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Officer Reports

       Had a weekend!
       brought things to video games night, ate cake, left
       PuzzleHunt! (and last Kiltie game)
       ran elections for AXO on sunday
       is currently registering for classes
       Had a weekend!
       borought [note from tbroman: I have no idea what this word means or why it's in the minutes, but it's staying]
       PuzzleHunt (and eforney's last kiltie game)
       went pretty well
       had elections for his sorority on sunday, which was worth it
       booth meeting, was cool
       there was a bagger at the booth meeting
       new people: (name, major, where from, uninteresting thing about)
           Noah, Information Theory, RI, puts things in bags
           John, no major (was a bagger, still here), MA, got a haircut 2 days ago
       Had a weekend!
       awesome event - video games "it was really well"
       delicious birthday cake at event
       racing games and not-racing games
       EVENT: KGB Does the Walk of Shame! PH A18*, 7pm Friday - 12pm Saturday
       questions tbroman's identity
       Had a weekend!
       played non-video-games at video game night
       PUzzle Hunt was a lot of fun, but also a lot of work, but ultimately worth it?
       banana banana banana
       kernel, booth meeting, more kernel
       kernel due in a week
       Had a weekend!
       PuzzleHunt was great - made more phone calls on Saturday than entire previous life of the phone
       Favorite part of the hunt was saying "Hello, is this team 50,000 Radioactive Kittens and a Handful of Chloroform?"
       There were some hard puzzles, but they weren't impossible--just highly improbable
       Booth might conflict with PuzzleHunt next semester, so step up!
       Not enough work got done this weekend.
       had a weekend
       bought a cake for event
       video games and stuff
       kiltie, puzzles, kiltie, puzzles
       got to meta first, but messed it up first. Max ran away
       Sunday: booth meeting
       stressed out
       had one hell of a weekend
       played dnd with dkirby, oren, xander
       had exciting evening more so than dnd's fantasy world
       took some people into the REDACTED
       BLUACTED-sized hole in something


   The Dan Kirby is Full of Himself Committee reports: this hat is feeling a little too tight... is his head getting physically bigger?
   The Ad-Hoc Disturbing Telephony Committee reports: hearing GLaDOS talk over the phone and ask about puzzles is distrubing
   The misappropriated Questionable Theory Conspiracy Committee reports: have you ever seen eforney and GLaDOS in the room at the same time?
   The misappropriated Booth Committee reports: dryer hose
   The misappropriated Dan Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland Committee reports: last night, dream about ghosts. Is also the only person who can misappropriate that committee.
   The Ad-Hoc Hipster Band Name Committee reports: "Ice Cream on Your Resume"
   The Boring Discussions about Coal Committee reports multiple independent conversations about doors
   The Ad-Hoc tbroman Points Committee: on that note, Bubbles gets +5 Tim Broman points
   The Ad-Hoc/misappropriated Achievement Unlocked Committee reports: 23 people played a 2460 in a chess simul. 3 won, 20 got asses kicked
   The misappropriated Committee to give Scorri More Sugar asks: can we get more cake for events?
   The Ad-Hoc Interesting Discoveries During the Weekend Committee reports:
       1. what is more awesome than chess? nacho chess
       2. if you've seen Megashark vs. Giant Octopus, Megashark vs. Crocosaurus is even more awesome
   The Ad-Hoc/misappropriated Wait What? Committee reports campus crime section is getting weirder--a cleaning lady broke into disney research offices this weekend
   Storytelling Committee - Xander tells Shel Silverstein's ABZs
   The Time Travel Committee, with the Don't Worry, It's for Science Committee, reports great success in implementing that book IRL
   The Conspicuous Crossover Committee reports that Shel wrote "A Boy named Sue"
   The Interrupting Cow Committee reports... quietly

Old Business

   the thing: dmeng to shank. not her fault: missing clothing

New Business

   create Uncle Shelby Memorial Committee to prevent people institutionalized from writing children's books
       the Shel Silverstein fan club says, what?
       change purpose to "to find where the sidewalk ends" - passes
       append "and to fall up" to purpose - friendly
       xander: standing is stupid, sitting's a chore
       tbroman: lazy lazy lazy lazy lazy lazy jane wants a drink of water so she waits and waits and waits and waits and waits for it to rain.
       mhranick: Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout would not take the garbage out
       vote: passes with purpose "to find where the sidewalk ends, and to fall up"
       sold $5 tbroman, chairs anyone who can recite an entire Shel Silverstein poem
   create the Tap-Dancing Xander Committee to have Xander do tap dances and other silly dances
       the Emily Forney Dance Instructor Committee approves
       vote: passes
       sold $2 oren, chairs him, xander, anyone who thinks they can make xander do a dance
   create the Committee to Award tbroman Points to award tbroman points
       bubbles: point: anyone but tbroman can award tbroman points
       welcome to KGB where everything is made up and the points don't matter
       sacunnin claims to have 1500 komrade points
       xander: bylaws wankery is more sully, not tbroman
       dkirby: how many do I have to have before I can redeem them for a soldier?
       sully: motion to set a time to adjourn at 5:30 (dilatory)
       dmeng: dammit you guys
       vote: passes
       sold $17 mbritton, chairs DISBANDED
   create the Time Dilation Committee to mark everything as dilatory - dilatory
   create the Bring Shank to KGB More Often Committee to "I need to come to these more often, why don't I?"
       Xander: because you're a fool of a took
       Bubbles: there are a fair number of people who can physically pick her up and carry her...
       vote: passes
       sold $4 dmeng, chairs those who can lift Maija
   allocate $75 for event - it's a good idea
   allocate $100B to the guild of calamitous intent to build a doomsday machine - not recognized
   create the Committee for Finding a New Mascot for KGB to apparently we had one, but nobody knows where it went
       motion to append to the purpose of this committee, "firefoxen!" (friendly)
       on a scale from 0 to pony, how much pony will this new mascot contain? (unknown)
       mascot proposal: Schrodinger's nyancat
       motion to create the Out of Order Committee (out of order)
       mascot proposal: Doogie Howser, M.D.
       motion to change the name of this committee to the Out of Order Committee - no
       motion to reinstate the Fuck You Manatee as KGB's mascot: fails for lack of a second
       vote: passes
       sold $9 mnabraha, chairs all


   Event: KGB Does the Walk of Shame! Bring things to sleep on
   Exec has formed the Server Committee - moving our website to a more reliable server; updating the website to look better
   Exec has formed the CtFwS Rules Committee - make sure all versions of CtFwS rules that we use for CtFwS agree with each other; update CtFwS rules if necessary
       if interested in these committees, come to Exec meeting or email exec!
   Exec meets this semester on Tuesdays at 4:30 in UC 306
   Booth meeting Sunday, PH A18*
   Puzzle Hunt - if you liked this puzzle hunt, consider being hunt staff! It's even more fun.


   ITR this weekend!
   Michael McGinnis is turning 22
   AUO is having a free concert at Carnegie Music Hall
   Bring cake to events on your birthday!
   thanksgiving dinner if you're going to be here (Maija)
   Shelby clarifies her Uncle Shelby nickname from high school