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Officer Reports

       looks like scunning
       Had a weekend!
       went to Rochester and it was interesting
       drove in the snow
       showed up at friend's house at 3am
       went to a garbage restaurant and 2 record stores
       was a designated driver; friend puked a lot
       Had a weekend!
       Event was trivia night, which went well--thanks Quizbowl people for the buzzers
       this morning: snowmelt story about Roselawn roofs
       new people (name, major, where from, something completely uninteresting)
           Jordan, CS prefrosh, Northern VA*, is male
               *went to TJ! jboning is excited
       Had a week and winter break
       was doing a microsoft interview last week--got an offer! is working there this summer
       semester is pretty light
       EVENT! Tool Training, 7pm on Friday in the Kage
       that's how the cookie crumbles
       good night and good luck
       Had a weekend!
       Trivia night was awesome
       thanks for making jeopardy boards, Bubbles/tbroman
       there was a lot of sugar and a little bit of real food at the potluck part
       Saturday: auditioned for Dancers Symposium--5 times
           kage kleanup
           got into DS!
       will write a pravda?
       Had a weekend!
       Got up SOOOO EARLY this morning for ski tickets--before 6:30
       woke up to "every time we touch"
       Finally has all his textbooks
       bought Cities In Motion, an urban transportation-planning sim, but won't get to play it for a while
       Best friend from middle school, now at Cal, posted on Facebook that he has a Google interview. KGB/cluster makes that seem like nbd (though he is 2 years younger in my year)
       Had a weekend!
       along with Bubbles, made cake from scratch for the Potluck
       making cake was an adventure - no shortening, used butter instead. left out a cup of flour. it turned out ok
       encountered a police officer in the hall - smell of marijuana from another apartment? baking/baked pun
       woke up early for ski tickets, but then slept more
       Had a weekend, did stuff
       went skiing
       woke up really early to ski, with some people
       early, but managed to be awake for it
       stopped falling down on skis
       then, they left
       played D&D for 7 hours. He was a cat, Xander was a monk. Clyde was a talking cat but Xander didn't know that, Clyde had a raspy British accent. Also, Dan was basically Clyde's bitch.

Committee Reports

   The ad-hoc Nerf Assassins Committee reminds everyone that KGB meetings are neutral territory
   The Time Mafia Committee, in conjunction with the Floor is Lava Committee, reports offering a new form of insurance
   Booth Committee: art planning meeting: Wednesday 7pm, PH A19
       Tool Training on Friday
   The Committee to Explain Xander's References reports: it's not the inconceivable horror room, it's the inconcievable ("in-con-sy-ev-able") horror room. But that's not even a word! That's how horrible it is!
   The ad-hoc Bigger Like Smaller Committee, in conjunction with the Storytelling Corollary Committee: epic and thrilling tale of snowfall is like sitting and watching paint dry or grass grow or something
   The misappropriated Puzzling Committee was in Boston to go in MIT Mystery Hunt. jboning's team WON!!!! Got a medal. it's shiny. was tons of fun. You should all run puzzle hunts!
   The Taxidermy Committee, in conjunction with the Conspicuous Crossover Committee, reports: alligator beef jerky
   The misappropriated 251 Torture Committee reports: we have puzzle hunts too
   The ad-hoc Double Google Committee reports: double google
   The ad-hoc I Think You Might Be Confused Committee reports: no, thank you for the flyer, but I'm a girl, so I can't rush Sig Tau
   The Kalimaaaa Committee reports: volcanic eruptions are as awesome as you think, and apparetnly all volcanoes are female
   The Suspicious Packages Committee reports: second week of classes, package line is not long
   The ad-hoc Line to Antagonize DDs Committee reports: can legally drink, can't legally drive!
   The Bagger Committee asks: what the heck is going on?
       KGB records a laugh
   The Puzzling Committee reports: PuzzleHunt is 2/18 pending room reservations; team page will be up shortly
   The ad-hoc mbritton's Birthday Committee reports: it's mbritton's birthday!
   The Committee for Awkward and Inappropriate Musical Accompaniment, in conjunction with the Committee of the Whole, wishes mbritton a happy birthday in song
   The Fortune-Telling Fish Committee, in conjunction with the Evil Seafood League, is intrigued by the entry of the bagger; wonders if this could be the first step to the prophecy; stay away from squid Hitler please
   The ad-hoc KGB Is Not a Choir Committee reports success
   The Don't Worry, It's for Science Committee tells the bagger don't worry, you'll find out later
   The Repeat That in Song Committee reports success
   The Time Travel Committee tells the bagger to attend exec meetings; you will be the greatest president KGB has ever had!
   The misappropriated KGB Sing-Along Blog Committee asks: why did that never happen? ...oh, right...
   The misappropriated Spoken Song Lyrics Committee reports: happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you
   question asked about minutes
   The Department of Gambling Redundancy, in conjunction with the KGB Debtors Committee, reports: it still has 2 outstanding debts.. in both senses of the word "outstanding"
   The Dan Kirby is So Full of Himself Committee reports: it doesn't count as reading the minutes to ctrl+f for one's own name... but dkirby still does that

