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Drew Besse does not look like a duck, walk like a duck, or quack like a duck. All three of which, however, can be changed for the right price.

He is also certainly not the 35th President of the United States.

Officer Dossier:

Recording Secretary, 2008-2009:

From the lush and fragrant jungles of upstate New York, Drew enjoys solving real, complex, rational and irrational puzzles, recalculating pi, and remote-defusing bombs. He may or may not have or be an evil twin.

If you give Drew a banana, he just might look the other way for a minute, permitting you to slip out of the viewfinder of his Great Space Laser.

Drew has been to the past and the future and back, but they left him cold, so he has elected to remain temporally stable for the time being. He has yet to travel off-planet, since his imperfect eyesight prevents him from legally attaining astronaut status, but the thought of how much more mischief he could do in zero-G has him drawing up blueprints for a spaceship shaped like a bowl of tangerines.

Written by: ntr

Preceded by
Carolyn Sawyer
Recording Secretary
Succeeded by
Josiah Boning