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KGB General Body Meeting Minutes for 8/25/2008

Meeting Starting!

Officer Reports:

Jared: All his fault! *cheer* *Saluted!* Had a summer home in Colorado! Built something. No textbooks!

Glisson: VP! *first* VP. Job is done. Earned lots of money doing nothing!

New People:

 Adam Blank. NJ. Math and CS. Freshman. 
 David. Industrial design. Philly. Touched by his noodly appendage
 Jessica. NY/NJ. Physics and Musical Comp. Shaved head.
 NC. CS. Shirt says made of meat!.
 Rocketmatt. Harrisburg. Millerstown to be exact. Physics and Mech-e. Can't think of anything uninteresting.
 Tris. Providence RI. Studying material science. Studying material science.
 Melissa. Geology at Pitt. Goes to Pitt. From Chicago.

Caroyln. Event: Potluck in the mark! Bring drinks! Make food! No work? LIES! Bboard! Underground tour!

Nicole: Get on table when you report! Had a weekend. Hunted scavengers. SUBMIT TO PRAVDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "newsletter"


 Wendy. ECE. Senior. Is here!
 Sanga. ECE. Kuwait. Has black hair!

Back to Officer Reports:

Drew: was on table, not recording report.

Laura: Was invisible during summer. Tons of money!

Don't throw a role of pennies. Bad. Canadian money also bad.

Liz: Job paid her rent. 7 seasons of DS9. Sergeant at Arms. In charge of the stuff.


Pop occultism: Will retire at some point. Yeah right.

 Chocolate loves you back.
 Feel like your are in mud, take your time.
 You laugh now. wait till you get home. Everyone laughs now... learn Chinese "girlfriend"
 Solid gains are possible, but with headache!
 Good fortune is around you!
 Avoid arguing with your elders and superiors. Like Shawn. And Jared. And Paul.

Row of Matts! War declared on Chris's. Change your name to Matt.

Committee to make Dr Quuxum to give us money: Hi, I'm Dr. Quuxum!

Injudicious Exclamation: When transported across the sea - cargo. Across land - shipment. Pigeonholing agrees.

Build more virgins. Don't slice virgins into pieces.

History committee: History repeats itself.

Miss appropriations: Miss appropriates itself.

Meta committee: never met one it didn't like.

Story telling. (no sand women... please?!?!?!) Aircraft incidents on or near volcanoes:

1979: Plane is flying. Sound (water) Mountain (Rocks). Airport (planes). Missed a zero in coordinates. Flew into a mountain. Died.

1966: Mt Fuji. Air rips plane in half. Atomized jet fuel makes a pretty cloud. Everyone dies.

1982: Australia: Volcano spews ash. And in civil war. All the geologists die. So they don't tell anyone. Plane flies into the cloud. All the engines die. Plane glides. Long glide over 100km and set a record. But lands safely.

1982: Another flight goes through the same cloud. Similar problems occur.

1989: Alaska. Same things happen. AVA says "Hrm, maybe this is an issue"

Committee to NOT burn down Roselawn 7: Success... so far

Ad hoc committee for artistic ability in the KGB: Conner is our leader. And he is as surprised as you are.

Committee to intoxicate puppies. Failure. Wait... yeah....

(are the puppies intoxicating or do we intoxicate them)

IHOP in Pittsburgh area! 28x or someone with a car. Better than Ohio.

Ad hoc steam punk: New piping gets approval.

Old Business

Pfenning: Tarsis has it. Minty freshness of mentos negates the bad luck. Kartik gets it. The mess in Roselawn 7 is not his fault. Everything else is.

New Business

Some committee about meat and freshmen. Purpose: Read the bboards more often.

In Favor: Hit Ben Wolf

Opposed: Be nice to Ben Wolf

Abstain: Protect Ben Wolf

Sells for two dollar to Chris

Steam Punk committee: Make amazing technology out of steam.



Anything to do with steam tunnels? (What steam tunnels?)


Ornithopter committee: Power an airship. Need a crystal.

In Favor: British Accident

Opposed: Russian Accident

Abstain: Esperanto!

$20 to conner. Glisson Carolyn Conner and Rigel to chair.

$50 for the EVENT! To buy us CAKE! (its a lie)

Its a good idea!

Viking Committee. Changed to Kiting Rack.

In Favor: Marry Poppins

Opposed: Slowly Dawning Horror

Abstain: Tap dance

FAILS! Wooo!

Dom and Ben Wolf Fight to the death!

Conjoined twin triple amputee committee:

Abe a girlfriend: 2 out 3 not bad

Exec has two twins.

Kick Teki in the Ass: I love the name Eileen

Favor: Limb you can live without. (left hand... Glisson needs the right one)

Opposed: Try *not* to think of why Glisson needs his right hand.

Abstain: really confused.

Passes! $10 to Dom! Shawn and Dom to chair.

==Announcements: ==

EVENT! Bring food! Cook and buy things.

Labbot: Pay your dues!

Liz: ESG -- but not an announcement!

==SHMUCKS! I mean "open floor" ==

Old guy pep talk will be later. First day of last semester. 14 years over due.

ITR! Saturday! 10PM! 4th floor wean!

ESG: Right time! 6:30! Wean 5316. NOT CS LOUNGE. ESG discusses weird shit. Alternate religions. Magics. Conspiracy theories.

Rocky horror back in Pittsburgh.

Sam Lavery. New freshman. Slavery at andrew dot cmu dot edu

Promote useless person auction: Irony.