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MEETING 11/30/2020


   Dez: did a buncha game design. Excel is a nightmare
   Kaylie: Outer wilds-induced existential crisis
   James: played videogames. Also, this week we have improv night
   Sawyer: also videogames. Bought Peanut butter bells, were delish
   Kushal - forgot to soften butter, did not end well. Pravda?
   Oliver - applied for TSA pre-check. Went to CBP at PGH for an interview, wanted to know if he had relatives of the CCP


   Liam - corn sub board - it's time to blaze it, $4.20
   Sam - misapp. landmine comm - failure (this time)
   Tim - the misapp. ad-hoc corn sub boards - DON'T BLAZE CORN, THEY CAN BURN DOWN. no, it doesn't cause popcorn


   Thing? Kate had spirit, Kaylie wants it. Is not her fault that outer wilds caused existentialism. Everything else, including the fact that outer worlds and outer wilds are confusing. Also, that provel? cheese exists.
   Tim - O.O.D.:
   orders of the day commitee: to make sure tim always has something to say at the start of the meeting
   Sam - mtn to table for one week
   Passed, been tabled


   Kevin - motion to make the comm. debt accruement comm - purpose: to raise comm. debt by 3 to five so his donation gets doubled
   Kushal - we should raise it by more so we get more money
   Liam - we all know someone is going to raise by 3 dollars at least right?
   Kevin - well then it will serve its purpose
   Oliver - S@A and acting treasurer is friendly to this
   Passed! Sold to James foe $10, chaired by Kevin
   Kaylie - mtn to create the conical princess comm - to always watch at least one movie w/ the word princess in the title every movie night
   Tim - POI - do these princesses have conical dresses that are entirely cone shaped?
   Oliver - motion to amend to "always watch the princess bride"
   Liam - motion to rename to "the conical princess comm" -> friendly
   Passed! Sold to Kevin for $3, chaired by anyone who ever doubted him
   Liam - motion to create the committee for provel removal - to provel removal
   Kushal - motion to allocate some amount of money to buy us all provel cheese
   Passed! Sold to Oliver for $9 - chaired by don't have a joke but wanted to increase debt to have a donation of $69 - chaired by WHICHBANDED HELL YEAH I ACTUALLY ENJOY IMOS PIZZA
   James - motion to create the communist party
   Oliver - does it have a manifesto>
   James - it will be the communist party. So you'll have an answer to the government questions
   Moves to vote, Paaaassed? Chair auctioned to Kushal for $1
   Tim - KGB anti-anti-corruption comm - "Scruples? I thought you said rubles!"
   Passed, sold to Tim for $1, chaired by anyone who has ever been involved in coercement of someone to buy a comm they didn't want, or for more than they wanted
   Kaylie - motion to create a standing rule such that the chair must use emojis for votes that are related to each other on some level. This can be disputed by the general body. If more than one member of the general body disputes, it must go to a vote. If the vote passes, and the chair is found guilty of choosing unrelated emojis, they will be ejected. If the emoji is found relevant, anyone who raised the dispute will be ejected
   Tim - POI - both Tim's motions messages were at 6:02, soooo
   Dez ignored a rule. Slippery slope logic will ensue
   Passed! Been changed
   Oliver - Motion to create a standing rule such that the lightbulb emoji is considered the "it's a good idea" passage by acclimation, and having it reacted on a motion is a call to pass such motion by acclimation
   Moves to a real vote: Main motion passes, standing rule is in place
   JAMES AND OLIVER MOTION TO DISPUTE (which would /not/ bring us below quorum)
   So, we're gonna see if they're imposters
   Tim- lack of quorum must be noted by the body to take into effect....
   FAILS, Oliver, James are ejected
   -----------Oliver Was the Impostor--------------


   We exist, as exec!
   We're doing improv this week as the event
   Oliver had the announcement about giving day. We'll get double da hella skrilla if you give between 5 and 250


   Kaylie - if you would like to not live where you currently live, and are a freshman, come live at Kremlin! We're ganna do a virtual tour
   Liam - do ya like videojames, maybe of the strategy variety? Dm him
   Oliver - I PM'd you debts, don't 4get to pay us money that you owe us or we'll break your kneecaps
   Dez - hi, do ya like tabletopjames, maybe that he is designing? Join his quest to create a good ass game of the tabletop variety
   Tim - motion to P,S and gitfo