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Officer Reports

               Had a break, went home
               Pun: Swearing: a crass course
               The weather was crazy
               Went to the zoo but did not see toucans
               New people!
                   no new people
               had a spring break, had not one but two weekends
               Played a lot of eternal darkness
               Got an email from a grad student at northeastern who went to CMU and knows CtFwS
               Pun: Matt Damon wasn't Bourne yesterday
               Had a spring break
               Went home to find his room occupied by russian strangers
               Got a massive migraine, but is better now
               Pun: cross that bridge when we get to it
               Might have a pravda next week!?
               submit to pravda
               had a break
               pun: out of character
               pun: bat for both sides
               played minecraft, did no work
               Is doing chemicals!
               Looks like Mary Kate a lot today
               She may have gone to chicago and stuff
               Had a bad break; was sick, missed her bus
               Had a break
               got his wisdom teeth out - only had two so it wasn't that bad
               Did a lot of sleeping and visited his buddy at Yale
               Is played pokemon for like six hours
               Pun: put all of my .oggs in one bucket

Committee Reports

         Bswolf is here!
         Committee to groan at bswolf's jokes with bswolf memorial committee says PUN: turned the whole series into a loose cannon
         Who the fuck is evan committee reports succcess
         Penultimate frisbee says frisbee on friday maybe?
         Short hair committee reports success
         R7 party!
         Committee to not burn down R7 reports quuxum owns you
         Song lyrics committee says fuck you
         Weird dreams committee says he is sticking around CMU working for disney for a year!; also had a dream about dating sully, who's a good kisser
         Fortune-telling fish committee congratulates glisson and plans to take over epcot
         Time Travel committee apologizes for DST
         Misappropriated spoken song lyrics committee says "round the world, round the world"
         Booth committee says some to art meeting tomorrow at 8 in the kage or build session in the kage on saturday at 1pm
         Ad-hoc OMGpeopleIknow committee says that Jared lives where he does... and stuff
         League of calamitous intent with science troll says we're using extra daylight to incinerate the earth! muahahaha!

Old Business

   Eforney gets the thing - events in Japan are not her fault

New Business

   Create the Doomsday Countdown committee to countdown to doomsdays like carnival and make them feel bad
          Moveon is 113 days away, which is not even true at all
          Passes! Sold to tbroman for $3, chairs him and anyone else who will remember this after doomsday
   Allocate $75 for the supplies and mike for CtFwS
            First aid kit? Amend to $100 to make sure the first aid kit can be replenished if necessary
            Kjones offers help on building the first aid kit if necessary
            It's a good idea
   Create the committee to get back at Pitt for taking the fence to paint the cathedral of learning
          Quuxum says it's pretty difficult
          Tvaughan wants to change all names in their database to John
          Eforney wants to paint it for CtFwS
          Passes! Sold to dkirby, chairs him and clyde
   Allocate $943.14 for hoodies and tshirts - we will recoup all these losses
   Create committee to make bswolf a batman villain to make bswolf a batman villain
          We already have the joker!
          Passes! Sold to bswolf for $8, chairs him and all other batman villains
   Create Animal Cruelty-free Awkward and Inappropriate Musical Accompaniment to <plays bagpipes>
          Lots of jokes about animal cruelty and bagpipes
          Needs more bass!
          Passes! Sold to
   Create the presidential committee for donkey appropriation for the chair to recognize his ass
          Oh god so many butt jokes
          Passes! Sold to Quuxum for $5, chairs him and bswolf and xander and dmeng and avi and bubbles
   Create the donkey-whipping committee to tap quuxum's ass
          Postponed indefinitely
   Create the Presidential Sarcasm Detector committee so the chair can recognize my sass
          Lots of motions to rename to make different puns; class, gas, mass, bass
          Passes! Sold to tbroman for $5, chairs him and anyone sassy
   Create the yellow team committee to defeat the red team
          Change name to "red team committee" and purpose to "defeat the yellow team"
          Passes! Sold to mcginnis for $10, chairs him and anyone on the yellow team on friday


       EVENT! CTFWS! Kind of a big one! DH2315 at 700pm
       Hoodies! Come buy them, $20 each; also ctfws shirts
       Booth! at times
       Nom Com - it's the nominating committee, they deal with elections and make sure that we have people running for each office
       CTFWS judges meeting 430 at UC306 on Wednesday
       Fence-taking; look on bboard


       Jared is leaving, eventually; he will be around for the summer, needs a place to live
       Glisson needs a place to live; either find people to fill his house or needs a new place
       Tbroman is starting a non-betting bracket for NCAA
       R7 party
       Appel is starting an RPG game