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       had a weekend
       started with trivia night, which was awesome
           it was a lot of fun
       was going to make a Reading Rainbow joke but decided not to
       went to Buffalo for a Quizbowl tournament
       worked for 15 hours on Sunday
           grading 251
           wasn't fun
       the rest was fun
       continues to anxiously wait for an email about the job he interviewed for last week
       had a weekend
       the theme was jobscrounge
       there was an interview and now homework from that
           yes, homework FROM the job interview
       had a weekend
       trivia night
           pretty fun
           it was "well" playtested
       did some homework
       did some grading
       began to crawl into gaping maw of grad school apps
           Find the Event
           Friday, BH 237A, 7:00
       had a weekend
       began with making more soup than she could possibly eat in a week
           it'll be gone within 3 days
       played an awesome RPG
       worked on booth
       watched the end of Korra
           no spoilers!
       tried to refill print quota in order to print the Pravda?.
           they basically gave her a runaround
       tea is inconvenient
           it doesn't wake you up when it's supposed to and just makes it hard to sleep in the middle of the day
           it was supposed to come out before halloween, but it didn't, so it's costume themed and that's weird
           next theme is "I'm a pretty, 'pretty', princess"
       had a weekend
       did trivia as part of team Booth Couch
           because a chair clearly isn't enough space for three people
       spent most of Saturday in purgatory
           aka that shopping center near the airport
           but the Watchtower has curtains now
       Sunday was work and booth and hair
       had a weekend
       trivia night
           great loads of fun
           the questions are available somewhere
       worked 9:00 AM to midnight on malloc
       then booth on Sunday
       had a weekend
       started with trivia night
       also spent a lot of time in purgatory
           there's a place called Burgatory in purgatory
       then there was a Sunday
       basically their weekend was exactly the same as Zora's
           (and no one was surprised)


   Corytelling Storillary Committee:
       similar to The Dude Bird, but for Ozymandias
   ad hoc Metaphors That Were Actually Used Committee
       there are apples all over the ground rotting
       something about oranges
   Illustrious Journalist Collective
       pictures and portraits coming alive
       pulling real people into portraits, switching places
       bad for everyone, since 2D people are blown apart in the 3D world and 3D people are crushed in the 2D world
   Daniel John Kirby Nightmare In Dreamland Committee
       Caroline had a dream where people were trying to kill her
       She didn't want to be there, so she jumped up and down saying "wake up, wake up, wake up!"
           then she realized she'd been doing it for a while and started worrying that it wouldn't work
           then she woke up
   Last Committee That Daniel John Kirby Will Ever Buy
   Time Travel Committee in conjunction with a bunch of other ones
       today, Frieder will spend no more than $5 on committee related committees
   Daniel John Kirby Nightmare In Dreamland Committee
       JRAM had a surprisingly long dream, with lots of different members of the KBG
   Daniel John Kirby Nightmare In Dreamland Committee
       Oren had a dream that Ellen turned into an octopus and then woke up and was sad
   Daniel John Kirby Nightmare In Dreamland Committee in conjunction with the Skyentology Committee
       strange things happen when you fall asleep in mod bio
   Daniel John Kirby Nightmare In Dreamland Committee nightmare, possibly in conjunction with the 50 Shades Of Xander
       Drew keeps waking up with faded drawings on his hands and no memory of how they got there
   Daniel John Kirby Nightmare In Dreamland Committee, in conjunction with the Dead Horse Committee
   Daniel John Kirby Nightmare In Dreamland Committee, in conjunction with the Kirby and McGinnis Variety Hour
       mcginnis had a dream where Sylvester Mccoy was in his class
   Innovative Technologies Committee
       lost track of some eagles
       vaguely worried they're gonna take over the world
       please report them if you see them
   Skyentology Committee
       step right up see the dream eagles!
   Guild of Calamitous Intent
       is proud to announce the opening of the eagle racing arena!
       you can gamble
           you can also participate, if you're short on cash
   One Ring Committee
       has the Innovative Technologies Committee been experimenting with reality convergence?
   actual purpose of Daniel John Kirby Nightmare In Dreamland Committee:
       something to do with him eating his enemies
   Daniel John Kirby Nightmare In Dreamland Committee
       Frieder ate a banana today
   Daniel John Kirby Nightmare In Dreamland Committee
       Wake up!
       no, seriously, WAKE UP


