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Officer reports

       Had a weekend!
       It was FMR
       dropped a class due to no time for assignment, but now less stress
       Had a weekend!
       There was the event! it was a lot of fun, he won Catan for the first time
       Watched Doctor Who on Saturday
       did work on Sunday
       no new people
       has mono
       we have an event:
       Running Jumping Climbing Trees! For real this time! starting at 6 (not 7)
       Had a weekend!
       ITR! So many people! It was great!
       Had a weekend!
       Was very tired.
       Hpf after Friday event--nearly fell asleep at the table.
       Went home and slept.
       ITR Saturday night--so many people! nearly fell asleep in the graveyard.
       Went home and slept.
       Woke up, then slept some more.
       IM Ultimate over CIA!
       Managed to simultaneously drop keys, drop iPod, punch self in balls while closing the door to his apartment.
       Rakison is my baby.
       Had a weekend
       Oh god, so much stuff going on!
       Asst. Midway Chair this year!
       played Catan for the first time, almost beat Bubbles
       there was OS
       we went to the bank! can actually sign for stuff!
       looks like mbritton
       is totally Clyde, the Batman
       does not remember the weekend because was not hanging around with mbritton
       apparently went to wendy's with dkirby


   mbritton is willing to drive things
   treasurer: we can definitely afford Booth, we have enough money, though we don't have ALL the money
   Booth is a lot of fun, also a lot of work, but ultimately worth it
   You can abstain and still help
   What does actually helping with booth mean?
       -October: pick our theme
       -November-December: plans (mostly structural)
       -Jan-April: Build sessions, art meetings
       -late April: move-on, build week, carnival!
   If you don't know how to use power tools, you can learn.
   If you think you can't do art, that's a line, you can.
   Booth is a lot of work, you spend a lot of time doing stuff that can be emotional. Booth can be frustrating.
   Asian Student Organizations usually win Booth
   We had $0 in fines last year!!!!
   PASSES with 36 in favor, 1 against, 15 abstentions.
   If you want to be a booth chair email exec/come to exec tomorrow
   Vote for general Carnival themes:
       9 On the Case
       6 Behind the Scenes
       21 Something Doesn't Fit
       15 How it's Made
       8 A Splash of Color
       21 As Seen on TV
       2 In the Spotlight
       9 Let the Games Begin

Old Business!

   the Thing: dkozel to scunning, everything she ever did in her life is not her fault this week

Committee Reports

   The Ad-Hoc "Shit, I have a lot of work" Committee says "shit, I have a lot of work"
   The Time Travel Committee reports success
   The Ad-Hoc Matlab is Not C Committee reports, "Matlab is not C"
   The Dan Kirby is Full of Himself Committee reports: I wear a stetson now. Stetsons are cool. (With the Time Travel Committee)
   The Most Interesting Committee in the World reports: he doesn't always sit next to Scorri, 
       but when he does, she punches him in the stomach
   The Antipenultimate Flying Disc Committee reports: we won against CIA!!
       next game Sunday at 1!
   The Ad-Hoc Neutrinos Travel Faster than Light Committee reports success
   The Counterpoint: Hawks are Awesome Committee hasn't seen the CFA Hawk in a while, is concerned.
   The Ad-Hoc Scientific Verification Committee says, NO!
   The Taxidermy Committee would like to apologize for the CFA Hawk.
   The Ad-Hoc Rory Williams/Chuck Norris Committee reports: bears don't hibernate, rory williams and/or chuck norris gave them mono
   The Ad-Hoc Just Rory Williams Committee says whatever doesn't kill Rory Williams only makes him stronger... 
       what kills Rory Williams also makes him stronger
   Puzzling Committee reports: Puzzle Hunt Planning! 9:30 on Wednesday in PH A18B!
   The Guild of Calamitous Intent has a new member: Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All
   The Misappropriated 251 Torture Committee reports: concepts will be interesting this week
   The Misappropriated Propaganda Committee reports success? (due to Booth t-shirts)
   The Ad-Hoc Committee of Concepts Students says, Oh God.
   The Ad-Hoc I'm Sitting In Front of You Committee says, I'm not sitting in front of you.
   The Ad-Hoc Tim Vaughan Propaganza Committee reports: we have props! for buying! for very little money! 
       Come on down to Tim Vaughan's Propaganza!
   The Portmanteau Committee reports success
   The Ad-Hoc Low-Level TAs Committee reports, I will hate that 8 AM Calc test even more than you will, 120 students!

