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Officer Reports
Had 3rd exam this morning
Have another exam at 830 tomorrow, dunno about sleeping
Didn't go to Mafia Night
Dollhouse marathon was pretty awesome
Emily was really drunk? Probably not.
Bswolf is zsparks for the day
Involved exams
Getting ready to leave - two exams left
Lots of exams
Has job for the summer!!
The treasury has enough for a really small wedding
Wishes terrible summer to people he doesn't see

Committee Reports
Ad-hoc committee to be a master of robots wants his advisor to getback to him
Committee to give scorri more sugar reports success
Committee to turn labbott into a dominatrix reports three years ofailure
Committee to groan at bswolf's jokes reports this is the last time
Giant Red Rubber Ball passes to Bbubbles
Alternate KGB committee wishes us a great winter
Ad-hoc what the hoc is up with this weather reports it's cold
Ad-hoc time travel committee reports have a great summer and see youlast year
Achievements committee gives it to jboning for messing up bswolf's name, and to bswolf for unlocking completing education

Old Business
Mander gets the thing

New Business
Create the "no make something up" committee to understand what people say not what they mean
Passes; sold to eforney for $5; chairs her and others who can't talk
Create the "call everyone xyzzy" committee with purpose zizzy
change spelling to "zizzy" in title
Passes; sold to zizzy for $3; chairs anyone whose id is zizzy
Create the "interrupting cow committee" with purpose mooooo
Passes; sold to jsappel for $2; chairs MOOOO
Create the committee to bitch-slap bubbles with purpose that thing that twright did
Create the committee to not split infinities with purpose to split infinitives not
Passes; sold to bswolf for $6; chairs all split infinitives
Create the committee to name adventuring parties with things that would be good band names; to name...band names
change name to "you lot" friendly
Passed; sold to twright for $1; chairs twright and bbubbles
Create the committe "I didn't put any thought into because I'm not funny" with purpose I don't know
Passed; sold to shank for $(pi/4)+5; chairs ??
Create the "Crazy Josiah's fire sale committee" committe with purpose we have the lowest prices of all around!
Passed; sold to labbott for $1.03 in pennies; chairs people who wish the KGB had more committees
Create inverse committee with purpose $1!
...some wankery...
Sold to indeterminate people for indeterminate amounts
Create the "25 or 50 to 9" committee to reduce the 50 states to 9
rename to the "my 41" committee; friendly
Passed; sold to bswolf for $3; chairs bswolf and people who can do math
Create the "I miss glisson" committee with obvious purpose
change name to "oh god I missed glisson!"; friendly
Passed; sold to mander for $.30; chairs anyone who throws coins
Create committee to "tell humans and computers apart" with purpose to tell humans and computers apart