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Proposed rewrite of [[Bylaws]] Article IV, Section 4(a):
Proposed rewrite of [[Bylaws]] Article VI, Section 4(a):

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Proposed rewrite of Bylaws Article VI, Section 4(a):

a. Duties of the Nominating Committee

The committee shall encourage as many able members to nominate themselves for offices as possible. If any office has no nominations for candidates, one (1) week before nominations are closed, Nominating Committee shall nominate one (1) person to that position, and after securing the consent of each person so nominated, shall immediately report their nominations to both the Recording and Corresponding Secretaries in writing. Nominating Committee is to do everything in its power to maintain the appearance of neutrality.

Discussion of this change will take place at the October 6 meeting. Voting will occur on October 13. Please note that only members in good standing (i.e., those who have paid dues) are eligible to vote.