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Officer Reports
Had some stuff
Discovered that there is a stoplight frat party
Did homework
Get Board Get Carded, bailed for improv
Went to a CIA party
Went to a ren faire
Will be pulling an all-nighter
New People!
Rick, CS major, just north of boston, is wearing shoes
Alex, Manhattan, computational biology, brown hair
Claire, CS major, ohio, brushed her teeth this morning
Bite, Southern California, IS major, ...
Andrew, Physics, cleveland, slept last night
Shelby, Psychology, pittsburgh, was born
Was late but still on time because people are slow
Took a kung fu lesson
Went to a ren faire where eforney played with fire
EVENT! Running Jumping Climbing Trees, the park at 7
Had a weekend
Mostly boring, almost died
Had a weekend
Played D&D, ITR, did work
Looks strangely like Glisson this week
Was in an improv show
Went to an air show
Didn't do enough work

Gratuitous Obscenity & Shawn + Quuxum says their high school made the news by playing full frontal male nudity
What has science done reports cyborg care bear! yes we are all doomed
Valve Time Travel committee will determine when releases happen, chairs him
Drop bears from airplanes has high ground!
Puzzlehunt committee wants people to help
Fortune-Telling Fish Committee makes pun about KGB porn
Injudicious Excavation Committee gives rdmarsh an axe from klipper he and HIS AXE
Applause-o-meter committee reports a new record
Row of matts stolen hats reports ...oh.
Row of matts stolen hats will be hunting Zachs
Ad-hoc dr seuss committee reports success
What the Hell committee would like to report What the Hell?
Over Committee reports that halfprice is over and we're going to bar
Over Committee reports that democracy is over and don't vote on electronic voting machines
Storytelling committee tells two stories

Old Business
Alex gets the thing - Xander is not her fault

New Business
Motion to Jboning the Presidency
Create Jboning the President to what is this I don't even
Oh no, twright eloped! NOW ZSPARKS IS TAKING OVER!
There's some shit happening now
I don't even know mam
Sold to Glisson for $6, chairs him and jboning's baby
Create Cybearg committee to Oh God We're Really Screwed Now
Append purpose with to cover adamblan in keyboard keys
Sold to twright for $8 with chairs him and the bear
Allocate $50 for the event - it's a good idea
Create Committee to make Mike Murphy a KGB member again with purpose well, pretty much that
Change name to well, pretty much that committee
Sold to Goob for $4, chairs Michael McGinnis
Allocate $60 for the battery for the UPS which has kremthing

EVENT! Running Jumping Climbing Trees
Shawn says that it's okay to struggle at CMU, ask for help

Talk tonight in mconomy
AM40, older than shawn, joined KGB in year 2!, this is her last week
tells life story, it is very nice. Jared Cohon is a nice guy.
Invented the storytelling committee
SpaceX tech talk will be awesome