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Pop occultism: talent is a flame, genius is a fire. Gonorrhea is a burning sensation. Anything worth doing is done. If you don't do it excellently, don't do it at all. So nothing ever happens. Second law of thermodynamics in fortune cookie form. Bide your time, for success is near. Because it was worth doing excellently.... Classics: bend the rod while it is still hot. In bed.

Boring discussions about coal: first coal fired power plant built in the UK is the past 20 years is about to go on line.

Misappropriations: short hair: Dave is the only decent member of exec.

No pants would like to do something about the present decency of exec and ask Em and Lea to take pants off. No pants committee reports teal.

Request report from the committee to kick Teki in the ass.

Misappropriations: long hair: Luke is the standard for long hair.

Weird dreams committee: a bad idea to dream that math symbols are beginning to attack you.

Weird, fun and kinky shit around Pittsburgh report failure twice.

Request from the committee to waste time by randomly breaking out into a Congo line.

Storytelling; in Concepts for about three lectures, then realized he had already learned them using predicate calculus, but with English, not symbols. Forgot algebra. Security and appropriate response: cars and railroad cars that carry automobiles and hobos. May think that hobos still ride on boxcars. But they don't. Turns out that auto manufacturers ship cars by rail, train cars with automobiles more gated/paneled, secure. because shipping cars by rail: put cars on train, leave a bit of gas, key in ignition to get it out easily. Hobo can be in a boxcar, or break into one of these, hop into a car, turn the key, enjoy air conditioning/heating, radio, until it runs out of gas. Then move to the next one. So beefing up security. One company starting shipping without keys. Angered hobos, who got into train car, and automobiles, and pooped in them. Company restarted shipping cars with keys, because it's nicer that way. [Question: are they enclosed? Would hobos die of exhaust fumes?]

Boring discussions about coal adds that miniature railroad exhibits at the Carnegie Science Center.

Random art on campus committee: Alan rasturbated Almond.

Old Business

Em still fails at having pfennig: oxygen.

Luke is old business.

Also Shawn.

New Business

Move to create the Plaidy McTartan for the official CMU mascot committee. Purpose: to make a creepy piece of plaid the mascot. Working on a Flash movie to explain it. Should have posters and a rally. Committee to hijack protests encourages this so it can hijack the rally. Would encourage other stupid ideas too. Move to question. Passes. Passes. Auction: $1.50 to Akiva, chair self.

Motion to create the committee to hitch KGB's wagon to a lemming. Not seconded.

Motion to create the straps and buckles committee: purpose to promote them over rope. Kinky committee approves. Passes, $9 to Em, chair self, kitty, Luke's boots.

Motion to create the committee for random gay icons on campus. Purpose: things like Aument rasturbated. It's a flaming idea. Passes. $1 to Shawn, chair Almond.

Actual Real Relevant Announcements Pertaining to the Business of KGB as an Organization

Event: Geek eat! Eat food, RSVP.

Working on the Dali Fence thing tonight, during Finals because people have time.


Dom: See Renaissance.

Tmoss: Jgrafton got Wean shirts in.

Luke: Google Image search for babies in squid halloween costumes.