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This article or section is best enjoyed with a fine bourbon and hot jazz.

You should really listen to everything Dominic says. Someday he'll be in the moving-pictures..

First Vice Precedent, 2007-2008:
Scarred in his early years by a rampaging Gazebo, a terrible combination of a giraffe, a zebra, and a helicopter, Dom vowed that no person would ever have to suffer the same fate as he did. Decades of painstaking research finally paid off when he developed a cure for the common zebra. His only test subject ravaged most of Eastern Europe before finally being put down by a much older and better-trained Dominic Dagradi, with the help of a short montage sequence. After several years working for murderous pirates in the Arctic Circle, he was drafted into the Summer Suplex Squad and forced to fight in the Killer Fighting League. Once he wins, he plans to move to a quiet houseboat in Arizona and go back to doing what he loves best: macaroni pictures.

SPECIAL MOVE: Sexy Pirate Leer (half-circle + triangle + smile)

Written by jgg

Corresponding Secretary, 2006-2007:
Years ago, the Baltimore County School Board decided to expel Dominic from the entire public school system. This was largely due to an explosion in the school's creamed corn silo that is best left unexplained. The entirety of his existence before the explosion has been wiped from the National Identification System. His new life as a hobo on the streets of the South kept him alive for several years, but it wasn't until someone got a taste of the pie he made in a dark alleyway that he finally got his big break. While the symptoms of his insanity are generally kept at bay, he is known to have flare ups, such as wandering the streets in business clothes (this being unusual as he is clearly a pirate).

Dominic thinks User:Csjackso is a poophead.

Preceded by
Lauren "lea" Albaugh
First Vice President
Succeeded by
Matthew Glisson
Preceded by
Chris Jackson
Corresponding Secretary
Succeeded by
Jared Goerner