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Body part of the week: Inflamed Brains

Abe: had a week, doesn't know what happened during it, Chinese New Year, supposed to eat lots of shit, Ash Wednesday, supposed to fast and not eat, Ed hates Abe, so does cdinwood, awesome stuff, but since forgotten, Christina gets 500 comrade points for reminding him to give comrade points, 500 for Arthur for walking in late

Kivers: research methods making him sad- first psych class that actually has work, 3 assignments due in next week, complicated, awesome had lea made him, awesome, not good for rain or sun, we have no idea how difficult it is to give away pie, ate pie in stairwell, hands covered in pie blood because no utensils, Styger doesn't like pie

Ed: point of personal privilege: Abe, will you be my Valentine? I made you a valentine, Abe. (gives Abe empty sushi box with chopsticks in it)

new person: Grant, grad student, philosophy, into ancient Greek, Celestine, psych, loves that new diet Dr Pepper with cherry vanilla

Styger: To be a Kid Again Again, 1900 Friday, PH A19, people doing things, knit, crochet, Michael Jackson, hijacked AB tech's legos, other random crafty things, finger paint, vkaplan should not bring glitter, lots of things to do- idle hands are the devil's swingset or something like that, attacked with chalk, 3 hours of bylaws, brain on fire

Matt: (cdinwood), did stuff this week, it wasn't OS, (stands on table), Dude, you should totally like submit to Pravda? and stuff, Ed has been writing erotic German love poetry, you are the hair in my soup, movie, watermelon in the background

Rebecca: card from cdinwood, great hat and scarf from grandmother, used to smell like her house, doesn't anymore

Emily: sat at desk, forgot to go outside, cheaper to sent lots of chocolate than flowers, $110 baskets of chocolate, can throw overhand today, penny on Valentine from Christina

Matt: experimental physics takes a long time, wonderful amazing week until about 10 minutes ago when he got angry because physics takes so long, glad he's here in time for Lizza's report, kung fu twice, really cool, Akiva has a really cool hat, submit to Pravda?

Lizza: desperately wants the ice capades, navy ROTC ball, worried it would be full of stodgy people in uniform, it was about half the time, chicken dance, continuation of tradition that started in elementary schools, had to wear a dress, not so much fun, found these things, berries, neat, smell good, boiling fairies in hot water to extract oil to make candles, make cannibals out of fairies

(enter Bridget and people with women- singing valentine to Abe from KGB, then a song for Ally)

Back to Akiva's report: Bridget can't talk- has been here before, Didi, physics/professional writing, gets hiccups a lot, Christine, CS, a girl, Rachel, psych, has a lot of freckles, Kelly, history/psych, from sock capital of the world, Cathering, bio, Yale is actually Hogwarts

(enter Laurel; she gets a song too)

Lizza: business section of report- submit CTFWS t-shirt drawings by Wednesday at exec, booth in a couple weeks


Pop Occultism- Jones soda- listen to an older person, build Abe more hands so all the girls in the a capella group can hold them

Committee to destroy Kentucky: Kentucky .net developers association- after everyone writes buggy and vulnerable code, entire Kentucky intarweb will go down

Committee to raise 50 cents for KGB/no pants committee- attempt to raise 50 pants for KGB- requests Emily's pants, no

Kinky committee- a capella group can each get one of Abe's fingers- cannibalism wants to know with or without Abe

Esoteric entities- happy it doesn't have to make quotidien reports

Chocolate- people think Lizza did a good job

Kung fu- Pittsburgh is a fucking hellhole- some movie not playing anywhere in Pittsburgh

Debian fixed their packages, Wes thinks that means functor's not broken. Wes, functor's broken

pfennig- Abe- whatever report philosophy guy comes up with isn't his pfault

Abe didn't say anything to Styger, and none of us heard it

Singing Valentine Committee- no second

Former 2VP- request $200 allocation for plane ticket from Minnesota to Pittsburgh, amend to transport, we could buy her a camel, fails

Move to Minnesota, no

Move to create the committee to put Lizza inside a giant hamster ball, what if she tries to go down stairs?, sloped hallways, hook it up to a power generator to power campus, enter mcrouch, bids $5.50 not knowing what committee it is, wins, he's chair, hamsterpunk

Allocation <= $2.50 for giant hamster ball

move to create nominations committee, fuck you, Ed

allocation <= $75 for event, passes by acclamation

Immaturity committee- $9 to drquuxum, committee of the whole is chair


event, come, do stuff

Useless people auction- some people didn't pay for parts of groups, bad, needs money by the end of exec, list of shame

Elections coming up in April, nominations committee- endorses a slate of candidates- be sure there is at least one candidate for each office, other people run, bylaws require nomcom to meet before March 1, soliciting volunteers, email Abe if interested, or all of exec


Du bist daas Haar in meiner Suppe!

