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Officer Reports

               Has the Frisbee of Talking.
               Had a weekend--lots of sleeping.
               Had a weekend. Nothing interesting.
               Oh wait--an exam, it was easy.
               Not much packing done, oh well.
               Looks like dkirby.
               Awesome weekend--lasertagging.
               Lasertag is corporate teambuilding.
               Moved a giant organ. Organ jokes please.
               EVENT: Lasertagging, in October.
               Has the Frisbee of Talking.
               Had a weekend, started with Math Studies final Thursday to Saturday.
               Watched Dr. Who, no work done that day.
               Watched Rocky Horrible [sic].
               Almost done with grading!
               Had a weekend. 
               Lasertag made him tired. Was on the "other" team.
               Watched Dr. Who.
               Studied, with lots of TV breaks.
               Took a stat final, it was easy.
               Had a weekend.
               Many projects, due Sunday and Monday.
               3 hours of sleep.
               Packing now.
               looks like dbesse
               has been 2 years since dbesse's last officer report. 
               Clyde is actually here, he's just a ninja.

Committee Reports

       The Ad Hoc Did You Know There Are 4 Levels of Art in Doherty? Committe saw a pile of concrete knees on C level
       The Super Committee reports Dear KGB, AEPi says thanks for giving us your primer during Booth build. (SUCCESS!)
       Ad Hoc I Have a Question Committee reports, is that my waterbottle?
               Yes, it is--left during CtFwS, almost auctioned during Useless Stuff.
       The Misappropriated OWNED Committee reports OWNED!
       The Dan Kirby is Full of Himself Committee reports yesterday he was on front page of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. 
               Therefore, he killed amckinni with a nerf gun.
       The Ad Hoc Greedo Shot First Committee reports it killed dkirby first.
       The Ad Hoc Han Shot First Committee grants the premise but still disagrees.
       The Ad Hoc Row of Tims Committee reports that every member of exec is named Timothy. (it's true, check the wiki)
       The Ad Hoc Move Crap for Money Committee reports moving tvaughan's tv was harrowing
       The What Has Science Done? Committee reports all of Dr. Who was watched on Saturday--by which it means the entire Series 3
       The Ad Hoc I Need Mans Committee reports I need mans
       The Ad Hoc Random Shit Committee reports ooh, ballots! A coup!
       The Ad Hoc Committee That Can't be Created by a Motion reports success in making a report.

Old Business

       Jared gets the thing. Not his fault is his absence.

New Business

       dbesse transfers ownership of his committees to the Committee of the Whole, 
               except the 251 Torture Committee which goes to mmeyerho
       create Committee to Change its Name During Discussion to Purpose To Be Changed During Discussion
               no discussion
               sold for $10 to memcginn and dkirby - chairs them
       create Emily Forney Dance Teacher Committee to teach KGB to dance such popular dances as the Dougie and Macarena
               *eforney dances*
               conga line committee reports eh, failure
               Frisbee of Talking is thrown
               sold for $1 to pcd - chairs eforney
       create Michael J. Sullivan Memorial Committee to Has this ever stopped us before? and a roll call vote
               dkirby does not want to Sully this organization
               anti-jokes are made (from the Michael J. Sullivan Comedy Club)
               The Michael J. Sullivan Memorial Committee approves
                       The Ad Hoc Inception Committee approves
               eforney takes a call
               sold for $10 to egladdin - chairs him, Sully, tbroman
       create Puppies Committee to Kittens!
               The Committee to Give Scorri More Sugar approves.
               This committee's position on dire wolves: what the shit is a dire wolf?
               The Intoxicating Puppies Committee approves.
               The Committee to Turn Exec into Kittens approves.
               Motion to puppies; ignored.
               Motion to change the purpose to "to pave the road to hell"--fails.
               sold to pcd - chairs him, mmeyerho, scorri
       create "There's a 7:30A.M.?" Committee to experience 7:30A.M. for the first time
               The Ad Hoc Buggy Committee reports, "I slept from 9 to 3... which one?"
               The Ad Hoc grad students committee reports hi, I was up at 7:30 twice consecutively.
               As a boy scout, pcd woke at 5:30.
               The Ad Hoc Crew Committee says shut up and man up.
               The Ad Hoc Ben Franklin Committee says, "early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy and wealthy and not a CS major."
               This city does not keep itself supervillain free, get out
               The Ad Hoc Didn't You Ever Go to High School? Committee looks questioningly.
               motion to call it a whambulance (failed)
               sold for $7 to dmeng - chairs everyone who pulls alnighters at CMU
       create Han Shot First Committee to (to be determined)
               change purpose to "only watch the original version of Star Wars"
               The Ad Hoc Emperor Palpatine Committee says "I find your lack of Star Wars disturbing"
               change purpose to "a parsec is a unit of distance, not time" -- appended
               append to purpose "and Harrison Ford is a badass"
               The Ad Hoc Obsequious Technicality Committee says something technical
               passed with purpose "to only watch the original version of Star Wars; 
                       a parsec is a unit of distance, not time, and Harrison Ford is a badass."
               sold $1 egladdin - chairs him and Harrison Ford


       orientation orienteering - on the wiki
       postering - on the wiki
       Scav Hunt Thursday, Aug 25


       The Darwin Committee reports natural selection is still being played on the internetz and luminiferous aether
       drew gives awwwws to KGB--he's leaving
       Jacks' Van wants your help to clown car itself
       Jared is out of things to do--Pokemon all day!
       Graduating seniors are wished luck.
       Pioneers needs your help! Our tool is moving to CA!
       We purple.
       Summer meetings: 4:30 on Mondays, an hour late on the Doherty steps (not official meetings)
       Next official meeting 8/29 4:30
       We GTFO.