Old Business

   Marlena gives the Thing to pcd. Not his fault: the abysmal weather

New Business

   create the Volcanic Mammal Committee to spawn firefoxes to light exec's pants on fire
       is the Recsec wearing pants? (yes)
       I have a ninetails!
       The various and sundry misappropriated Pokemon committees report: magmar!
       great balls of fire joke
       The Fortune-Telling Fish Committee reports: magmar
       vote: passes
       sold $4 tvaughan, DISBANDED
   create the Misappropriated Ad Hoc Committee to be misappropriated and ad hoc
       The Misappropriations Committee and the Add Hawk Committee are all like whaaaaaa
       note: this committee duplicates the Committee of the Whole
       The Worcester Committee for Unwanted Committees approves
       motion to create the Out of Order Committee (out of order)
       counterpoint: hawks are awesome
       The ad-hoc Misappropriated Ad Hoc Committee reports success
       holy crap a helicopter--GO TARTANS GO!
       The Recursion Committee is wary
       The ad-hoc Misappropriated Ad Hoc Committee approves
       vote: passes
       sold $8 tbroman, chairs him
   create the Everyone Hates Gingers Committee to get more people to go to Gingers for food
       the ad-hoc Almost Racist Committee would like to report that that's almost racist
       the ad-hoc Blatant Racisms Committee reports failure
       tvaughan: bad news: if your joke is only funny because it's almost racist, it's still racist
       it's not easy being orange
       hair color does not constitute race
       the ad-hoc Needlessly Inflammatory Committee says: dudes
       the ad-hoc Needlessly Inflammatory Committee says: red hair is needlessly inflammatory...
       the ad-hoc Tim Minchin Committee notes: only a ginger can call another ginger ginger
       the ad-hoc Pyros Committee says: nothing is needlessly inflammatory
       the ad-hoc Hypocritical Racist Against Whites Committee: there's an awful lot of honkys in here
       the ad-hoc Odd Simpsons Quote Committee: flammable means inflammable? what a country!
       motion to insert in name "going to" - passes
       the winner of the race war is the one who gets to the finish lines first
       vote: passes as the Everyone Hates Going to Gingers Committee
       sold $7 egarbade, chairs him and memcginn
   create the Needlessly Inflammatory Committee to save face because a face saved is a face earned
       motion to change "earned" in the purpose to "burned" - unfriendly
       if this committee is needless, why make it? (has that ever stopped us before?)
       it's not needless--the inflammation is needless, but the committee is not
       motion to change the name of the committee to the Heedless Inflammatory Committee: unfriendly
       the ad-hoc Dr. Britton Committee proscribes 2 ibuprofen and a topical rub
       motion to change the name of the committee to the Needless Inflammation Committee: fails
       CS is the stupidest major
       Xander's face is the stupidest major
       request report from the Don't Worry, It's for Science Committee: CS is the dumbest major
       the ad-hoc Needless Inflammability Committee says burn baby burn
       David Tennant just sucks as a Doctor, sorry
       vote: passes
       sold $9 memcginn, chairs anyone who is racist off the Internet
   create the Committee to Get a Song Stuck in Your Head to because sharing is caring
       report requested from the Spoken Song Lyrics Committee 
       motion to change the name of the committee to the Day the Music Died Committee: unfriendly
       we purple
       motion to create the Out of Order Committee (out of order) 
       motion to seafoam green (dilatory)
       the Bagger Committee reports: this is madness
       is it a small world after all?
       the Spoken Song Lyrics Committee reports: this is the final countdown
       vote: passes
       sold $6 dmeng, chairs Rick Astley and Rebecca Black
   allocate $50 for event - it's a good idea
   create the Worry, It's for Magic Committee to sorcery
       burn the witch!
       motion to change the name and purpose to the Worry, It's for Art Committee with purpose: modern art - passes
       the Wizard Dueling Committee strongly objects
       the first week and a half of engineering class: drawing
       you know those couple million dollars we spent on a giant pointy thing on campus? you should probably worry about that
       motion to change the purpose back to sorcery - friendly
       the Oh Shit What have we Done Committee is worried we haven't
       just bought a forge... don't worry, it's for art
       we're going to stick a huge phallus in the middle of campus...
       Xander mentioned welding for booth... kharring is worried
       vote: passes
       sold $7 mbritton, DISBANDED
   create the Committee to Redefine Perfection to create new definitions for words that would otherwise never be used
       what is perfection mean now?
       scrabble actually does this... also Balderdash
       tatterdemalion: now: pre-weather jeans
       went spelunking, and someone said bulbous bouffant
       not filling lexical gaps, drilling lexical holes
       southerners don't say "salubrious"
       ah engineering: perfectly ok, as long as within tolerance
       quarterstaff: now: an off day at exec
       vote: passes
       sold $25 memcginn, chairs him and tbroman


   EVENT! Tool training!
   Useless People Auction. Email exec!


   the Onion is lecturing in McConomy at 6! Come along!
   next monday there will be cake at KGB
   eforney and ccolombo: sororities are informally recruiting
   nerf wars: mcginnis will kill people who hit him with nerf darts, or at least keep the darts
   we gtfo