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MEETING 11/23/2020


  Dez (Tim) - had a week, was good. Yeah.
  James - drove from Pittsburgh to SoCal - deer got fucky and ran in front of him
  Oliver - made dez call his dad to pick his favorite movie for us to not watch it
  Kushal - got demoted, roommie moved out yesterday. Cleaned half of the room, removed slobbitude. Spent rest of day in the clean half of the room
  Sawyer - had a convo about James's origin - he's not from alabama because no roll tide, was determined to be socal because of coal mining


  The thing - goes to kate - the fact people don't remember where james is from is her fault
  Orders of the day: Tim -
  From last week - orders of the day comm - purpose that Tim always has something to say at the start of meeting
  Kate - mtn to table for a week
  Passed, been tabled
  No further orders (of this day...)


  Tim - misapp. corn subs board - 4.27!
  Kate - comm to ass the prez - has recruited all of dez's professors to give him exams, so success
  Tim - the wigglytuff comm - the 40th unique species that ash recieves was Oshowat, though spiritual partner turtwig was 30
  Oliver- POI- the comm to ass the prez now targets James - no, he's just the chair acting with the powers of the presidency
  Tim - uncomfy shield
  Kushal - org. comm of KGB govt in exile- extends offer to Sawyer b/c demoted unnecessarily


  Oliver- motion to create the comm to promote the S@A - with the purpose since the recsec and 2VP decided to leave the gov and join the gov in exile
  Sawyer - what rank would the promotion be to? Remains Sergeant, but is ranked above other positions
  Kushal - always in govt in exile and still outranks oliver
  Kate - POI - are standing rules still privlidged? No, that sat down. Speling is privlidged though
  Tim - point of inquiry - how does he remain shielded comfy? - accept yourself and your shield
  Sam - Motion to change the speling of "James" to "Oliver"
  Moves to vote - pass, been changed
  Kate - caught off by James preparedness
  Passed! auctioned to Kate for four dollars. Chaired by all current and past S@A. Will have a meeting on sunday
  Sam - motion to create the comm that only exec can bid on - to not be chaired by exec is the purpose
  Kushal - you want us to pay for it and not use it?
  Oliver-  stand in treasurer looks favorably
  Moves to vote - passes by abstention , auctioned to kate for a dollar, chaired by exec
  Sawyer - consequentialists comm -  to consider the outcomes of our actions
  Dies because antiseconded strongly and wasn't strong
  Oliver - motion to create a standing rule with immediate effect such that a motion to create a privilged committee, if passed, will result in an auction only exec can bid on, and said auction will be held in the exec server
  Sam - would this motion be a privlidged motion or a normal motion? - is normal
  Tim - well, we do have access to the exec discord channel...
  Sam - motion to amend the motion such that it takes place in auctions nonverbal, but it is locked so only exec can post
  Kushal - this is step one of tyrrany
  Put to vote, fails by tie, downed by the chair
  Kate - motion to make a standing rule that new motions can not be introduced at 6:02 PM
  Sawyer - which timezone? The standard time of Pittsburgh
  Tim - 3 pts of order. Is this the standard time of Pittsburgh, or Civil time of pittsburgh? - Standard she guesses
  Also, is this in relation to Chris's thing in chat? Yes
  Is this for the entirety of the minute? (yes) and also what clock and preciseness would we need? - clock of the chair can be used
  Tim - we could go by how discord timestamps the text? that works
  Passed, been put into action
  Sam - Motion to make a standing rule such that if the president does not call on the rec sec and cor sec in reverse order for committee reports, and the chair is declared immediately vacant
  Tim - makes a few grammar fixes
  Passed! rules been made
  Sawyer - motion to banish light theme to the shadow realm
  Tim - under standing rule 23, a motion to banish to the shadow realm will table any individual who mentioned it in the minutes for 23 minutes
  Sawyer was tabled
  Chris - motion to prevent the creation of future motions while this motion is in current memory - dilatory
  Currently dilatory, requires rules suspension
  Sam - quick POI - can you amend a standing rule? - yes
  Motion to amend the previously passed standing rule (42) such that it is changed "for their officer reports" rather than "committe reports"
  Passed, been amended
  Kate - Motion to make a delayed standing rule to enact itself at 6 pm on Feb 1, 2021, that between 5:48 and 6:07 pm, the previous standing rule regarding varying voting emojis is inactive, and instead only :xup:, :xdown:, and :squid: can be used as voting emojis, but cannot be used for the same vote position twice in a row. A breach of this standing rule results in a suspension of the rules and the chair being ejected from the meeting
  Passed by acclimation!
  Sawyer: motion to create the meeting landmine comm - to create annoying landmines for the acting chair to deal with whilslt administering meeting
  Tim - how many times can we get the prez to accidentally eject himself this year?
  Passed, sold to oliver for 6, chaired by dez


  We're KGB, we do things.
  We'll have non-canon meetings over winter mondays at 5:30
  Oliver - cashnet has not unfucked the ability to see who we're taking money from, but we're getting there. You can still pay dues though!


  Oliver-  are you tired of living in the closet in dorms? Come live at Kremlin!
  There's a when2meet, so sign up
  Tim - motion to P,P,S,P,R,P, and GTFAFH