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Officer Reports

               Is late
               Had a break
               It was long and he had free stuff
               Saw friends, spent a week at RIT
               Buses suck
               Ended up in Cleveland, they took his pocketknife
               At least it wasn't Detroit
               Had a break
               It was exactly what she wanted in a break - some days she didn't get dressed
               Spent time in Northern Ohio
               Volunteered at National Linguistics Convention
               Has a Russian prof named Nom Cats
               New People!
                   Jackson, Business Administration major, from NoCal, can't think of anything
               Only had one weekend - it was pretty good though
               Doesn't remember what he did - played a lot of video games, cleaned his apartment
               Emerges a bitter man
               Just ate a salad
               Fact: Spinach, apple, goat cheese, balsamic vinegar, oil: all you need
               EVENT! Snowball fight, or GBGC if weather does not allow
               He graduated
               Had a weekend/break
               Spent every day in a different city for the first week
               Slept on a couch, bed, chair, floor, bus...
               A lot of bus rides
               Mother and sister disappeared to Russia, he went to New York
               Has a coat that is older than Shawn Knight
               Exec trades hats around, thanks to Zsparks
               Doesn't celebrate normal Christmas - celebrates Russian Christmas
               Took cat to the vet
               Submit to pravda
               Had a break
               Had wisdom teeth out
               Vicodin is the least fun drug ever
               Played a lot of fallout new vegas
               Saw Wicked
               Got presents
               Hung out with friends
               Had a break
               Got presents for christmas and her birthday
               Got a long scarf
               Realized that zsparks would steal her hat, so brought many backups
               Went to a camp reunion, played some settlers
               Put cat on a diet
               Had a break
               Did a lot of nothing
               Played Kingdom Hearts one and two
               Spent a lot of time with friends from home
               Saw Wicked with some people

Committee Reports

         Shawn & Quuxum variety hour - net change in WoW accounts was 0
         Culinary R&D Committee will be catering the event on Friday - theme is delicious topology
         Accidentally Jboning a Pregnancy congratulates Scorri & Jboning for making it a year
         Fortune-Telling Fish Committee reports you will write a tvtropes page about yourself
         Row of Matts Stolen Hats reports success
         Committee to give scorri more sugar reports success
         Time-Travel Committee salutes the president from 2009 (Glisson)
         Evil Twin Committee reports differences in exec's hair
         Committee to trap cbuckey in atlanta reports success
         Spoken Lyrics committee is awesome
         Pop Occultism committee reports some clever fortune cookie jokes, and we are all Hegelians
         Storytelling Committee tells a story about his grandfather and not owning cellphones in 1989, and how the assassinations committee used to be way more badass

Old Business

   pcd has the thing, the reason we are at half mast is not his fault

New Business

   Create the Scorri Hat Trick Committee to More Hats
          Change purpose to "More Hats Plus Three"
          Change purpose to "... come on Penguins stop sucking"
          Change purpose to "Achievement Unlocked: ..."
          Sold to pcd for $6, chairs him and scorri
   (Bag of tangerines = $5 now)
   Create the Terminate the President committee to come up with more terms for the president
          Sold to quuxum for $5, chairs him shawn and avi
   Create the Illuminopoly Committee to Combine Illuminati with monopoly or to convince cthulhu to destroy boardwalk
          Tvaughan knows how this game would work!
          Sold to Tvaughan for $25, chairs him jared shawn and glisson
   Allocate $150 for supplies for Booth
            - new battery for all the tools that use the same battery
            - new drill
            - new filter for the shopvac
            - lightbulb for a worklight
   Allocate $50 for supplies for the event/catering for the event


       Event! Snowball fight / GBGC / eating food - 7 at flagstaff hill or porter A18*
       Event in the future! Useless People Auction in three weeks on the 28th - Shawn will auctioneer
       DUES! If you are new or did not pay dues, you should do that in the near future
             There will be actual votes that require being a member to vote


       Jonathon Coulton concert, pcd wants people to go with him
       Shawn has to do shit like exercise