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Officer Reports

       Had a weekend
       Seemed a lot more like a weekend than previous weekends.
       Did NOTHING except stay up until 5AM because finals means be irresponsible.
       Has to run a review session after this
       Had a week. And a weekend.
       Weekend was better, and went to a baseball game.
       No new members and no birthdays are this week
       Had a weekend
       LDoC picnic was good times.
       Event! Mafia night, 5:00 PM WEDNESDAY at the black chairs. Dress classily or not unclassily.
       Had a weekend
       Did mostly work, but also discovered a game that teaches languages by popping balloons and killing fish.
       Had a weekend.
       Can't remember what happened.
       Oh right! LDoC Picnic, then not work (linguistics party!) on Saturday, then WORK on Sunday.
       Had a weekend.
       Played maybe more Bang than Frisbee
       Spent saturday doing entirely useless things
       Spent Sunday doing work
       Had a weekend
       Played some frisbee. A lot of frisbee. Her feet hurt.
       Free comic book day! Got free comics and not so free comics and then didn't do work.

Committee Reports

   Ad hoc Done with college but no actually reports
   Thomas and Bubbles fuckery. Yeah, read into that.
   The guild of calamitous intent is recruiting one new member. Speak to him.
   The can you repeat that in song committee calls on Bubbles and Thomas's fuckery.
       The can you repeat that in rap committee obliges.

Old Business

   Xander has the thing, but not with him.
       Thomas wants the spirit of the thing. Not studying for finals is not his fault.

New Business

   Things CMU students don't say committee: I am actually really excited for the final after this meeting.
       He really is.
       ~Intermission for seat arguments~
       Passed! $2 to Thomas. Disbanded.
   Itsy bitsy teeny weenie yellow polkadot committee: To think of words that rhyme with committee
       The Bulbus Bufont committee approves
       Purpose changed to finding italian words that rhyme with bikini.
       Abstained! $5 to Margaret. Margaret and anyone who wants to make clever
   Dibs enforcer Committee: Xander pulls at Thomas's hair.
       Dibs changed to mean Dibs ice cream. FAILED
       All Dibs replaced with Dippin Dots. DONE.
       All Dots to Dibs. DONE.
       All Dippin to Double Dippin. FAILS.
       Al: We have so low class that we could be a Marxist Utopia?
       Change to Class committee: Have class outside. FAILS.
       Bug Mars!
       PASSED. $2 to Thomas. Disbanded.


   EVENT! Mafia night. Wednesday at FIVE at Black Chairs, dress classy and bring money.
       If you haven't RSVP'd, we can't guarantee you a space.
       Talk to JRAM about Meeting of the Minds/being late.

TO THE ROTUNDA. Back to new business

   The Shitty Scifi something Committee: Something else.
       PASSED. $2 to Thomas. Disbanded.
   Bequeathments committee: All seniors are leaving. All things must go.
       Tim's guitar is not a committee.
       PASSED. $20 to Tim. The 'current senior class' will chair.
   Tim's Guitar Committee: Marlena wants Tim's guitar.
       change all guitar to guiTAR. FAILED
       Change all Tim to "Tim". DONE
       Change all guitar to "guitar". DONE
       change all committee to "committee". FAILED
       change all "" to . DONE
       Change airquotes to airguitars. DONE (but ineffectual)
       change all air backticks to air mattress. FAILED.
       PASSED. $3 to tvaughan. Disbanded.


   THERE'S STILL AN EVENT. It's still Mafia Night. You should still show up to the black chairs at 5:00 on wednesday.
   Pay owed money before the end of the year!


   Broman is lucky accordians are hard to carry.

Motion to Purple and GTFO.