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Officer Reports

               Some stuff
               Gwendolyn visited, that was cool
               Has been dating scorri for 9 months
               Apparently it is cute
               Did hw on friday, then karaoke
               Went to zoo, octoberfest, acapittsburgh, rolls
               Worked from 9-3am
               Has term paper, exam soon
               New People!
                       Trevor Savage, masters of HCI, from virginia, eats
               looks a lot like keller
               played lots of L4D with keller instead of working
               EVENT! movie night
               talking in russian
               apparently he's going to email me the text of what he's saying in cyrillic or whatever
               I might just copy/paste the entire lyrics of "Russian history to the tune of tetris" instead
               Frisbee, karaoke, 1 year anniversary, 12 hours of work
               Karaoke, wanted to kill twright
               Saw toy story 3
               Did some work, not really, saw gwendolyn
               Went home and saw brothers, got food
               Sick, not quite sure how, will find out tomorrow
               Improv show, so skipped karaoke
               saw toy story 3
               went geocaching, it was awesome
               did some work, was a bit sick

Committee reports

         Shawn & Quuxum variety hour reports we have an event, also quuxum is here, when did zsparks get an S&M dungeon
         Steelers committe reports they didn't lose
         Spoken Lyrics committee is AWESOME
         Don't worry it's for science asks for egg donors
         Airship piracy committee reports success, it's been a good year
         Accuse the person next to you for being clones accusses people
         Seemed like a good idea at the time reports segways
         Ad-hoc/mis I am a clone committee reports ...
         Accidentally Jboning a pregnancy can do things with eggs and freezers
         Salute Glisson
         Storytelling committee reports Shawn is old and confused, also he was once bicurious, guest storyteller is Glisson talking about biology-inspired robotics

New business

       Money for the event
       Money for ctfws website
       Create Arithmetic Committee to assist KGB in remember basic math
              Append to purpose to create superhero with power of arithma
              Sold to Zsparks for $4, anyone who got his bid
       Create committee to find scorri a happy place with purpose to find scorri a happy place
              Append to purpose "Don't Tell Scorri"
              Append to purpose "Be up in trees and k-i-s-s-i-n-g"
              Sold to Zsparks for $30, chairs him and twright
       Create committee to think better of it to not say something because you thought better of it
              Append to purpose " and do it anyway committee"
              Sold to Jared for $10, chairs him
       Create Jbonapare committee to get you to start abusing your power
              Sold to eforney for $11, chairs eforney
       Create Generating Functions committee are awesome to help people understand they are useful
              Append to purpose " and cram cupcakes down the throat of freshmen"
              Table the motion
       Create the Committee to make Monday the 25th shiny day to make the 25th shiny day
              change name "the committee to form the committee to make the 24th shiny day"
              Sold to Shawn for $11, chairs shelby


       EVENT! Movie night! Friday night! watch bboard for room, bring movies
       No puzzlehunt this semester, not enough interest
       no theme for booth, it gets selected wednesday, we will talk about it


       Afalk got larry wall's signature
       Maybe confuse-a-bagger
       J4cbo has urinated in zuck's toilet