motions to remove the "ejected chairs"
   Passed! Moved to auction and sold to Dez
   also he disbanded it


   James - this week we are gonna kill a man!
   We're gonna triage at discord in the lobby first
   Booth will be talked about next monday, also let exec know if you want to chair a booth


   Tim - VOTING is tomorrow!
   Polls in PA open at 7:00AM, close at 8:00PM
   If you're an eligible voter and in line at 8:00, you can still vote
   also; poll working pays 200 dollars so that can pay for Dez's joke
   recommendation from the recsec to #define "working the polls" to "$200"
   Also - Liam notes you should do not palantir puzzlehunt
   Sam - still working on virtual ctfws
   Motion to gitfo