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Officer Reports

Bubbles: Weekend! KGB has assigned seats, casino night == puzzlehunt planning, then was a puzzlehunt radness! celebrations! Sunday + today = work, twoooo labs in one night D:

Vaughan: weekend. Stationary spaceship casinos, arkham horror is actually easy, betting. Watched Porkor rosa with aeronauts. Has a new table in apartment. So cool. Will be "having" dinner party

new people:

Linus Math, possibly creative writing Maryland favourite color yellow Erin Material eng. Chicago has all fingers / toes Kelly CS New York has a butt


weekend, puzzzzzzle huuunt planning, was at wean 5 printer, kelly unjammed printer every sheet of paper. real hunt then "good decisions". (7 wonders + cards humans don't like). No homework sunday day, but packers won

Movie night: new process, theme is memory, facebook poll for proposing movies related to theme, will vote on brought movies at movie night.

hopefully voting is faster DH 1212

Margaret: Weekend! Casino night! Poker, liar's poker, fish, and cats! GRE! Puzzlehunt. meta! Xander is a potato. PRAVDA

Xander: biolab ate face Oren: lab report, viruses sweet because kill you like me.

Kelly: weekend: puzzlehunt stuffs, bad deci -- err "good decisions". Did booth stuff, not homework, accidentally went to sleep instead of doing homework, remembers nothing. PENNIES

Marlena: FUN STUFF! Wait, no, 213 studying. biked for coffee and biked for knitting supplies. HELP for fun things to do for next weekend.

Dan: I'm fun

Committee reports:

James: dgr com. + kgb debtors laughs softly

Dan : Nightmare in Dreamland: killed palmetto bug, then killed one twice size, then shot bigger one,

Oren : "", Had a dream president on monty python's flying circus

JRam : good decisions reporst success + new board

falk - eye on ethan small success

mccginus Dreamland + variety hour : had a dream in academic building, talking to physics professor, who wants to spaceship -> explore galaxy, gather troupe, get in spacecraft ...... then I found 5 dollars (Ironman)

mike "Sports" frisbee victories

kelly: tartan : 5 citations for urinating in public, underage drinking, 2 hours later was knocking over traffic cones, tried to flee, was caught

      a student left card at kfc, someone went to family dollar bought 3 things for $99

ccolumbo counts in sign language from committee without second

stephen conspicuous crossovers: easy mac + ramen = sick but delicious

forney trolling posters reports sucess

timv - counts in binary : middle fingers

broman prop committee = impending success, breed paper airplane still exists

eric - zombie rights commitee: reaping joke

appel : doing it wrong : messed up pravda

dj : full of :why no more dream talk

appel : martin luther king memorial commitee : faceless people played ctfwsish game in unrealistically large house, find objects and sleep on them, gain super-powers. Became jeckle - hyde

broman : martin luther : hates papal indulgences

     : BOOOTH  - talk until <= 5:13
Possible themes

pc fairytales: chicken little
pc fairytales: 3 little pigs
han solo + gretel
kgb + 3 bears
humpty dumpty falls through time + space
tortose + hair try to build booths
tales of beedle the bard ( tale of 3 brothers)
12 princess (play ctfws all night)
littel redshirt riding hoods
csi fairytales / mythbusters
hansel + gretel
frog prince of bel aire
the gingerbread man put to work
chicken little predictions are true
lion and the mouse
pi'd piper
the ugly dragon

Gingerbread man put to work – gingerbread man revolution of the proletariat.
Han solo and Gretel – gingerbread deathstar. Han solo and Greedo?
Reverse Hansel and Gretel – candy house can be made of vegetables.
Tales of beedle the bard – tales of three brothers. JK likes to sue, but its actually an old story
Funkelstilstkin – he can turn straw into funk. Literally hook up some straw to a mimeograph and have it play funk. Open up for a lot of creative ideas
Humpty dumpty falls through space and time – we can’t do a TARDIS
Little redshirt ridinghood – the wolf could be a Gorn instead.
CSI faerietales could have stations.
Gignerbread man one leaves a lot of room for great visuals. Each person could be another gingerbread man and they could “work” in the factory.

PC chicken little – 10
PC three little pigs – 16
Han solo and Gretel – A lot (28)
KGB and the three bears –27
Funkelstiltskin – 28
Humpty dumpty falls through time and space – 17
Tortise and the hare 2 – 6
Beetle the bard – 9
12 dancing princesses – 5
Little redshirt ridinghood – 30
CSI faerie tales – 15
Hansel and Gretel – 11
Frog price of bel air – 13
Gingerbread man put to work – 18
Chicken little is right – 7
Lion and mouse – 2
Π’id piper – 17
Ugly dragoon – 27

Dan has the thing. Zombie apocalypse is not his fault

Report of the mispronounciations that the KGB makes
Pronoonciation committee friendly
Doos thoos brpong
(Swedish chef)
I would like to pull the comments of a Pittsbught native into the conversation.
Giant eggle.
Don’t tie your steer to a burning bush lest you know the fruit it bears
Pahk the cah in the havahd yahd.
Wuv. Twu Wuv.
Mooshun to oppoond coonoodioons to the porpise. – friendly.
Passes. $Sex to oren. Everyone who misprounounces words.

Imposters and personalities transpositions
I may have been Xander, but Xander came as me (Oren). (I was wearing a Trek t shirt)
AH optimality theory: AUGHHHHHHHH
Passes. $3 to Ethan. JRAM and JBAM to chair

Killjoy committee
To explain things during meetings and to explain why and things are wrong.
Broman and Forney are called on. Broman explains why this does not work
Tabled indefinitely, which you cant do

Find JRAM an alpaca
Do something with an alpaca
Name changed to build for JRAM an alpaca
Llamas are appended.
Motion to append JRAM
Motion to change JRAM’s name to Jalpaca – not friendly.
We can’t pursue JRAM.
Motion to depend – fail.
Motion to change JRAM’s name to JROM – unfriendly
Passes $3 to caroline. She, JRAM, and JBAM will chair

$100 for stuff for the next two weeks

RRA: WE have an event! Movie night! We will post a poll on facebook. Will be memory themed.

We are starting planning for booth Sunday 7:30 in A18A.

Shmucks who like to mouth off:

Dropbox is having a competition for free storage space. Fuck MIT.

Nerf assassins is starting soon. Contact Dan.

This weekend there is an all night gaming session

There is a yarnivores meeting tonight in UC danforth at 7.

We purple and GTFO