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       had a weekend
       involved sleeping a lot on Saturday because they pulled an all nighter on Thursday/Friday
       and then studying on Sunday
       had a weekend
       event, we sat on our asses
           played Two Rooms and a Boom
           which was amazing
       so amazing he played it again on Sunday
       had a weekend
       went to the event, left before Two Rooms and a Boom
           which is good because they don't really like mafia games
       studied on Saturday
       studied on Sunday
           also last booth meeting of the semester!
           went to Two Rooms and a Boom, but just sort of sat and studied
               because of aforementioned dislike of mafia games
       had a weekend
       mostly eating food and event and that thing is happening where she doesn't remember what happened this weekend so
       had a weekend
       decided to take the Putnam at midnight on Friday
       realized that half the schools he applied to hadn't received his GRE
           and that the GRE seems to have erased all evidence of his existance
           Geek Eat
           Meet Wednesday at 4:00 at the Black Chairs
           let JRAM know if you're driving or biking or not going with the general group
       had a weekend
       started on Friday and looked at all of her things in boxes and managed to move in like two trips!
           she is resigning!
               because of a badly timed class
           jcolmar is the new 1vp!
       had a weekend
       basically cut out of five different social engagements because of a take home final on how to maintain intimate relationships
       had a weekend sort of
       a lot of studying
       has a lot of things in the next 24 hours


   Time Travel Committee
       successful time compression
   ad hoc I Don't Know What Committee This Should Go In
       probably Oren's last meeting as a student here
       he thanks us
       (we'll miss you Oren)
   ad hoc, possibly misappropriated Defectors Committee
       where will Oren be going?
   ad hoc Continuing Sadness Committee
       frieder hopes to see us in the future
   Kirby And McGinnis Variety Hour
       half success, half failure
   Snarky Freshmen Committee
       adds Frieder as chair
   Sharky Freshmen Committee
       adds Skye as chair
   Itty Bitty Kitty Committee
      Lincoln adopted a kitten
           Gabby the tabby
   Skyentology Committee
       sorry for the stuff falling from the sky
   instead of studying, Broman wrote a press release
       and is reading it now
       no I am not writing it down
       it involved geosynchronous orbit, that's important for a later joke
   ad hoc I Wanted To Be An Astronaut When I Was A Child Committee
       Marlena wanted to do the floaty thing
   Innovative Technologies Committee
       we're working on that kind of geosynchronous orbit


   The Thing!
       not being 1vp anymore and finals are not Caroline's fault


   When I Was A Kid All I Had To Play With Was A Stick And Some Dirt Committee: to find interesting stuff to do with this stick
       change "And Some Dirt" to "And Some Chalk"
       yoga and fighting are the same thing
       motion to place quote marks around "Stick"
       ad hoc Very Bad Ideas Committee: so Caroline thought of making everybody wheat and making that the scythe
           but no
           bad idea
       motion to knight the new First VP
           out of order
       $2 to Frieder, whoever holds the talking stick will chair
   Order Of Out Committee: out to be of order
       change name to "Out Of Order"
       how does this committee feel about that sign in the number garden?
           pretty good
       we share joke we are friends now
       Oren said a thing, all eforney heard was butt out
       $13 to McGinnis, he and this gentleman and the current president shall chair
           (I don't know who he gestured to sorry)
   motion to night the First VP
       how does he feel about this?
       what comes with the nighting privileges?
       Committee To Be A Troll And Collaborate With The Recsec: success
       Frieder is gonna be Broman
           he's growing up
       does he get a squire?
           only if the motion passes
       also all of this is dilatory
       will he get a squirrel?
       is mayonaise an instrument?
   Committee To Get Us Back Into The Discussion Of Something Proper: being fulfilled at this very moment
       change all "proper" to "vulgar"
       motion to replace the name of this committee with the name of this committee
           (thank you)
       PASSES I guess
       $5 to McGinnis, he and eforney will chair
   Hypnosis Committee: to pay Marlena's college tuition
       Frieder will pay her college tuition
       Rory hears we'll all be paying Marlena's tuition
       wake up! wake up now!
       change name to "Hip Hop Nosis"
       hypnosis isn't a TM
       motion to cloture
           the question has been called
       $6 to Marlena, whoever pays her tuition will chair (in this case her parents and the government)
   Metritization Of Seconds Committee: to quantify how strong a second is
       Stuart's gonna SLUG you for that pun
       does this mean a minute is equal to a strong second?
       ad hoc Advocates Of Base Twelve Committee: displeased with this motion
       Skyentology Committee: hasn't been using SI units for years
       motion to switch KGB to the imperial system
       motion to change KGB's system to one invented by us, in which we measure a foot based on the current president's foot
       motion to change SI to Soviet Units
           we don't have that power
       motion to reflect on the fact that we're having a discussion about which type of units is better
           dilatory, but successful


       Geek Eat, meet at 4:00 at the UC black chairs
       bring cash
   sweatshirts'll be here at the beginning of next semester



we are now in purple