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KGB General Body Meeting 5/5/2008

Officer Reports!

President: Weekend full of things. And not things. Has a robot project for next semester. Automated flying vehicles.

First VP (Shawn): New Person: Trisha. CS. Sophomore. NJ. Doesn't like wearing shoes. Happy birthday Liz!

First VP (Glisson): 10 seconds!

Second VP: Weekend. Tasty food. Parents. EVENT! Mafia Night! Italian food. Kirr Commons at 6. OTHER EVENT! Movie night on Friday at 7!

Cor Sec: Danced! Got rid of hair! SUBMIT TO PRAVDA! Summer vacations – tall tails and legends. Freshmen Pravda. EVEN PRAVDA! SUBMIT TO PRAVDA!

“New person”. Jim Roberts saw a sign 20ish years ago saying “CIA recruiting” then another saying “KGB recruiting”. “The moose” (Mark is “the squirrel”) Works for CS. Town he was born in no longer exists. Same with first school, first school taught at, country lived in, department that hired him...

Rec Sec: Schenley was nice. Puzzle hunt was LONG!

Treasure: Parents. Ikea. Wizard People.

Sergeant at Arms: Philosophy paper.


Pop occultism: Hungry soon, take out now. Lots more fortunes. Love of life will appear in front of you – hi Krieger.

Booth pictures: Were staged!?

Storying telling: Lots of extra pig. Feed it to chickens. Muslims aren't happy.

Old Business:

Zsparks get the thing: A list of fruit is not his fault.

Jim Roberts get honorary membership. Passed by acclamation.

New Business!

Ghost KGB member committee: In favor: Petrified Opposed: Not petrified Abstain: Porno squid. Passed. Five to Dr. Quuxum. Himself and ghanema to chair.

$30 for movie night. Passed by acclamation

Ben and Jesus Committee: Free samples? Yes Topping worthy for Jesus? Dead gladiator says “I love a parade”? In favor: Raise your hand. Opposed: THIS IS SPARTA Abstain: Left turn in Albuquerque. Passed. 10 to Dannel.


TWO EVENTS. Come to both! Tell 2VP you are coming to second one. Friday movie night. That is all.


Greek food festival. World's largest lasagna. Find it on Facebook. Fund raiser for cancer. ITR this Friday or Saturday. Facebook message. Come! Liz 2/3ds as old as Dr. Quuxum. (not a teen but still cute).