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Officer Reports

                                    had a weekend!
                                    it was Carnival weekend
                                    it was great
                                    old people and cake, r7 party, general awesomeness.
                                    then it was cold.
                                    before this weekend, had 3 years on exec - learned some things about KGB
                                    had a weekend!
                                    in the interest of time, there was booth and carnival
                                    thanks for helping with booth, guys
                                    had a carnival
                                    it was fun!
                                    there's an event! it's new 2veep's problem
                                    had a weekend!
                                    booth and funnel cake and old people
                                    it was cool
                                    might or might not care anymore - submit to pravda!
                                    Had a year!
                                    It's been amazing. Thanks, KGB.
                                    has a report
                                    there was carnival stuff

it was crazy

                                    was partially in charge of carnival
                                    treasurer's report: $2292.93 in our account right now, 200-300 in gift account but reimbursements are coming out of that
                                                        beginning of this year: $900
                                                       ($100 outstanding for booth moneys)
                                    had a weekend
                                    sometime got drunk and married a whole bunch of people including eforney and Bubbles, and Vasily Radmanovich to VHS tapes and rglenn to booth
                                                       but we killed booth
                                    had to work through carnival on distributed


                  the Committee to Not Burn Down Roselawn 7: another year of continued lack of failure
                  the Puzzling Committee reports: we will be planning fall puzzle hunt... starting next week
                  the Add Hawk Committee saw the hawk!
                  the Time Mafia has no involvement in this election
                  the eforney is pretty Committee reports you are wearing an excellent shirt

Old Business

                  dkirby has the Thing. Not his fault: forgetting the Thing. Gives the spirit of the Thing to rbullen. Not her fault: SIO sucking

New Business



       At this point there is an interlude while tbroman doesn't take notes and the new recsec has not been elected.
       Xander takes up the minutes after recsec elections, and shamelessly copies the format from tbroman. So. Yeah.
       Treasurer candidates
               Marlena: Is wearing a lot of bling. Is responsible. Hopes to do a great job as treasurer.
               Shelby: Has a large amount of dollar bills which she rubs on herself.
               Steven: Is responsible, knows finance. Got an A in AP econ and a 5 on the exam. Can write a budget and a check. Has old pennies. Can bring in dollar coins for ammunition.
               kharring: We now have $1000 more even though we had expenses. She did a good job and knows the weird guy at the bank and is definitely not a terrorist. Has blackmail on the student body finance guy.
       kharring wins
       Sergeant at Arms candidates
               Marlena: Has arms! Will redesign the website!
               Jcolmar: Knows his stuff. And has arms. Is large loud and colorful. No one has looked at or fired a dart at the president yet. He is already doing a good job.
               Steven: Defends the KGB against a demon with an axe and the belief of the KGB. Gains 500 gp. Gained 50 xp.
               Dkirby: Really nice and humble. Reads an excerpt from “Twilight fanfic”. (Romeo and Juliet Act I Scene I).
               (Visvesva and Otsachor were not present)
               (RecSec felt disenfranchised when his vote was ignored for like 40 seconds)
       Marlena wins

       We have a new exec!
       President: Bubbles (1st ballot)
       1veep: tvaughan (2nd ballot)
       2veep: tbroman (2nd ballot)
       CorSec: mmeyerho (3rd ballot)
       RecSec: Xander (3rd ballot)
       Treasurer: kharring (1st ballot)
       Sergeant at Arms: Marlena (2nd ballot)

       Some stories that were told during elections:
               Xander’s near terrorist activites at the airport
               Quxxum’s story about the Allegheny observatory
               Jcolmar’s story about an unlucky spider eater
               Maija’s story about manah manah being in an Italian made Swedish porno
               Kharring's story about stupid people at carnival
               Marlena’s story about a frog not being a puppy to the dismay of her friend
               Rglenn’s story about a dead bunny and a reporter
               Maija’s story about not picking up frogs
               Tvaughan’s story about the bank lever and possibly assisting in a bank robbery
               Quxxum said something about something about twitter and WQED
               James tells a story about the definition of irony. 


               Bubbles: Already had a report
               tvaughan: Had a weekend visceeli happened
               tbroman: Had a weekend carnival and stuff
               Margaret: Had carnival, SUBMIT TO PRAVDA
               Xander: Had a carnival, there was awesome stuff then not awesome stuff
               kharring: Made a carnival and there was a mouse and clear the decks
               Marlena: Had a carnival and workdeath

Old business/committee reports:

               Ad-hoc Dan Kirby's nightmare in dreamland: There was a murder and he was involved and he had to hide the body. The E&M professor was the detective
               Clyde's friend Batman is looking for a job.
               Assassinations committee: Welcome
               Ad-hoc Bubbles is pretty: He is not wearing a bra
               Bring Shank to campus: Success and looking for a pan
               Puzzling committee: Puzzlehunt planning starts next week! Come to the meeting if you want to help!
               Subtle Racisms committee: Yet again, there is another all white exec...

New Business

       Create the Buggy Every Day Committee:
       Purpose: Do not do buggy every day
       Changed purpose: Do buggy every day - friendly
       Sold for $5 to egladdin, chairs: everyone who is in a buggy org
       Allocated $50 for Useless Stuff Auction
       Motion to kick Teki in the ass (still eforney, so no.)
       Motion to #define Teki Bubbles
       Motion to kick Teki in the ass
       Motion to replenish the fund (passes)
       Dues set for 2012-2013: $15 for the full year, $10 for semester
       Events: bake barter/useless stuff auction

Real Relevant Announcements:

       BAKE BARTER! All over your FACE!
       Puzzlehunt meetings will start next week
       Hand in your hard hats if you have not done so already to exec/booth chairs
       Booth t-shirts are available for pick up.


       Bowling this Saturday evening. Watch the bboard.
       Motion to salute the president
       CAULK JOKE!
       We gtfo.