   The Thing!
       when soemone comes to Oren with a problem, it's not his fault


   Society Against the Wilhelm Scream: Marlena needs more varied screams
       you could go to the library and use their sound effect CD collection
       Xander's committees can also help
       what kind of variation are you looking for?
           stuff that doesn't sound silly
       misappropriated Warm And Fuzzy Committee: will not be able to help
       instead of screaming, why not just have the characters hold up a sign?
       misappropriated Warm And Fuzzy Committee: could help produce the more varied screams with aid of matches
       Warm And Fuzzy Committee: can absolutely help
       if anyone wants to help marlena record screams...
           please do
       $2 to Drew, disbanded
   So You Find Yourself In A Horror Movie Committee: to dispense good advice if you find yourself in a horror movie
       Moonarchy Committee: is always watching
       ad hoc Cabin In The Woods Committee
           "we should split up"
       ad hoc Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf Committee: gnawing off your leg
       it is very rarely the attractive girl
       if you find yourself in times of trouble, please don't split the party
       while setting fire to things may be the way everything ends up, it's also usually how the villain dies
           so just set everything on fire
       if you're in a horror movie and it's really scary, walk off the set
       PASSES $2 to Frieder, the victim will chair
   Actual Last Committee That Daniel John Will Ever Buy: $15
       Adorable Assassinations Committee: probably not today, it's too cold today
       dsisson only seconded for the purpose of making money for the KGB
   KGBeeples: create and record meeples for all of the KBG peoples
       a meeple is usually a game piece, but it can also be a mini version of a person
           like a drawing
       misappropriated Innovative Technologies Committee: might be able to help out
       how does this committee feel about sheeples
           certainly approves of sheep meeples
           but nothing else
   Skyemantics Committee: d-y-s-l-e-x-i-a
       can we also work this way to cure peanut allergies
       change name to "skyemall antics"
       motion to buy eforney a dog
           she has one, its name is bubbles
       what about one of those coin counter things
       $2 to Drew, disbanded
   motion to make an allocation not to exceed $50 for food for the event
   Wait, That's Gonna Be A Horror Movie? Committee: apparently they're making a horror movie where a man surgically transforms his roommate into a walrus. We can do better
       is that based off a true story?
           Not YET
       is it set in TUSKany?
       motion to do better
           what are we transforming our roomates into
           TWO walruses
       Innovative Technologies Committee department of lawyers:
           this is not a horror film, it is true facts
       misappropriated Stuff That Goes Over The Freshmen's Head Committee: not much is going over the freshmen's head this meeting
       $8 to Marlena, anyone who can report on weird genre movie titles
   KGBeatbox: boots and cats and boots and cats and
       Skyentology: objects, as beatboxing was outlawed in all places controled by Skyentology
       take THAT, box
       we gotta take these veggies to the market
           Emilia, get the beet box!
       how does this committee feel about drop box, seeing as it beat box
       Suspicious Packages Committee: is worried
       how does this committee feel about drop boat?
       how does this committee feel about the moon?
           it's responsible for the tides
       beat boxers beat boxes by beat boxing
       GLORIOUS Package Committee:
           how dare you beat box
       $4 to Oren, he will chair and will ammend further chairs later based on audition
   Committee To Buy The KGB A Sheep: it's a baaaaaaad idea
       replace all instances of "sheep" with "yacht"
       there is actually a Committee To Find Or Build jbonning A Llama
       Skyentology Committee: on the island, they have been cloning sheep for years
       replace "buy" with "draw" in name
       motion to draw a sheep anyway
       how does this committee feel about Settlers of Catan?
       how does this committee feel about buying sheep cheese?
           it's a gouda idea
       Xander made a Zelda reference
       Corytelling Storillery Committee:
           bubbles's family owned a white poodle
           his mom walked him to the bus stop with the poodle
           other kids, twins, would run away shouting "sheeeeeeeep"
       change all instances of "sheep" to "yacht" and all instances of "baaaaaad" to "good"
       Skyentology Committee: whatever you want, buy it from us
           she didn't get an intership
       ad hoc It's Already Too Late Committee: that's the last time Xander will explain a reference this year
       $3 to Frieder, he and JRAM will chair
   Broetry Committee: to introduce classic poetry to the KGB with modern, bro friednly twist
       two broads diverged in a yellow wood
           I went to a kegger instead
       does this committee know anything about Proseidon, king of the Brocean?
           there have been many poems written about Broseidon
           er, broems
       how does this committee feel about brose?
           it's okay
       we're getting broverloaded
       $5 to McGinnis, disbanded
   UNIVERSE SAYS NO Committee: I'm gonna go climbing OUCH
       perpetual motion
       how does this committee feel about the letter yes
           to what letter does it correspond?
       please don't report too much around finals or job getting time
       faster than light travel
       Drew getting into classes next semester
       Skye becoming an ECE
       slower than light travel
       entropy decreasing
       entropy decreasing its prices
       satisfying Korra finales
       coping without alcohol
       this committee has taken a dark turn
       this committee failing
       to drugs
   Subvert The Vert: to subvert the president's actions
       the Ad Hoc Committee approves
       creating this committee really is a strong motion
       uh, in, yeah
       motion to never change the name of this committee ever
       Committee For ccolombo's Fascination: you hold him I'll punch
       change name to "to subvert"
       motion to pass committee no matter what Broman says
           good luck
       motion to remind Tim that if this committee goes on to an auction we get more money
       motion to nominate Oren for the nobel prize in physics for discovering the strong antisecond
       a simple majority may overturn the decisions of the chair
           who counts isn't specified
           so what you're saying is: the body has a way to shut the whole thing down
       motion to have all votes counted by an outside party and have that party be eforney
           didn't look like 2/3 to Broman
       motion for a role call vote
           motion to appeal the decision of the chair
           motion to table whatever this is until next meeting


       Find the Event
       BH 237A, Friday, 7:00
       exciting clues, exciting secrets
       order them before exec tomorrow
       exec is at 6:30 on Tuesdays
       that's when we're ordering them
       $20 for members, $25 for nonmembers
       google form on the fb page!


   Don't Worry, It's For Science Committee
       would like to award the nobel prize to Oren for discovering the strong antisecond
   puzzlehunt planning
       A18A at 9:00 today
   if you're interested in walking clockwise in maggie mo rotunda
       talk to eforney after meeting
   hi Frieder
   research credit, real units,
       probs science credit
       talk to Xander?
   if you're interested in free food and know 112, talk to Skye
   It's happening, November 23rd, Doctor Who's 50th anniversery
       it's being simulcast around the world at 2:50 EST
   It's happening, November 22nd, the 50th aniversary of the assassination of JFK