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Officer Reports:

Bubbles: not really a weekend, worked on big cheme project, made 52million pretend dollars, finished 30 min ago

Tvaughan: event? naptime! came by, revealed was wizard in mafia, left without voting, went home, video games? matt briton sarted guild wars 2, horrible mistakes, today - not yet a day no new people half of everyone stands up instead redone report: gwen - matsci, seattle, likes pie stephanie -cive - outside phillie - gwen's roommate

Tbroman: weekend, better than previous weekend, combined 18 hours of grading for concepts over 2 weekends, but only 4 1/2 this weekend, kgb naps -> kgb mafias, whee, saw skyfall saturday morning on sunday - watch packers win, enjoyed real anal assigment, was up until 3

Sortof Event: Thanksgiving, but mm103 reserved if you want to use it 11/23

Margaret: Weekend - took a nap - mafia, won as mafia, traced rays! traced rays! itr. traced rays traced rays! extended deadline, still tracing rays, but wrote a pravda, if you want another pravda before the end of the year, you should SUBMIT TO PRAVDA

Xander: (oren) listen to bagpipes or I'll kill you (blows accross a bottle)

Kelly: weekend - saw skyfall, was awesome but the computer security was bad, actually has a tartan today sweatshirts sooon

Marlena: weekend: as time goes on, sanity and happiness -> meh then up for going postal, then stuff biscuits so high, sunday starts movie so far up high, good puns woah, today work, productive, still up here but not up there

Committee Reports:

Thomas - spoken song lyrics - thomas says things. Terrible things
McGinnis - time travel - time travel present in marlena graph
Thomas - desk sports - mason crosbie sucks now - blah blach sports sports SPORTS (from everyone)
colmar - taxidermy - wants turkey with lots tuffing
colombo - comittee w/o second : boat or plane or car or train, safe travels and happy thanksgiving
wagner - kgb ariel reconassaince sqaudron - more flights after thanksgiving contact if want on list
vaughan - ad hoc concept album - the graph is my new concept album about a graph causing a statistician to become obsessed, secretly unla
McGinnis - ad hoc old people with young wommen - 1) dr. who reference, 2) will be 23 w/ 18 year-old girlfriend for next week
beled and about him, 30 sec silence followed by phone
daniel john - nightmare in dreamland - girl with crush on teaching advanced quantum, forgot homeowrk, "sexual overtones"
colombo - adhoc "well that's relevent" - 4:32 is available on itunes
steven - fonsi comittee - reports exams grades :AaaCBD
colmar - epistemology -
kelly - misapr good decisions- itr + 7 worlds

Old Business:
thing goes from thomas -> steven -> not fault is bad-tasting turkey

New Business: thomas - oversharing committee - purpose to overshare
vote - passes
auction - to mmeyerho for $11
chairs - disbanded

marlena - motion to create - the sounds like committee - pidgeons midgets bitches
vote - Passes
auction - to broman for $3
chairs - him

ethan - committees don't always pass - purpose - call the question
question called - objections - votes? napolean bonaparte
vote - fails

oren - the * comitee - purpose - **
where * is the sound of blowing over a bottle
vote - passes
auction - $4 to tvaughan
chairs - his producer

steven - oposable digits - I have 10 figures so if I want something I can count 10x more than other people
motion to change name to "digits of loyal opposition" friendly
motion to change purpose to "can you digit" friendly
vote - passes
auction - $2 to tvaughan
chairs - anyone with thumbs except steven

tbroman - motion to allocate <= $750 for booth
buy some new tools - christmas sales
will need some more wood
will need to allocate more later
how expensive this booth?
maybe more for tools? no budget yet?, finishing up plans, will finish by end of semester, hopefully inventory kage
what tools?
new chargers, new level, a few more drills, replace saw

oren - create * commitee - **
where * is sound of buzzing a buzzer
question called
vote - fails

forney - phonetics and phonology committee - purpose - to discuss words that sound funny
vote - passes
auction - $10 to tvaughan
chair - everybody

shannon - commitee with no chair - to be anarchist
purpose - to always be misappropriated
purpose - to remain standing at all times
motion to table - passes

broman - lag commitee - to still be discussing previous motion
vote - passes
auction - $13 to broman
chair - broman

steven - mispronounciation co-mittee - to mispronounce every word ever
name - s/co-mittee/comedy/ - friendly
vote - passes
auction - $6 to tvaughan

shannon - squid commitee - to maintain time continuity
motion to table -failed
motion to pass by roll-call - dillatory
motion to postpone until table is upside down - passes

forney - commitee to tell difference between patrick and skittles - purpose to shame and call out adam
motion to change purpose to "I'm not racisit I'm just tired" - friendly
vote - passes
auction - $20 to mmeyerho


chrisamaphone - no event, but you can use a room if you want

forney - puzzling - no puzzlehunt meeting this week, but email jram if you are interested in helping, not really started yet

kelly - pay for things


mcginnis - no dr. who this week

thomas - no third rock from the sun this week

ethan - thanksgiving - remember parents helped you get to here, be thankful for family, - done with buggy for semester, be thankful no buggy every day?

forney - steph schulman says hi

kelly - neeext thursday kiltie band concert in wean commons free cookies

steven - out of order