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recsec comment: doing these over a month after they happened should be interesting

Officer Reports


Weekend! Full of firefly! Doing same thing when he gets back for Christmas! Mom doesn't realize how long it is going to take. Invent religion. Good times.


As Dom. Drew is "Your Highness". At least for Dom.


Firefly. Get board get carded. Twister chess. Hands got pawned. TWO EVENTS! Cause we are that awesome. First one, geek eat. I hope you have RSVPed! Wednesday! Hates capstone! Won't be going! Most of the rest of friendly neighborhood exec will!

Friday night is movie night.


So... weekend. Learned that sometimes you can just not do your programing lab because it sucks. And its ok. Snowball!


Was booo! Duck. Awesome. Sheet. Sounds you now! Of name. Was better something a but banana.


Weekend. Really big slacker. Didn't do as much as she probably should. Watched star-gate. No pennies in Carolyn's Pho.


Made up a religion for a class project. Aballard stop talking. Religion is peaceful and friendly. Every time you lol, God kills a kitten.



Tell me (the recsec) how I got my report

Good idea bad idea

Been through * hall at Pitt? On first floor, there is an interesting object hanging from the ceiling made form cast iron spikes.

Committee to Hug a stressed out student

Hug Carolyn

ITR Committee

Get rid of all that final stress this Saturday. Saturday 10PM 4th floor wean.

Exec act like kittens


Myst/Groan at Ben Wolf's Jokes

Traditional to wear green when you win.

Missapropated Assassins Committee

Second game next semester. Tell Glisson in the future if you want to play.

Iron Chef

Glisson and Alan thinking of maybe possible considering the idea of talking about over lunch possibly doing the KGB Iron Chef. Talk to Glisson or Alan if you can do more.

=T-shirt committee

Mark size

Embarrassing stories about Trevor

A month ago, were all drinking. Trevor drank too much. Spilled ever detail about sex-life while drunk. Didn't remember anything. Convinced him he did something terrible while drunk. So he is now convinced he mooned a hobo while drunk.

Pop occultism

Your curiosity may mean success: Learn Chinese: Beer
Live a long life, eat many fortune cookies
Nothing happens unless first a dream
Stay in touch, above all, with your family (in bed)
No problem can withstand the assault of sustained sugar

Last final tomorrow morning!

Steelers Committee

For 57 minutes, Cowboys were going to win. In the last three minutes, we won it! Any Cowboy fans? None. But "haha!".

=Storytelling Committee

Old coin is old. 1879 American silver dollar. Worth something as a old coin -- worn down, so not worth that much. Lots of silver in it. So worth something for that. Also worth a dollar. Guy buys coffee for a dollar. Pays with a picture of a dollar (as art). Would draw bills, makes them not a bill, but just treating as art let him buy stuff. People would pay lots of money for these bills. Also pay money for the items, receipts and change. Ran into problems: people would counterfeit his art. Also secret service noticed, didn't like it at all. Law firm in NYC has a line of Boggs Bills, because they are his lawyers.

Old Business

Alan has the pfenning. Doors that do not close the way you want them to are not his fault. Finals are Alan's fault. Including Shawn's.

New Business

Self Distrust Committee

Purpose: To Self Destruct

Time Travel: Yeah this was a good one

Sure it won't blow up in face?

Jolly Candy-like button

More likely to blow up his face.

Committee is da bomb

Misappropriated Matthew Felt Glisson memorial self-injury approves

This is Captain James T Kirk of the Starship Enterprise. Code 0 0 0 Destruct 0.

In Favor: BOOM!

Opposed: Boing!

Abstain: Blub!

$7 to Aballard. Disbanded.

Mister Saturn Committee

Purpose: Boing

Happy Happy Village

Mister Saturn get Misses Saturn lots of rings?

Pun should be made, once, exactly once, and not more than once. (Zero is ok).

Ad hoc committee for confusing the old people: eh?

Misappropriate the "I have no idea whats going on committee" to say ITS YOUR TURN

Time travel still doesn't get it.

In Favor: Belch

Opposed: Insult Poky

Abstaining: Prono Squid

$7 to Labbott. Labbott and Ammaeresc to chair.

Committee for Confusing the Old People

Misappropriate committee to have Shawn and Alan to explain what they are talking about isn't sure if it should approve or not.

Vote: New reference old people won't get. Opposed: Old reference that only the old people will get. Abstaining: Wave hands! $55 to the old people. Old people to chair. Not disbanding it. Have paid 87 dollars and fifty cents for a committee.

$30 for Event

Passed by acclamation.

Take control of KGB to do cool sound effect for five seconds

Point and go "waaaah". Glisson fights with a light saber.

Chair entertains a motion to do just that

Purpose: To do just that. Name: TO do just that. Purpose changed to "Use the KGB to make lightsaber noises" Name changed to "Use the KGB to make lightsaber noises"

In Favor: Do the lightsaber thing. Opposed: Error! Abstaining: Salute the president. $2 to Rauhit. Glisson and Rauhit to chair.


Two events! Geek eat! Movie night! Go to one! Go to both! If you didn't RSVP, show up at black chairs anyways. Might be slots.