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Officer Reports

dlstern: work, kind of sick. Unexpected recurring problems: Having to go to the restroom and deal with a Capella musical groups. Wanted to punch Jesus in the face.

Akiva/lea: Akiva brought pie. he's a great boyfriend.

csjackso: spent an hour earlier making a silly website for a group project. Before 4 group members, today 6. Frat guys with worst ideas ever.

dom: Made way too many web sites in the last two days: 2. Need to go make a coke deal, pass class.

edanaher: Have class. Sad. Almost done.

lea [who just walked in] has nothing to add.

Em: Really tired, been hyper all day, no grammar. Csjackso accomplished things, has receipts dating back to October. Today's sucky busy: want to sing, but schedule for other things. Concert on Friday, just found out yesterday when saw posters in the hallway.

cmartens: [hiding behind gwillen]. This report intentionally left blank.


Committee to bring KGB down from the inside reports awesome. Lots of work and sick.

Old business

Event: ice skating. Decision: times are either 7-9 or 9:30-11:30 (later is 18+). Earlier is probably preferred - standard event time, probably not too crowded. Also not sure how to walk there: people know. Will post tonight with full information. Meet at 6:00, leave at 6:30, get there around 7:00.

New business

Next week: pillow fight: KGB needs a nap. Originally tell stories, nap, evolved into pillow fight. Might be better for finals. People should bring pillows, milk and cookies. Like Lord of the Rings last year. Good for next week: finish off the semester. Also other stuff that night (Jess)?

Meeting about booth-replacement stuff: probably too long for exec, but could get started. One meeting sometime during finals to get the meetings started, get Dali stuff up. Next semester, should be regular. Maybe after KGB. Also, people can discuss on bboard. But too much delay for being useful.

Csjackso won't be at exec next week: poster presentation. Either outside Geagle or NSH.

Em might have a massage next week... Also, JFC 5:30-6:30 or 4:30-5:30 next Wednesday, can't skip. (Senate would kill)

Plan on meeting for dinner Monday, maybe again on Wednesday if necessary.

Event for KGB digs its own grave? Gardening? Make a large hole in the cut? Treasure hunt? Dig up things for memorial day, plant plants in cemeteries. Cart dirt to the roof of Wean? Dig in snow, make sculpture? Unfortunately, the whole apocalypse thing.

Actual Real Relevant Announcements Pertaining to the Business of KGB as an Organization

Faces of Democracy thing tonight. May involve 200 bottles of Polish potato vodka. Also, they'll be in McConomy as well as elsewhere.