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Bubbles: Weekend- ut, glorious, sooo many stuff, SPORTS. this morning, in chem lab, played with bubbles.

tvaughan: weekend, ut, ukeleles, time is 4:34


joey, cs, bloomfeild, pa, glasses
daniel, IS, brooklyn, like plaid
selina, china, IS, like soap
ranita, econ, hong kong, like dogs
vruti, ece, singapore, like anime
ben, physics, squirrel hill, have sprained ankle
emily, chem + creative writing, long island (long beach), can't think of fact
anya, cog psych, dc, waste time intentionally
shish?, westchester, ece, excited for cold
jess, ece, MA, can drive car
mark, history, plumboro pitt, (200 cans of soda) have a brother 1 year younger
diana, mat sci, south carolina, eat food every day
brian, undecided mcs, writing pa, don't like iced green tea
sam, international relations, newtown pa, was just at library doing calc hw

broman: weekend: has challenge coin, was ut, been hired as grader.

Event: board, carded, friday 7, pha18*, Bonus Event: wed. 7:30, ph125c, Legos! pizza

mmeyerho: Had a weekend! Underground Tour! Cool costume ^_^. Hpf. seven wonders. Saturday: r7 party. All the cuddles! Sunday: work? not really, but supposed to. Dr. Who. PRAVDA

xander: (molly)
weekend, blowing shit up, terrorize small children, swords, little bit of work, swearing in made up / obscure languages

kelly: Ungerground tour, parties, dr. who, hw? nah, classes, toc aahh! package pickup sucks
Dues: due soon, can only vote on serious business if have paid them, 15 for year, 10 for semester

marlena: tour: fun. Bitlab - kinda, Dr. Who: dinasours on spaceship, sunday: also not bitlab, rpg instead, needs do bitlab

Committee reporst:

caroline - committe without a second reports that THIS is american sign lang for awkward

broman - ug tour obscure

oren - kgb superhero league welcomes human banana, xander, captain ashfault, paving way for justice

forney, adhoc dohoh committee

hranick - adhoc hipster reporst better than xkcd

forney, adhoc quitely weep, have fun at toc

mmcgin - time travel reports dr. ut costume

stephen - ad hock related comittee, reports stopped in street, asked for dollar

tvaughon - Add Hawk - kaaaw caroline - hawks awesome

broman - Puzzles Oct 13, meeting info

dkirby - full of sefl - wanted to talk

kelly - booth committee -vote in 1 or 2 weeks, think about chairing

-forney - emu - appears in crossward

-broman - explains booth


stephen has thing, gives it to forney, not fault - opportunities or lack thereof


- Eric -committee for underappreciated instruments - to spread appreciation of violas
append keytars to purpose
append theremin ""
append enomometer ""
append concert saw ""
Vote : passes
Sold to [tvaughan] for $5
Chair is: him, anyone who plays triangle professionally, anyone who's member of comm for iapprop / aks

mckinnne - KGB BArbershop Quartet - Leave 4pt messages on dkirby's phone

Vote : passes
Sold to [twright] for $8
Chair is: him, everyone who will never use it

-shank -broman style - purpose: to acquire broman a bright yellow suit and make him dance
append to purpose "dance to the song The Cave"
Vote : passes
Sold to [teisenbe] for $16
Chair is: shank