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MEETING 11/09/2020


   Dez - spent an inordinate amount of time reviewing the rules doc of a game rewrite
   James - nothing notable, but right before the sunset of this meeting, a ton of birds came and landed in front of him. Oh no, da birds
   Kaylie - celebrated the election of diamond joe biden by getting his fav treat, ice cream
   Kushal - PGH weather is odd because now it's getting warm and webster won't turn the AC back on
   Sawyer - had to convince GF not to get mcdonalds cinnamon roll. it's just not food, Elena
   Oliver - refreshed news pages a hecc ton for obvious reasons


   Liam - corn sub board - gives report that we're t 4.08, so a bushel of corn is equal to 5 dollars
   Kevin - temporal anomalies comm - contained, nov. 3rd is finally over
   Liam - fuck palantir comm - you too can tell palantir to go eff themselves by puzzlehunting
   Kaylee - catsRstoopid comm - does cas have late onset asthma? maybe
   Woody - no longer a liar comm - no longer is a liar
   Kaylee - KatsRstoopid comm - cooking with tuna, cats are upset and/or confuzzled


   BOOTH STUFF is a thing
   need to figure out if we are going to do booth or not
   -Booth is work, but is fun. Note there is a pandemic
   The booth meeting from last week gave very little in the way of info
   they aren't sure how they would handle social distancing for build stuff
   training is offered regardless of what happens
   we can reuse our theme (JJBA) and also our booth-built stuff
   Kate report: she lurked into meeting to deliver this info
   Dez is right. Also, normally; if freshman are unaware - you build a house
   Construct a functioning structure with art and a neat game
   They mentioned at the meeting that booth could look very different. Physical booths may not even be a thing
   A birdhouse booth may happen? Something virtual?
   Carnival comm will do what they can but can't violate the university guidelines
   Temper expectations: booth could look very different
   Note: we're reusing stuff so this year is going to be significantly less work (1/3rd - 1/2lf already done)
   Oliver- if booth isn't physical? - There is actually no info
   we don't want to create sunk costs, but also we can't necessarily afford to not
   There shouldn't be a circumstance where we wouldn't be able to complete a booth. The main risk is if things look very different
   Do we have a timeline for more information? -No
   In theory, there should be no greater risk for doing booth compared to going to an in person class
   we'll need to hash out our org standards and what we're willing to tolerate
   - Sam -is it clear who is interested in chairing? -> we have some notion. Dez, oliver are willing. Kevin can be an apprentice of the booth
   -Kaylee - knowing that we're to do booth, we'd pickup where we left off. Feels like it would be a missed opportunity, as the booth chair deals with design. It's already mostly done so not sure how much more valuable it is to do real booth vs doing a fake training thing
   -Kate - there is a large gap between theory and practice. We haven't done any build week stuff in the past two years. The only people who know what build week is     like is Dez, Kate (for chairing)
   -- good idea to train regardless, but training is no substitute
   -- can do a design thing to show what goes into actually creatively forming a booth
   -Tim - lots of the normal process is jumbled. If this goes ahead, the design would be used and so you can focus for the booth. They're keenly aware that orgs are in danger of loss of experience. KGB is in a rough spot because we skipped 2019 as well. They're taking an approach of doing some version of something and doing as much in-person training as possible. Those interested in building 2022 to seek out those opportunities. Ordinarily, this vote is an advisory vote where each member is asked "do u think we should put down a deposit to join booth this year" with the implicit "are you committing to help with that.". Yes = Yes I will help. No = the org shouldn't. Abstain = keep options open. Clearly this question doesn't really fit the current situation. The ol' trichotomy doesn't apply, so there should be a few questions asked to pinpoint what exec really wants to know from the body.
   As it stands, the question is "should we keep with the SCC or do our own thing instead"
   The vote changes to:
   Yes - stay plugged into SCC, and soft-commit
   Yes2 - stay plugged in but no soft-commit
   No - lets just do our own thing
   Abstain - whateva
   As written by tim: :one: org should remain plugged into SCC's processes for the time being; soft commit to personally help
   :two: org should remain plugged into SCC's processes for the time being; no commit
   :three: org should not plug into SCC processes this year and do its own thing
   Abstain - don't care, and/or org should keep its options open
   Sawyer- Abstain
   James - 2
   Kaylie - 2
   Kushal - 1
   Oliver - 1
   SamSR - Abstain
   Kate - 1
   Dez - 1
   Kevin - 1
   Woody - 1
   Prospekt - 2
   Skim - Abstain
   Liam - 2
   Tim - Wiggly abstain


   Liam had the thing; James gets it
   Not his fault the election results were delayed, is his fault that everyone was complaining about the delay; also four seasons
   Tim - From 11/2: motion to table the notion of untabling things until CC figures out what the hell is going on with booth
   Passed; been tabled by abstention
   Liam - motion to create the ritz carlton comm - to not have a misleading title whatsoever and support the culinary use of ritz cracker
   Sam - motion to amend the name to the "ritz carlton banks comm" and append "and do the carlton" to the description - friendly
   Passed - sold to liam for $1 - chaired by Rudy Giuliani
   Oliver - motion to create a delayed standing rule eff. 18 Jan 2021 at 6:01PM est such that all auction bids will be interpreted in currency as US Cents
   This means that a corn bid would be 500 cents
   zombie would be 600, job would be 20000
   Tim - is this just a giant ploy to get some poor sap to accidentally bid $100 in april when the rule sits down? - maybe
   Liam - motion to change cents to Japanese Yen (which has approximately the same conversion factor)
   Passed, been changed
   Overall motion passes; standing rule trap set


   Event - murder mystery. Get a role, play role
   Cashnet - do dues
   (15/Sem, 20/Year)


   Liam - do puzzlehunt on saturday
   Sam - can help construct doherty-wean in MC
   Oliver - thanks for everyone who voted or worked as poll worker
   James -  I think the birds have left
   Tim - wig
   Liam - POHTFMDIO -how much do I owe
   Oliver will cronch the numbers
   Liam - motion to red yellow green purple green purple green purple and GTFO