SCS day Saturday

bohanlon working on blowing suck out of andrew, stuff in public space

Allies date auction people less willing to spend money on Xander than KGB

Keith wants his gloves

Abe- umbrella

Boris got a cool book about all the cool hacks at MIT

Styger is really hungry, two bands she wants to see are playing in Atlanta during CTFWS and Philadelphia 21 and over

a hack is random art on campus

Lab is eating Devon's soul, Abe should fix the webpage

vkaplan on dayquil, tastes like blah

Ally's parents empty-nested, coming for Easter, grandparents coming for easter, aunts coming, CTFWS

Shawn lives in Pittsburgh again

There was a room with food on it, Creidieki couldn't get in- we need list of every room on campus, how to get in, copies of key

Emily's mother in hospital, brother complained she wasn't coherent- oxycodeine, morphine, anxiety relievers, other stuff

Ivan- UC black chairs not very good crashmats

Does anyone want to live with rweldon next year?


Abe hates mkehrt has hair on powders [I think that's what it says- can't read mkehrt's handwriting.] bush went to EOC made animation of hang going like this, says RJMcall, CIA, Commas, wants Job

Akiva mumbles (isn't veal) Creidieki blew up his house, that not Akiva

Styger BYLAWS! more BYLAWS!

bohanlon O.o.t.W.

Styger- time doesn't exist event- crafty thing- money

food money

KGB clue? Geek eat? ELECTIONS

Akiva gets -1000 Komrade Pts. Grant " -2000 " "

Akiva- thing sucked, RJMcall[sic] hates him, confusion

John made a picture
Parser wankerty [It took me a while to figure out that didn't say
something like "nanferg"]

Mkehrt- recorded minutes talking slowly

Em- $censored rlambert someone owes a lot [Not true!]

fun doing auction foo
Jess wants $10
Forbes sucks
Em is a felon
Tangent on misdemeanors

Dlevitt is not rlambert, no he is, glad to be here

kgb exec mtg Wed, 5:00, UC 3rd floor
math club meeting 6:30
6:00 Total Information Awareness
(cpride Ben Franklin bobble head, not the pope)

Lizza used physics to move ice jogged to top of uold [Sorry, Matt's

handwriting still sucks, so that's probably wrong.]
came back, got bolts gave to shawn
tangent on bobble heads
bobble looks like bgilbert
Lizza- blah, Valentines day should be 15th


Lichtenstein shirt
other same but more different
[something scribbled out]
1 design- LEA is cool

(Enter rlambert)

rlambert- really tired- so tired set alarm for 1720 thinking meeeting at 1730, chocolate, EOC- free stuff- magnet things, CIA pen- should use it to take KGB minutes

Booth- Lowe's, building shit, boothinabox- drill, saw, saw, saw, flashlight, screw bits, go to Kage, look at Black and Decker stuff

Bylaws- wording of dues section- say something at annual meeting only if change proposed, exec may propose change- recommends exec proposes change, motion to mumblemumble vote on it a week from Monday, mkehrt has to email everyone, going to bring up nomcom after election, people are stupid, Akiva has plastic on his face; Lizza has it on her arm

Real business awful, a lot of it today

discussed changing nomcom to banana, adding maximum body temperature, changing color of elections, no one likes chartreuse, hex, thank you for saying that straight-faced

Auction- people not paying, should only accept money from whole group

bgilbert- someone's livejournal entry- intro programming class writing pseudocode, start programming in 2 weeks, C++

Ben Franklin's chin slightly blue

dlstern- if business major, would have 4.0, lots of sleep, shoot self in face

close meeting to talk about nomcom [CENSORED]