back to New Business

   Create the Spocktoberfest Committee to drink large amounts of beer and watch Star Trek
       add Pon Far to purpose
       is this Romulan ale that we're drinking?
       this is highly illogical captain
       how logical is it to drink and mate?
       if a Vulcan says yes while drunk...
       we have entered a dangerous region of intoxication
       motion to change name to Spoktoberfest - no second
       I have and always will be your friend
       vote - passes with purpose "to drink large amounts of beer and watch Star Trek, and Pon Far
       sold $7 dkirby, chairs him, Oren, Xander
   Create the RecSec Hates Fun Committee to try and do fun things, but fail because of the RecSec
       RecSec moves to postpone indefinitely - fails
       The Ad-Hoc RecSec is Not Wearing Pants Committee says this committee is bullshit
       If it doesn't go on the record, are we still allowed to have fun?
       change the purpose to "get Broman his own radio show"
       The Boring Discussions About Coal Committee reports success
       on tbroman's radio show, he should be talking constantly for like a whole hour while epic music is playing in the background, kind of like he's talking over another radio show
       Tim Broman Facts
       The Committee to Test the RecSec reports, this is getting easy.
       vote: passes
       sold $24 tbroman, chairs him and guest stars on his radio show
   Create the "Why do I hang out with you people?" Committee to "Why do I hang out with you people?"
       The Committee to "give Scorri sugar" reports success
       change purpose to "because you know you love us"
       The Committee to Give Scorri More Sugar offers sugar at some point
       append "in bed" to the purpose of this committee--unfriendly, passes
       The Most Interesting Committee in the World reports: it doesn't usually do anything nice, but when it does, Sully ruins it
       Sully is the Ruiner of Things
       purpose changed to: ONE OF US, ONE OF US (friendly)
       append "in bed" to purpose: friendly
       What the fuck, you guys?
       vote: passes
       sold $10 tbroman, disbanded
   Create the Mononuclear Fusion Committee to make sick people generate energy
       The Physics Troll Committee approves
       The Committee to Turn Exec into Kittens suggests: would hamsters be more useful?
       The Misappropriated Committee to Turn Exec into Kittens says: if you turn half of exec into kittens and 
           half into hamsters, one half will eat the others.
       The Committee to Give Scorri More Sugar wants the frosting for its purposes
       The Committee to Give Scorri "Sugar" would also like the frosting for *its* purposes
       vote: passses
       sold $5 mbritton, chairs him and tvaughan
   Create the Committee to Regulate Class Length to equip lecture halls with devices 
           to punish professors for going past the end of class
       motion to create the Out of Order Committee (out of order)
       we are now in purple
       vote: passes
       sold $5 memcginn, chairs him, anyone else who wants to help
   Create the Things in a Can Committee to simultaneously eat delicious food and destroy the ozone layer
       append to purpose: "ZOMG ICING"
       motion to seafoam green (out of order)
       Daystar burns us, we require frozen treats
       I am naked, fireproof and covered in dragons. Your argument is invalid.
       vote: passes
       sold $2 tbroman, chairs anyone who's ever gotten high on nitrous oxide
   allocate $50 for event


   Puzzle Hunt, 9:30 PH A18B, Wednesday
   Booth chairs: email exec tonight!
   Dues! Pay them!
   Event! You should come! RJCT! SIX PEE EM, not seven
   KGB IM frisbee, Sunday at 1


   reserve a lecture hall to watch Doctor Who? check the bboard
   jchauvin going to Voltaire, someone should come with her
   bring headphones to cluster gaming
   Shelby is turning 20!
   sacunnin wants a loan for a birthday gift for someone
   nerf war saturday!
   we are now in purple
   we GTFO