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KGB's 2014 Booth.

Booth chairs: Zora, others

Notable Features

  • a fairly consistent art style that even looked pretty similar to the style from the real cartoon
  • detailed painted scenery like a garden, a library with bookshleves, and a laboratory with shelves of beakers/chemicals/science stuff

Funny Book Titles

  • Buts (Ifs, & Ands)
  • Understanding Flux
  • [stuff in Elvish]
  • Tutelary Dentistry
  • Duck Anatomy
  • 50 Shades of LOUD
  • Awkward Silences
  • A Brief Overview of Spiders You Can't See but Are Like SUPER Poisonous
  • Arson for Beginners
  • Melting Points of Birds
  • Filling More Space than You Can Shake a Stick [cuts off]
  • Funkelstiltskin's Guide to Giving Away Four Year Olds
  • Solving Problems by Punching
  • Rightbaa: Sightings

Things Learned

  • having a consistent art style throughout the Booth (or at least in one room) is pretty cool
  • painting a bookshelf is a great excuse to come up with silly book names

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