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Officer Reports

               Something happened this weekend or something
               Got swag from google games thing
               Pun: "Broke through the fourth wall"
               Was a newsboy all of saturday, talking like this and whatnot
               Greek sing is draining
               Pun: "set an example"
               Prefers x-bar theory
               New People!
                   Will, architecture from ohio, wearing a blue shirt today
               Full of college visits
               (ccolombo wants to be caroline for the weekends)
               Also full of fanfiction
               Indiana University in Bloomington is apparently beautiful and hardcore
               Apparently his roommate hangs out on fanfiction forums
               Pun: "separate the cheat from the laugh"
               There was a japanese culture/anime con this weekend
               It was interesting but was directed mostly at 16-year-old girls
               Pun: "anal sex"
               Also there is an addon to the pravda from last week!
               submit to pravda
               Worked on booth
               pun: "Worth every Penny"
               Worked on booth and made letters which were awesome
               Her computer crashed while she was working on programming, now she has rewritten the whole thing overnight
               Pun: "wear my hearth on my sleeve"
               Potluck on friday was a good time, played old people card games
               MAAAAD booth stuff, the Kage is so full, which is a good thing
               Pun: "6.02x10^23"

Committee Reports

         Booth committee has a long report
               Booth shit is going down!
               - Go to the UC on Friday and get a wristband and hardhat; if you don't you're not allowed to work on booth!
               - Moveon! Meet in the Kage at 7pm, we will carry everything onto Midway at once at 845pm
               - Build week: we'll be working on Midway at most rational hours, you're welcome to come help
               - Watch shifts: BE ON TIME TO WATCH SHIFTS! - slots are signed up for, link on bboard
               - Working booth shifts: ALSO BE ON TIME!
         Nom Com gathers nominations
         Egotistical Committee anticipates success
         Committee to give scorri sugar reports success
         Ad-hoc committee to assasssinate the 2veep reports failure

Old Business

   Matt Britton gets the thing - turning in malloc is not his fault

New Business

   twright runs a thing
           approval committee
                    purpose i can't type fast enough on qwerty this sucks
   dan kirby runs a thing
   Create the Dan Kirby is full of himself committee to dan kirby is full of himself
          Risk committee says "yeah... risk"
          Passed; sold to dan kirby for $6, chairs HIM ONLY
   Create the Alternative Currency committee to get KGB to accept weird coins and to defeat scunning
          Change purpose to "an alternative to direct currency"; unfriendly passes
          Passed; sold to mcginnis for $10, chairs him
   Allocate $100 for food for Moveon and for build week as a whole; it's a good idea
   Exec is proposing two amendments to the bylaws; they affect election timelines and documentation


       Puzzlehunt! soon (April 23)
       EVENT! Moveon! at the Kage!


       Computer Club has retro gaming night in the UC
       Dan Kirby wants to go lasertagging during carnivalish