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MEETING 12/7/2020


  Dez - did a buncha game design, discovered a book he ordered was told by the distributor that they weren't told the publisher moved the publication date
  Kate - Target santa is owned, can climb up and down ladders
  JamesDez - we have an event this week; KGB does literally anything but cheat on exams
  Sawyer - walked on campus and watched the pringle get destroyed. Operator was really good at his job. Also saw a huge crane up close at Wean which was hella rad.
  Kushaliam - had a weekend. mostly spent it trying and failing to videogame
  Oliver - gave two separate tours to {Chris, Tim}


  Liam - corn sub board - laggy ass website didn't load, market watch has it at $4.22
  Sam - misapp cul std comm - broccoli boiii
  Liam - I just wanted my shield to be comfy this way comm - filling ded air
  Kaylee - Kats R stoopid comm - kats don't know how to autofeeder, may need to resell them
  Liam - Rudy Guiliani Memorial Comm - being airlifted to Johns hopkins piano repair


  Kaylee had thing, Oliver wants it
  Not his fault he graduated from Johns hopkins piano repair w/ a med degree, four seasons total landscaping is his fault
  Tim - Orders of day comm
  Sam - motion to table for another week
  Been tabled, also dez reused an emoji so he was ejected
  Kate was elected to the chair to fill vacancy
  Any more orders of the day? - No


  Liam - the land, mine comm - to act as a subsidiary comm to the R7 imperialism comm
  Dez - motion to pass via acclimation
  Objected by Sam, for reason of not wanting to acclimate
  Moves to vote, passes by unanimous vote. Auctioned to Liam for $1, chaired by anyone who has seized land on behalf of R7
  Oliver - comm to academic freedom and freedom of expression - "Dear Members of the KGB comm, fish fish fish Kappa Gamma Beta fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish fish"
  Liam - This sounds like a not good idea
  Dez - motion to table for 600 years - tim objects for not being long enough
  Sawyer - change 600 years to blank - friendly
  Blank must be filled - the blank fill-ins are:
  "Motion to table for __"
  69420 years
  601 years
  2 days, 38 minutes, and 503 years
  420 years
  10,000 days
  1 week
  420 seconds
  3 seconds
  420 years passes
  New motion is to "Table for 420 years"
  Kevin - assuming this particular faculty member caused this who has RG, he got the lowest score possible for the selfie score test
  Dez - the original objection was that 600 years wasn't long enough, but the time went down, so you are all hippocrits
  Passed, been tabled
  Dez - Motion to create a standing rule such that if the chair would be ejected from the meeting by another standing rule, but that would cause the meeting to lose quorum, the chair is instead simply declared vacant and they are not ejected from the meeting.
  Liam - this is good because then we can eject chairs without having to worry about the consequences
  Dez - this is good idea because then meeting wouldn't get jankily ended and restarted
  Tim - this is a good idea because we can fuck with dez more, but also a neutral idea because then dez isn't the one getting fucked with
  Passed by Abstention
  Sawyer - motion to change the speling of "abstain" to "ebbschteyn"
  Passed, speling changed


  Kate - not exec but also wants to tell you KGB exists!
  Event- KGB doesn't cheet on exams
  Not going to go to cheesecake factory on wednesday but may do a virtual eating sesh of next week
  Winter meetings are happening in the same way regular ones did, will be non-canon
  We're on-top of exams next week for meeting so some change mayyy occur


  Liam - play his videogame
  Dez - motion to fish fish fish, gitfo