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No officer reports.

Everyone is a linguist. Holy crap.

The sets do not overlap with the people learning Gallifreyan

Ad hoc first world blood problems – too many donors for blood so he could not give

BS wolf memorial - sucks to suck (vampire pun)

AH perspective – that drawing with poop balloons

Time mafia – we are selling insurance to those

AH - Hi I’m from the Internet – to call something blue that is not, we defile it, but ah heck screw it, it is hard to rhyme with violet

Ah wish it were summer year round and December committee both report confusion.

Old business

Caroline wants the ting. Snow or lack thereof is not her fault

New business

(new people): Lan IS major Maryland. From Maryland

Motion to pelt the treasurer with tiny coins – fails for lack of collection

Create the dweebowitz committee
Steal Adam’s lunch money
Motion to change name to loserwitz – no second
Treasurer approves
Purpose changed to changed adam’s lunch
Treasurer still approves
Hey dweebowitz – are you going to sit there all day and follow parliamentary procedure and point at people all day
Change purpose to steal adam, lunch
Change purpose to steal adam – passes
Change purpose to: “to steal” passes
Change purpose to “ADAM [stil]”
Change purpose to to steal adams blood – failed
Change purpose to (the sound of silence by simon and garfunkel) – passes
Change name of this committee to “”
Passes. $9 to Tim 1. His new film studio, leibowitz film studio will chair

Anti narcolepsy
Waking up uncontrollably
Change name to snarcolepsy committee
Change name to snarcoleprosy committee
Misappropriated Daniel John Kirby nightmare in dreamland is concerned
Snarcolprosy is the disease where if you don’t say the things you need to say your limbs will fall off
A man with narcolepsy is called a narcoleptor and a woman is narcoleptrix
Change purpose to hide under people beds and steal their sheets while they sleep
Fun fact about wanting to be eaten by cats due to disease
Fun fact about fish borne disease which is lies
Fun fact about giving mice cookies
If you get bitten by a vampire you will become one
If you get bitten by a bear you will die
We are now in truth 101
Infected rats and mice are less fearful of cats
Sacunnin is a troll
We are now in truf 101. Margaret is apparently a registrar.
Motion to change the purpose to the text of the Wikipedia article of toxoplasmosis
Passes $6 to Marlena Anyone who has fallen asleep during class will chair

Committee of chairs
Thrones and ornate details and ornate things and whatnot
Motion to change name to wait what is it right now – fails
Motion to table = passes

Create committee of antihatlessness
To always wear hats
Change purpose to “to steal other people’s hats so you will not be without a hat”
The (dead) row of matts stolen hats committee reports success
The lice committee reports imminent success
We all have hat aids/cooties
Sacunnin can give cootie shots after the meeting
We will steal Adam’s hair
Marlena can offer a cure for hatlessness in exchange for Adam’s lunch money
Passes $3 to McGinnis. Anyone who wears hats

Create the table flipping committee
(flips tiny table)
all of ccolombo’s chairs were on that table
motion to table – failed
motion to flip any attempt to table – no
postponed until all exec are not sitting on tables – passes

KGB softball team
Espy is the shortstop <3
Only if eforney is the backup shortstop
Voltorb is the ball
Change every instance of softball of intertube waterpolo –friendly
Dan appoints himself quarterbats
Motion to put whos on first whats on second and I don’t know is on third
Make JRAM the tallstop. Or Brandon the tallsotp
Motion to make Christian the benchwarmer
Tim 1 is the midstop, Brian and Xander are cojabberwocks
You’re the bench warmer dweebowitz
Dweebowitz has has to be the bench warmer cause he cant even get to first base
Motion to stuff dweebowitz into his locker
Passes $12 to Tim 1. Coach Ralph, mike, and his bros on the foot ball team, and that cool guy who wears leather jackets and smokes behind the school, and NOT DWEEBOWITZ. And everyone else will chair

RRA: Geek eat – you should have RSVP’d. Bring cash and meet at the back chairs at 4. Look presentable, as it is in public. There will also be some walking