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Officer Reports

The Part of Jared will be played by Glisson.


Is president. Did some stuff. Played tons of a pixelated games where you fly ships around. Also played Glisson in Star-Fox, was a total bitch to Glisson and won.

Glisson/Jared Saluted.


New People

Alfred. CS. New York City. Um. Sharon. New Jersey. That is uninteresting. Middle of nowhere. CS.


Kicked Jared's ass is Star Fox. Beat Richard a couple of times. Saw into the woods and now Steven Steinheim is stuck in his head. Thats all the interesting stuff he did. Spent soul on robotics project.


Weekend! Lots of old video games! Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of ITR. Five and a half hours. No event this week! But if you are here, you can plan your own event.

Shawn reports on the event

Shawn was playing WoW during the event. Old video games are not as good as we think they are. Mostly just big pixels going "boop". 6 year old Shawn would want to stay.


Nicole is curled up on the ground. Instead of standing up, went further down.

Weekend. Danced. Not games. Not programing labs. Because was dancing all week. Chrisamaphone sent her a thing, but needs to more than one thing to make a Pravda? So SUBMIT TO PRAVDA!


Lots of video games. Lots of ITR. Duck isn't yellow. Zsparks doesn't have a hand.


Weekend. Some work, not as much as normal. Quantum of Solace. Video games, monkey island, got stuck. ITR was a lot of fun. Not not doing work at thanksgiving. Not seeing us either.


To the person who almost got a penny down her pants -- not the treasurer anymore. Had a weekend. Didn't sleep. Shirt turned from Blue to Maroon while she slept. So has two personalities and is a crime-fighting ninja at night. Glad that it is thanksgiving.


Pop Occultism

Guy who is wearing a 2112 shirt is applauded. Shawn got box 2112 when he was a student here, made him happy.

Don't spend your time stringing and tuning your instrument. Start making music now: Play covers of rush songs.
Either you can or your can't. Either way, you are right: Go on Bill O'Reilly tombstone.
Failure is opportunity in disguise: Epic fail is epic opportunity in epic disguise?
Now is a lucky time for you, take a chance: Paul preempted his attempt to quote something. He is our personal savior.
People who are late are often happier than those who have to wait for them: People who are late people are the happiest people.
The one good thing about repeating your mistakes is you know when to cringe.
No bird soars to high if he soars with his own wings. No epic bird...

Committee to Deny the Existence of Rochester New York

Labbott may be in the event horizon.

Gratuitous Obscenities

Yiff. The furry musical. Written by someone he knows.


Er, we beat the Bengals? Rec Sec was distracted.

Shawn predicted the steelers wouldn't win more than 6 games. Now have won 8. Ashamed at his picking ability. In the future, will not be making any predictions, he predicts.

Drafted a punter named Pico? More talk about Punting.

Profound historical misquote

Free at last -- Someone on Dr. Pepper

Musical Committee

Chair reports success.

Misappropriate Short Hair

What happened Pete? Glisson was like "Who the fuck is that guy playing on my couch?".

Row of Matts

Almond can stay for ONE WHOLE MEETING. Enjoy him while he lasts

Misappropriate Long Hair

Pete, your hair looks awesome.

Committee for Manic Laughter

Dr. Horribles' Sing Along Blog has good instructions

Find or build Abe a Girlfriend

Pete no longer qualifies

Committee to Encourage George W Bush to become the center square in hollywood squares

He'll be free soon

Old Business

Jared has it. Gave it to Liz. It is now a Canadian Quarter.

Almond has it. Shawn and Quxuum Variety Hour is not his fault.

New Business

Committee to project Jared's GIANT HEAD at the KGB meeting

Purpose: Project Jared's GIANT HEAD at the KGB meeting.

Praise the leader.

Ad hoc people with giant heads approves.

In Jared's head, you project soviet Russia.

In Favor: Project your GIANT HEAD

  • rec sec was busy projecting his GIANT HEAD to catch anything else* But it passed

GIANT HEADS committee

  • rec sec was busy projecting JARED'S GIANT HEAD*
  • president saluted*
  • tried to talk with the president*

In Favor: Wave at Giant head!

Opposed: Hide your head in shame

Abstain: Abstain

  • finding Jared more blue pages*

Passes: Sells to Zsparks. He and anyone else who can't wear most hats to chair.

Axis and Allies Committee

Purpose: To celebrate this the great game that is Axis and Allies

Godwin's Law?

Reports are not as long as the Diplomacy Committee.

What will it revolve around?

Don't make me start the Risk/Illuminati/Instertgamehere Committee

In Favor: Reenact WW2 in WW1

Opposed: Reenact Monopoly in Sorry

Abstain: Imagine what it would be like to have a squid in Axis and Allies.

Passes: $2 to Zhouyuan

Flock of DOOM Committee

To train the Flock of Geese that lives in Panther Hallow Lake to kill our foes.

Lake at Dr. Quxuum's campus had a large lake in the shape of Alabama. 60 pairs a geese nesting. Transport geese to Panther Hallow.

Misappropriate Groan at Ben Wolf's Jokes: Committee is Fowl

Proper way to catch a goose is at 3 in the morning in a shower curtain.

Squirrels as infantry?

No geese... lake is frozen. Phase one is going well.

Good idea/bad idea committee: GREAT IDEA

Finance by selling a game based on same plan. Called Red Alert.

80s committee: I ran. I ran so far away.

Call the question!

In Favor: Act like a squirrel in flight.

Opposed: Act like what is going to happen to the KGB members that attempt to train geese and fail.

Abstaining: Be really uninterested in all kinds of birds.

$4 to Npsnyder. Himself to chair.

KGB Sponsored Mornington Crescent

Purpose: Dallas Hill?

Anyone got a yoyo?

Remind me what this is? Game where you have to use your knowledge of the London Subway System to be awesome.

Misappropriate the Pigeon Holing Committee and the Time Travel Committee to Approve.

Table fencing has a yoyo.

In Favor: Act like you are on the wrong subway.

Opposed: Played a game of table fencing.

Abstaining: Try again to play a game of sorry while acting out monopoly.

$10 to Quxuum. Shawn Quxuum Ammaresc and Paul to chair.

Misnamed Committee

Purpose: Build a giant panda bear to attack Wean.

Changed to Misses Named Committee

Sub-named "Untitled".

Misses Named Committee. Untitled. Canvas and Oil.

Quxuum tried to rename it to "Mistress Named, 'Untitled'". Not friendly. Glisson didn't hear a second.

Zsparks tried to rename it to "Mistress Named, 'Untitled'". Now we are discussing.

Zsparks tried to rename it to "The committee formally know as "Mistress Named Committee, 'Untilted' Esquire". Now we are discussing.

In Favor of Renaming: Sing the song "Me and Mrs Jones"

Opposed to Renaming: Apologize

Abstaining: Call this committee Fred

Motion fails!

Motion to postpone original motion

In Favor of Motion: Postpone your response indefinitely

Opposed: Dance

Abstain: Squid

Motion to postpone fails

Call the question!

In Favor: Raise your hand

Opposed: Raise your other hand

Abstain: Squid

$7 to Aballard. Disbanded.


No Event!


All three LotR extended edition. Starting Friday at 2PM in Breed Hall.

8:00 All University Orchestra. Some KGB members are in it. Go watch. It is awesome.

6:30 ESG! Todd Crow talking about the first Emperor of China.