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Officer Dossiers:

Recording Secretary, 2012-2013:

When the earth was a ball of molten rock, a dark shadow swooped down and nested in it's firey center. Long years passed, and the earth cooled. Life began and evolved with no notion of the evil that awaited them locked deep in the earth's core. Then, in the early 21st century, a great crack appeared. If anyone had been around at the time, they could have seen a shadow creeping over the edge of the crack. However, when it was only partially out, the earth closed up again. The shade left on the surface stretched experimentally, and then solidified into a human with the title Alexander Orenstein. Called Xander, this shadow studies dark rituals, hoping to learn how to crack open the earth and release the second part of himself to cause mayhem and madness. He can often be seen giggling to himself about his evil plans, or covering himself in strange symbols as part of some arcane magic. He has even been seen in metal shops, trying to create giant hands to dig through the earth if magic fails him.

Written by: mmeyerho

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Tim Broman
Recording Secretary
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Zora Gilbert